Outstanding 9.5/10 “In case it hasn’t become obvious by now, I’m hooked on the Fixer. Certainly, when it comes to bang per buck, the Fixer scores top marks — in terms of potentially improving the FSX experience for the price paid, it has had no equal, in my decades of simming experience..” Brian Cowell Muttleys’ Hangar Read More

“The wonderful thing about this program is that for a lot of people, installing the program and using FSX with the default options will be all that is needed. If you are the person that likes to tweak in order to get that “just right” look, then that’s available too. Another nice thing about this program is that you can create individual profiles for a specific scenery or aircraft so it isn’t just a one fix for all utility. If you do decide to adjust any of the available options, the program is extremely easy to use, but I strongly recommend reading the very well written manual.” Mike Cameron – Aerosoft Sim News Read More

“Innovation of the year: DX 10 Scenery Fixer” FS Magazin.

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85 Responses to Reviews

  1. Preston Van Name says:

    I along with others am trying to reinstall my fsx and DX10 Scenery fixer, but cannot as the store I bought it from cannot be reached thru validation. I have my email with all the purchase info. Could you please contact me so I can forward it to you and maybe you could help me get this resolved. Thanks in advance -Preston

  2. Daniel Gamble says:

    Hi Steve
    I’ve bought a new PC, Please could you send me my download links
    Many Thanks
    Daniel Gamble

  3. Ryan Maclean says:

    I have a problem, my fsx-steam will not start when I switch to DX10

    • stevefsx says:

      What error exactly? Try selecting alternate libs at the bottom of file->preferences from the dx10 controller before installing libraries it may be your antivirus.

      • Ryan Maclean says:

        I dont get any message it just starts and then shortly after that it closes down.

      • stevefsx says:

        Does it run normally in dx10 preview with the fixer libraries uninstalled? Have you tried the alternate libs option? Does the controller diagnostics report any errors? Do you have an old version of fsx spotlights installed?

    • Ryan Maclean says:

      How do i install fsx spotlight

      • stevefsx says:

        I have asked you 1 ) what happens when you run fsx in dx10 preview without the fixer installed – this is the most important question to answer.

        I have asked you 2) to try the alternative libs option in case your antivirus is blocking things but if you dont see an error then that probably isn’t the problem .

        I have asked you 3) to run the diagnostics in the dx10 controller.

        I have also mentioned that one possibility is that an old version of fsl spotlights is installed, but based on the answers to the 3 other points I will investigate that if necessary by asking you to email me your dll.xml and list of dlls from your fsx directory.

        Can you email me the answers to my three questions to the stevefsx email address at

      • Ryan Maclean says:

        1 shuts down

        2 not helping

        3 only aircraft shadow is not set in fsx.cfg

        i will email you

      • stevefsx says:

        Ok so from 1) the problem isn’t to do with the fixer, but is rather that for some unknown reason dx10 preview isn’t working for you.

      • stevefsx says:

        What I need is the dll.xml and the list of dlls. If I cannot see anything obvious it may be best to just refund you – I suggest testing that fsx runs ok in dx10 preview mode before purchase to avoid these sort of issues.

    • Ryan Maclean says:

      Great lost my money and I have to reinstall my fsx steam with all the addons. thank you.

      • stevefsx says:

        Don’t be so silly, the fixer hasn’t broken anything. It copies in 3 files and removes them when up you uninstall. If it isn’t running in dx10 preview and you have followed my instructions to uninstall the libraries then it cannot have run in dx10 preview previously.

      • stevefsx says:

        Now then can you just calm down and email me. It is very difficult trying to provide support when I get one line responses.

      • stevefsx says:

        Note that if there was an issue with one of the products incompatible with the fixer and instead of uninstalling the libraries you uninstalled from control panel that would leave you with issues hence why I asked you to email me with a list of dlls. If I don’t get an email within the next hour I shall just refund you.

      • stevefsx says:

        You do realise that if you select dx9 in the controller it will run in dx9 without issue?

      • Ryan Maclean says:

        If I run it back in dx9, my gsx vehicles are missing textures and my addon airports are missing textures in the night.

        Also when flying the sky turns black in sometimes.

      • stevefsx says:

        I have sent you an email response – you must be still be in dx10 preview as that’s exactly what dx10 preview looks like without the fixer – which incidentally means it does work and so your problem must be a fixer incompatibility rather than dx10 preview not working.

