The two most common problems that I have to deal with are

  • Invalid Licence 
  • Not receiving email

Invalid Licence
No-one has ever actually been sent an invalid licence…

Every reported licence problem has turned out to have been user error – on investigation the user has e.g been transposing the same letters/typing a One instead of a capital I etc etc.

If you have entered your licence several times and it has been rejected then I suggest that you take a break and try again!

If the problem persists then ask a friend to check your data entry or alternatively take a screenshot of the values that you have entered and email it to me using the support email address in the front of the manual and I will check it for you.

Not Receiving Email

The Fastspring ordering system is completely automated so you should receive the email within a few minutes.

Possible problems can be

  • Error in Fastspring system – very very occasionally it does seem to not send the email.
  • Email address has been entered incorrectly
  • Email address blocked
  • Email address cannot receive international emails
  • Email has gone to spam
  • Using Outlook in “focussed” mode

If the email doesn’t arrive within an hour them first check spam/email viewing mode.  If it isn’t there then contact Fastspring or post here.  Bear in mind that if the problem is that your email account cannot receive emails then Fastspring may not be able to resolve it!  Posting here can be a better option in that scenario.

So far this year:

  • 2 customers have entered their email incorrectly into the ordering system.
  • 1 customer had an email that returned errors when emails were sent.