Updating to a New Version

The latest versions of my products are

DX10 Scenery Fixer                             5.4 Build 156

DX10 Cloud Shadows                          3.2.3

Updates are notified by a post on this site and by a post in the Avsim Support forum.

You can follow either the forum on Avsim or  my blog here to get email notifications of new posts and so learn of updates more quickly.

5.4 addresses

a) A new form of AA that may be of interest to customers who are unable to run super sampling

b) An error where bloom was incorrectly disabled in some circumstances.

If your version is out of date then follow the following procedure

Note that there was an issue with the original  build 153 which caused trees in Orbx UK to have black square surrounds.

Build 155 adds some extra validation checks for new customers over those in build 154.

Build 156 adds a workaround for customers with both RealAir Duke and Reality XP GTN

Fastspring Customers
(for DX10 Scenery Fixer from Jan 2015 and all Cloud Shadows)

The download link that you received in the  fulfillment email is a link to a location on an Amazon server.   If there is a new version then the file on the Amazon server  is updated.  Hence the link that you originally received with the license at the time of purchase will always download the latest version.

However the link may sometimes need to be reset – it works for 21 days after the initial purchase and then for 21 days after each new update is released.  Outside these periods just send me an email to the support email address in the manual and I will reset it for you.

Flight Sim Store Customers
(for DX10 Scenery Fixer only 2013-2014)

The Flight Sim Store has closed and their installers no longer work. If you contact me I will provide a replacement 3.4 installer and working license.

You may also upgrade to the latest version (5.2)  if you  purchase (or have already purchased) a copy of the Cloud Shadows extension.  Cloud Shadows will always patch a FSS 3.4 installation to the latest Fixer version.

Applying the update is the same in both cases.  Note that you do not need to uninstall the fixer or change anything in it.  Simply run the newly downloaded installer and it will update the existing installation.

When the installer is complete run the DX10 Controller and you will see that the libraries button will indicate that the installed libraries are out of date and the button will give you an Update option – press the button and select from the options shown.