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VC Cockpit Aircraft QA

Its relatively easy to check the shadowing for problems. Firstly adjust the seat until you go through the roof and then move it forwards and take a look at your “plane”. You can do this in DX9 or DX10.   … Continue reading

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VC Shadowing Continued

Someone posted a question at avsim saying that the VC shadows even with my tweak were still rather poor in the jets. I thought that the problem was probably that the cockpit is relatively small in jet as a proportion … Continue reading

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DX10 Bloom Tuning

Its possible to adjust the bloom effect by editing the last few lines in General10.fxh and then recompiling the DX10 shaders.   The lines in question are #else   static const float fHdrSpecularScale = 1.11; static const float fHdrEmissiveScale = … Continue reading

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AMD HD 7000 Anti Aliasing Summary (and probably HD 6000 as well)

In order to have any AA when in DX10 preview mode you must ensure that anti aliasing is enabled in game. Be aware that sometimes when changing between DX9 and DX10 the setting seems to turn itself off. This doesn’t … Continue reading

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