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DX10 Water Final Thoughts

There were a couple of points about DX10 White Caps that I thought worth mentioning. When using DX10 it is best to avoid water textures that contain a wave pattern. An example of this is the REX Bare Floor texture. … Continue reading

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More thoughts on DX10 Water

My conclusions on DX10 water are that (leaving aside the extra bump maps and white caps) the shader logic is fundamentally the same as DX9. Light coloured water looks much paler in default DX10 only because the specular defaults in … Continue reading

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The Colour of Water

It is often suggested that DX10 water is lighter than DX9, so I thought I would look at why.   First DX9 – bloom off water 2.low Shader 2 Original Shaders     Now DX10 I think its clearly true … Continue reading

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Version 3.1 Released (Sort of)

I have a confession to make! I uploaded a new version 3.1.0 of the shaders to avsim library and made a mistake which weakens the cockpit shadows. I have uploaded a corrected version 3.1.1 but last time I looked it … Continue reading

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