This started as a blog about Microsoft Flight Simulator. As I investigated why the DX10 Preview option didn’t work properly it then became almost exclusively about improving the DX10 experience. The blog posts describing the early DX10 experiments can still be viewed in the archives.

Ultimately I released a product DX10 Scenery Fixer to address these issues and the blog is now almost exclusively about that product and its development.

To recognise this I have reorganised the blog and you can access pages about DX10SceneryFixer from the menu at the top of the page, read its reviews, learn of its functions and if you wish you can even find a link to an external site where you can purchase it.

Thanks for reading!


371 Responses to Welcome

  1. joe dittman says:

    i have been flying msfs’s since the 80’s and i am ashamed to admit that i only heard of your wonderful fixer within the last few days. im hesitating on the msfs2020 as t has many unresolved issues with it as of yet. i have all new high end hardware and old software (fsx deluxe). anyway to make it short it wasnt flying as well anymore kind of like me an old dog and i finally moved it over to the dx10 knowing it had issues. then i found fixer. and all i can say is WOW!!! what an experience and pleasure it is to fly my desktop again. and the cloud shadows are amazing. Solid work my friend, solid work. everything is so smooth and all my sliders are to the right. thank you for this product money well spent.

    joe dittman

  2. barneycanoe says:

    Hello Steve. I just upgraded from Win 7 to Win 10 and purchased FSX-SE. I couldn’t use my old DX10-Fixer due to simflight being out of business so bought another as its the best thing that ever happened to FSX. Anyway, I did not buy the clouds expansion or add-on. Can I still use my old ones or do I need to purchase that piece as well?

    Thanks Steve. DX-10 Fixer revolutionized my FSX


  3. Malcolm Browne says:

    Steve … I purchased DX10 Fixer back in 2013 and got regular updates up to a point and then stopped getting update notices. I guess when Flight Sim Store closed down.

    Can you send me links to latest downloads of Fixer and Cloud Shadows?

    I can send you my registration key and order number.

  4. Rene Gastelumendi says:

    Hi Steve,
    Here from Lima, Peru;
    Thanks for your excellent and archi knowledgeable contribution in fixing the use of DX10 to improve FSX in such a way than now is more pleasurable to use.

  5. Manecas Cris says:

    Dear Steve, Rui here, from Portugal. Just purchased your Direct X fix because all I really wanted was the clouds shadowing the ” earth down below” 😉 as I “fly along”…:-)
    well, Sir, it was money well spent, now I have old models ( and I mean old,) I still love so much showing up, I have the Sun embracing my cockpits giving me a whole new flying experience, ( great shadowing effect!) and my Clouds just gained a new life, my FSX looks absolutely gorgeous, just had to say thank you Sir, for a great product! Love it! 👍 Stay safe!

  6. Oscar says:

    Hey Steve, I have a scenery that had many problems with DX10, when I turn it on, the scenery turns white.

  7. Blake Matthies says:

    Hey Steve, I just reinstalled fsx and I lost my license code for the fixer…i have the activation code for Clouds, but not the fixer…can you help? Purchased at the FlightSimStore…

  8. dimidrol231 says:

    Hello Steve. Using DX10FIXER deal with ground texture missing – they are like water surface. What can you advise? P. S. in DX10FIXER menu water button is not available

    • stevefsx says:

      Yeah, if you use the diagnostics button it will tell you that the water shader is not the original. You need to install the original fsx water shader. If you cannot find it then you can get a copy from nzfsim here https://www.nzfsim.org/fsx-p3d-tweaks/dx10-fixer-for-fsx/

      • dimidrol231 says:

        Thank you for quick response. Ok, will try. But I have never downloaded any water shaders (but I have AS16) and FSX texture were okay until computer restart. And one more thing : when DX10 fixer is deleted from PC everything with ground texture goes smooth. Could this problem be connected with AS16?

      • stevefsx says:

        if the button is greyed out as you describe then the water shader has been altered and will be reported by the diagnostics button. In that case uninstalling the fixer libraries will behave as you describe. The most common reason is installing the dx10 version of the fswc tool. Just reinstall the fixer, install the libraries and run diagnostics.

      • dimidrol231 says:

        The main problem for me is ground texture like a water. How does water shaders connect with ground texture problem? And as I understand to solve it problem I need download shaders?

      • stevefsx says:

        Look it’s very difficult for me when you haven’t run the diagnostics button which checks everything and I am trying to guess from a description of a greyed out button, and a description without a picture. If the land textures are not there the. There is a problem with compiling the terrain shader. Can you run the diagnostics check that I asked and then send me an email to the support email address in the front of the manual.

      • stevefsx says:

        This was resolved

      • dimidrol231 says:

        Ok,thank you. I will do it as soon as possible.