  4. Giovanni says:

    I have the full control for this folder. just checking the link you sent

  5. Giovanni says:

    Hello Steve,

    i just purchase your software and i got this error message when I tried to install the MSI file

    The error message is:
    “There is a problem with this Windows Installer Package. A DLL required for this install to complete could not be run. Contact your support personnel or package vendor”

    I have Windows 10

    Could you please help?

    All the Best


    • stevefsx says:

      No immediate idea, a msi file is a standard format and no one else has reported this. Try rebooting in case the Microsoft installer service is in a funny state, then redownload and run again, make sure that you have extracted the msi file from the zip file and that it’s on a hard drive. I will google to see if there are any other msi users with that error.

      • Giovanni says:

        Thanks for the quick reply.

        Yes I extracted all the files and place on my Desktop. I’ll try to reboot windows and try again.

        I’ll let you know shortly. thanks


      • stevefsx says:

        The hits I have found on google (for msi generally) suggest that it’s likely to be a permissions problem with C:\Users\\AppData\Local\Temp\ and that granting your user access to that directory may resolve it. Is that something that you would feel capable of doing?

      • Giovanni says:

        Found the solution
        Run as administrator Command Prompt (CMD) and typr this:
        msiexec/i c:\temp\DX10SceneryFixer_5_0_134.msi /L*v install.txt

        Thanks. I’m gong to test your software with my FSX steam Edition

        All the Best


      • stevefsx says:

        Well that’s good news (if a little odd).

  6. Bert Daanje says:

    Amazing what this software does. It resolved the majority off all my texture bugs. Best dollars I have ever spend on a add-on. I also believe that in most area’s the FPS has improved also.

  7. Simon says:

    Hello, I bought the dx10 landscape repair program on in November 2013, but I can not enter the site anymore to recover my password because the one I currently own is wrong. What should I do? I still have my bill.
    thank you in advance
    Simon ANTIOPE

    • stevefsx says:

      Send the information that you have to the stevefsx email account on Flightsimstore has closed and their license servers are closed too. I shall haveto issue you a new installer and new license but there will be a delay until the end of July as I cannot issue the license until then – sorry about that.

  8. Hi steve, i have pc with i5 2500 @3.3ghz, 8gb of ram, gts 450 1.5gb 192bit… can my old system benefit with dx10 fixer ? Or should i stick to dx9?

  9. bifsxfan99 says:

    Hi Steve,

    Sorry if this is in the wrong place, I don’t know how else to communicate or use this site.

    I got your DX10 Shader Fixers V3.2.3 from AVSIM and it was working LOVELY. Recently though, I encountered a sad add-on that was also hard to remove and I just decided to clean reinstall FSX. Somehow the shader fix files stayed on, but now the fixes don’t work. I tried running the setup.bat again, but it tells me there’s already a General10.fx.ORIG in the folder, and everything else I’ve tried has not re-enabled the fix’s effects.

    What do you recommend to remedy my situation?

    Sincerely, Barrett

    • stevefsx says:

      From your description I imagine that the fsx uninstall replaced all the shaders but left it the ORIG files. I suggest that you delete the ORig files or copy them to another directory then run setup.bat

      • bifsxfan99 says:

        Ok, thanks! The fixes are working great again now! About the .ORIG file, does it matter if I put it back in General folder? After running setup.bat this time, a new .ORIG was not generated. But like I said, my sim looks good now.

      • stevefsx says:

        i would put them back. If you ever buy the proper dx10 fixer they are needed.

      • bifsxfan99 says:

        Alright then. Thanks, Steve!

  10. Craig Thompson says:

    Hey could some one kindly help me and let me know where to download steves fixer to on my computer im running FSX SE and it doesn’t find the FSX path on start up, or let me change it? please help

    • Craig Thompson says:

      apologies, this is resolved I searched online and read a post about deleting program data

      • stevefsx says:

        The reason is that you hadn’t uninstalled the fixer libraries from your old fsx system before removing it. The fixer won’t let you change the path without uninstalling which gets you stuck. Deleting the program data\dx10 scenery fixer will as you say fix it. There is now a better option which is to select file->preferences->allow emergency change of fsx directory Which overrides the logic and lets you change the path.

  11. paul Bamford says:

    Hi Steve
    I have some CLS aircraft that don’t show textures when using the dx10 preview will they work with the fixer or are they not compatible

  12. Sean says:

    Hey Steve,

    The program makes my sim look gorgeous. Only thing is that while I’m flying, every once in a while my screen flashes black then comes back. How do I fix this? I run FSX SE and I have an ATI card.

