DX10 Water Final Thoughts

There were a couple of points about DX10 White Caps that I thought worth mentioning.

When using DX10 it is best to avoid water textures that contain a wave pattern. An example of this is the REX Bare Floor texture.

FSX in DX10 mode aligns the white cap waves with the wind. It is unaware of the contents of the water texture so the white cap breaking waves will usually therefore not align with the waves inside the texture which looks plain wrong.

Secondly the white caps are really just flashes of light superimposed on the texture. When looking at a sea plane floating in the water you will see white flashes pass along the water. To me this looks wrong, I may see if the white caps could be excluded in the immediate vicinity of the plane.

Now here are some screenshots of night lighting – I suspect that these may all look the same on the web, but here goes.





DX10 Modified



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10 Responses to DX10 Water Final Thoughts

  1. joseph5o5 says:

    i cant use the water shader configration and i dont know why?

    help me plez…

  2. valgee1867 says:

    Oh by the way its under Tips,Tricks &Techniques DX10 discussion.. thanks again.

  3. valgee1867 says:

    Hi Steve thanks for your reply, i have nvidia SLI 760gtx.. if you have have access to the Orbx forums i have listed everything there so it will save me from trying to repost everything.. Topic header is.. White flashes please help..posted by me VAL067.. I have looked at the outhouse forums and many others and couldnt find anything that i could see maybe because im blind to what i need to look for. It seems to be a unique problem and i feel very unlucky to have it.. If i can get your help it would be very much appreciated.


  4. valgee1867 says:

    Hi Steve i dont know if you can help me but im getting white flashing tiles in water when i have my Water set above med 2 in main graphics settings in fsx i dont have this problem running DX9 when i tested it . Im running FTX and REX with your program .. never had this issue before. i have screen shots if you like.

    • stevefsx says:

      Do you have an amd or nvidia card? What you describe is a texture being used before it’s loaded. There is a how to guide at the sim outhouse dx10 forum which discusses tuning to reduce this and some threads in the avsim dx10 forum.

  5. franramoncruz says:


    I have been testing the shader_release_v3.2.2.zip for directx 10 and I found a serious problem. When I fly with a raining weather, I watch an strange effect of many white lines. Is it normal?

    Thank you very much.

  6. Mark says:

    Thanks for looking into this, Steve, the water animation in DX10 has always bothered me, especially after installing the REX textures. I had a thread going here: http://www.realenvironmentxtreme.com/forums/index.php?/topic/21205-rex-water-dx10-animation-just-need-a-simple-answer-or-two/ which has coincided well with your work.

    Can you reveal here what I need to change to get my colours looking like yours? I think you’re working within the ShaderHLSL/Terrain/Water40xxx files, am I right?

    Thank you for your time.

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