  9. Kaiser says:

    Hi Steve, I would like to test on my Pc the DX10 Preview mode, could you kindly send me the link?
    Tks a lot.

  10. Walter Davidson says:

    Hi Steve, I have been enjoying both your DX10 fixer and cloud shadows. However I have some problems trying out shaders for FSX (not reshade 3). Specifically reshade 2.0 and enb series. However while having the shaders installed FSX causes a BSOD and my computer has to restart. Any suggestions?

    • stevefsx says:

      Try uninstalling the fixer libraries and see if it works then. I recall reshade had issues with older fsl spotlights versions. I don’t test compatibility with reshade etc

  11. Anonymous says:

    Hi Steve just purchased DX10 fixer can you confirm and send next steps thanks

    • stevefsx says:

      You should have received an email from fastspring with the download links and license within 5 minutes of purchase. Check your spam folder, if you cannot find it then let me know, but you need to supply a name or email or orderid so I can locate who you are

    • stevefsx says:

      Everyone who purchased today has now downloaded so I am assuming that you located the email.

  12. Hello Steve fsx I have scenery fixer very good program
    but I have cleanup my gmail and i have deleted the mail with the scenery fixer licence
    is it posible for sent my the mail with the licence again
    Almost thanks.

  13. David Graham says:

    Still waiting for the fix? Payed for it 24 hours ago? Anyway to have automated system were we get the product?

    • stevefsx says:

      It’s a fully automated system operated by fastspring who are a multi million dollar software delivery vendor. You should have received the email within 5 minutes. Can you check your spam email folder? I will notify fastspring and ask them to resend. Occasionally there are strange issues with email delivery.

    • stevefsx says:

      I have corrected your email address ( you had missed out the p) and resent you the corrected order details.


    Good evening Steve,

    6 years ago I bought DX10 fixer at flightsim store, after uninstalling FSX I stopped using it three years ago. Now I am back to FSX. I kept a copy of the DX10 fixer, the activation key, etc., but cannot activate it.

    Is it possible to reactivate the product or should I buy a new copy?

    If you need details of the invoice, I will send them to you.

    Thank you

  15. Donald says:

    I went to the sim store to download my 3.4 copy but it isn’t working. I had to reinstall my fsx from building a new computer.

  16. Drumond de Melo says:

    Hi Steve, good afternoon!
    Old customer from FSX returning to the activity. As you mentioned, my 3.4 installer doesn’t work.
    Would you be so kind to send me a replacement installer? Let me know if you need any info by email.
    Thank you and best wishes.

  17. Gord says:

    Hey Steve, does Fastspring still work for the latest updates, I’ve been unable to Fly less for almost a year, -Gord

  18. Josh says:

    Hi Steve, I tried downloading ORBX GLobal Base Pack but it has black squares on the street lights, I also tried using DX10 Fixer, but it still won’t resolve it, please provide a fix thank you.

    • stevefsx says:

      I cannot find an order in your name. Are you sure that you have purchased an downloaded the DX10 fixer? Are you perhaps referring to the free shader patches from 2012 that came before the Fixer was launched? If so then they fix only a very small number of issues such as flashing runways.

    • Euan Domloge says:

      Hi Steve

      I cannot get anti aliasing to work with dx10 preview, your software, and nvidia inspector. I have followed many online recommendations for inspector settings – are there specific settings I need to have in place? Or a specific version of inspector. Nothing is working. Thanks.

      • stevefsx says:

        Select 4x Aa in dx10 controller. Then select 4x Smart Grid Super Sampling in Nvidia inspector. Ignore free flight window as no AA applies there. No other settings have any effect on AA but those two.

      • Euan Domloge says:

        Ok thanks I’ll try tonight. One last thing – it is a laptop with an nvidia gt740m – can you think of any reason why this card might have a problem with your software? Thanks again

      • stevefsx says:

        This has nothing to do with my software.

        That is a fairly low end card so you may not be able to run super sampling with it at reasonable frame rates.

  19. Michael says:

    Steve: I bought the Fixer a number of years ago. I have the original emails, codes, etc. here on file. Can I still download the program if I give them my credentials? What do I have to do?

  20. jacques duchemin says:

    bonjour steves
    je joue a nouveau a fsx, je veux réinstaller DX10SceneryFixer mais je ne trouve plus mon numéro de série
    le problème c’est que j’ai peut être changer Email
    merci de votre aide.

  21. LIEGEOIS Joel says:

    Hello Steve, I reinstalled my FSX due to technical issue and I lost my licence code for DX10 scenery fixer could you please send me this code again?
    Thanks inadvance for your help and for your software.
    Best regards

  22. adonis says:


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