    • stevefsx says:

      I am sorry but I don’t have any helpful suggestions. Check your power connections to card, try windowed versus full screen, update drivers perhaps.

      • sean says:

        I actually found the issue not long after writing this. It had to do with the bkm.bpg or whatever it is and the DX10 fixer was able to correct simply by uninstalling and reinstalling the libraries! Working fantastic now! Thanks for the reply!

      • stevefsx says:

        Thanks for letting me know.

  13. Beedan says:

    Great Piece of addons, have the DX10 fixer for cockpit shadows and work like a charm, defo going to get the cloud shadows and hope they are just as great at the Cockpit ones 🙂

    stevefsx Here is an idea that would be good for the community also, I don’t know how it would be implanted but making a addons for atmospheric scattering it is available to P3D users through PTA but it is not available in FSX and would be great to see if that would be made, gives a sense of realism and height when flying in the sim.

  14. RENATO says:

    Hello I want to know if the dx10 makes ivao’s aircraft appear online. I have read that when using the dx10 the aircraft goes white or does not appear.

  15. RENATO says:

    The dsx10 is compatible with as mtl of ivao. How are areonaves not white?

  16. Chris says:

    Hi.! Where can i find the Update.?

    • stevefsx says:

      Which update which product? If you bought dx10sf from flight sim store log into your accounts but there. If you purchased from fastspring or you are referring to cloud shadows then use the URL you were sent when you purchased.

  17. Gary says:

    Hi Steve, several forums led me to your product, i checked mt version of DX and it is 11
    Can I still use your product?
    I use a Titan card if that means anything.
    Thanks Gary Taylor

    • stevefsx says:

      Go into fsx and see if you have the dx10 preview option in settings. If you do then it will work, but I would advise that you select the option and try a quick flight to see if it works ok as well.

  18. Tom Stanley says:

    Hey Steve I have bought your DX 10 scenery fixer and works great but I have a question. Will the DX 10 scenery fixer work with FTX global? On the flight sim store it says that DX 10 will not work with FTX global night lighting and I was just wondering will this be able to handle FTX global. Thanks

  19. Andrew says:

    Hi Steve.

    This is Andrew again. I promised you a feedback about your DX10 fixer. My computer have arrived and love FSX. I bought your 5 star product about 10min ago, did the setup following your instructions and it works very well and i want to thank you very much for your contribution.


  20. Andrew says:

    Hi steve is your product still available? My new computer arrives in the end of Feb 2016 with Win7 and a GTX 970. Also should this be the first install i should add before installing addons like scenery, planes etc? Thanks i will look forward to buying your product . One more question is the installer up to date when purchasing or do i have install another dx10 update?

    • stevefsx says:

      Yes you can buy it here using the purchase menu.

      The order of install doesn’t matter much.

      I advise testing your fsx runs in dx10 preview before purchase.

      • Andrew says:

        Ok Steve, thanks for the quick reply. This purchase will be the first on my list before getting anything else when my computer comes. But as you said I will make sure my computer will run in dx10 preview before buying. Hopefully the I7-6700k can run it with no issues. I will post an update once the computer come and installing your product following your instructions.

        Thanks again


  21. Aman Mannan says:

    Hi Steve, I have purchased the dx 10 fixer but I have mistakenly given the wrong email address at the time of purchase. Can you please help me with this? I have also contacted fast spring but can you please, please help me with this. I can provide you with all the details.

  22. matthew says:


  23. Raphael says:

    Hi, Steve!

    I have purchased your product and everything went fine. But I wonder if it will be compatible if I want to upgrade to a new graphic card. I heard that DX10 is not supported anymore on new graphic cards. I am afraid to spend a lot of money and not improve FSX performance.

    Do you know how it will work in very new cards?

    I have Radeon HD 6770 and I need to upgrade for better performance.


    • stevefsx says:

      They are removing support for older hardware (cards) those that only support DX version up to DX10.

      That is not the same thing as not supporting DX9 and DX10 in the drivers for new cards.
      If they ever decided not to support DX9 or DX10 then most steam games would cease to work including FSX.

      I have a GTX 970.

  24. Paul Bird says:

    Thanks for your help.
    I purchased it from Flight Sim Store but I will try down loading and reinstalling 2.9 again, will let you know if it works.

