Fog Border

A customer raised an issue on avsim that when it was foggy he saw a light blue border around the screen. A quick test showed that he was correct – there was a border around the screen which was the “fog colour”.

Although it is clearly visible on the monitor it is surprisingly hard to capture as a picture in full screen. In the picture below I have therefore used windowed mode and changed the fog colour to bright red so it contrasts with the window boundary.



Happily there is a simple fix for this. If you go into the controller “other dialog” and tick the Axis Color Fix option then as a side effect this will also fix this problem.
Note that you don’t need to enable the axis display in FSX for this to work as a fix.




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1 Response to Fog Border

  1. mike N404 says:

    Thank you Steve this is great improvement.
    That one pixel frame used to really irritate me, I was trying to live with it but it always jumped out when I enter low visibility.
    That is a great find I really appreciated.

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