This started as a blog about Microsoft Flight Simulator. As I investigated why the DX10 Preview option didn’t work it then became almost exclusively about improving the DX10 experience. The blog posts describing the early DX10 experiments can be viewed in the archives.

Ultimately I released a product DX10SceneryFixer to address the issues and the blog is now almost exclusively about that product and its development.

To recognise this I have reorganised the blog and you can access pages about DX10SceneryFixer from the menu, read its reviews, learn of its functions and if you wish you can even find a link to an external site where you can purchase it.

Thanks for Reading!


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  1. Mark Morgan says:

    Hi, typical, I just get my PC stable, went to buy the DX10 fixer (generally regarded as essential on our FB group) and found that its not available. Will you be making it available again anytime soon please? I’m hoping you do, I have seen the results on others systems, and would love to have the same. Thanks

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