    • Paul Bird says:

      I downloaded From FlightSim Store and uninstalled DX10 Fixer with control panel and manually deleted the DX10 folder. Reinstalled the newly downloaded program but the program still does not start when clicking the icon,
      As I only now have FSX SE installed could this be a problem?

      • stevefsx says:

        Only indirectly, I think that you have a rare issue that applies to both 2.8 and 2.9 – if the number of diagnostics msgs are too high (and that may be due to the uninstall of the DVD version) the controller will not run. This is addressed in the latest FastSpring version but not yet at the FSS version – I have sent you an email with instructions.

  25. Paul Bird says:

    Hi Steve,
    It is version 2.9. When I click the icon on the desktop, nothing happens

    • stevefsx says:

      Ok can you re download 2.9 and reinstall? Is yours from flight sim store or fast-spring, if the former it possibly won’t work and I will need to send you an updated library

  26. Paul Bird says:

    I love this program. My flying experience is now perfect and after installing Windows 10 both my FSX DVD and FSX SE worked perfectly. After a few days I had an error message. On booting up the DVD version it said that the Texture.cfg was missing or corrupt. Once the Sim loaded, my plane and other vehicles were about 10 feet off the ground. I decided to uninstall this DVD version as I was more than happy with the FSX SE version, which still works beautifully. However when I now run StevesDX10 Fixer it will not start I have tried re installing the Fixer but without success. I wondered if the problem is that the original DVD version is now deleted. FSX Se is still working OK but without the Fixer I will be unable to change the settings.
    Hope you can help.
    Kindest regards

  27. Richard Horne says:

    I love what you did with Stevefsx. Made using FSX in WIN7 a dream. Are you going to do a fix for FSX WIN10? WIN10 uses DX12 and many of us are suffering the black screen or no load of FSX at all.

    • stevefsx says:

      After the last windows 10 update I had black screens in the free flight window, but rebuilding the shaders fixed it. Go into Dx10 Controller Debug Dialog and press Apply without changing and it will rebuild the shaders for you.

  28. chris says:

    how do I get the cockpit tips to display using dx10?


    • stevefsx says:

      I am afraid that you cannot. The only option is to use windowed mode without the border. It’s described in the nzfsim dx10 how to guide.

      • Coloradojack says:

        General Comment / Success!
        I recently installed an EVGA 980 ti GPU in my rig and found that FSX would not run well (understatement) unless I ran it with DX 10 Preview. Everything was good in DX 10 preview until I encountered the ORBX black box object syndrome. After reading what seemed to have been most every post and support article or reply ever written on the topics of Orbx DX 10 object rendering issues, FSX Acceleration/SP2 and potential fixes for DX 10 deficiencies, and having attempted a number possible options to rectify my issues, I finally came across Steve’s Fixer. After another lengthy review of all available posts and information I could find about the Fixer I convinced myself it would be worth trying, even if it didn’t work because at least I would have exhausted all efforts towards potentially viable solutions that had presented themselves thus far. I possess only so much technical prowess so this was basically a last ditch effort before resorting to other yet to be determined, unknown and likely to be unfavorable, alternatives. So, that being said, I purchased the fixer, installed it, adjusted a few settings and Presto! SHEAR BRILLIANCE. Despite having only run limited testing thus far, I report that absolutely all distinguishable issues have been eliminated. I would suggest to anyone experiencing similar issues that (provided you follow Steve’s instructions precisely) it’s well worth the cost and very effective. My compliments to your efforts Steve. Just outstanding. To the point that I was uncharacteristically compelled to write this post. My thanks, gratitude and appreciation. (,,, for keeping my head from exploding)

  29. Ron says:

    One of the best upgrades EVER! Worth every penny, cent, Euro, etc! It’s a must-have. Fantastic job, Steve. Thanx!

  30. Pazzini says:

    Amazing product. I have plenty FSX addons and now I won’t bother thinking to migrate to P3D to use DX10 features, because it will cost me great amount of money to buy P3D addons. I can have VC shadow with FSX now! wow!

  31. Douglas says:

    Best upgrade to the default FSX I now enjoy FSX more than I had in the past. This is what DX10 should have been when Microsoft put out the sim. Should you be considering to buying this product, I would highly recommend getting it! Great job Steve many of us thank you for your effort to keeping it real.

  32. Johnny says:

    Amazingly this is the only fix to all of my texture problems including missing white textures on AI aircraft. After countless purchases of useless addons to fix that issue, this Fixer has finally put it to rest.

    Thanks Steve,

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