DX10 Scenery Fixer

The product resolves the majority of the issues in the FSX “DX10 Preview mode” and has allowed many flight simmers to switch to DX10 and fly with shadows in their virtual cockpits.

Airports sceneries that use the FS9 SDK will no longer appear as grey and untextured at night. Similarly legacy aircraft built with older SDKs will no longer appear grey. This is shown in the composite picture above where the left hand side has DX10SF enabled. Aircraft shadows are both more accurate in placement and improved in quality.

Important note

Please ensure that FSX DX10 Preview mode performs satisfactorily on your PC before purchase. DX10 Scenery Fixer only addresses graphical issues – it does not boost performance.

Here is a pdf guide which describes the installation process and contains links to web resources on moving to DX10.  Read Me First

I do not sell directly to customers – instead DX10SceneryFixer is available from FastSpring a US based reseller below


Having purchased you will receive an email with a download link , normally within a few seconds.  If you have any problems in the payment process or do not receive the email within an hour then please contact FastSpring support using the following link:

FastSpring Support

If the issue is not resolved promptly by them then you may contact me to chase them on your behalf.

After purchase  I recommend that you follow this blog for news of any updates

605 Responses to DX10 Scenery Fixer

  1. Daniel Gamble says:

    Hi Steve
    I’ve had to re-install flight sim on my computer, please could you re-send me the download links

  2. Markus Ohrmann says:

    Hello Steve,after settting Up nee Hardware,i have to Install DX scenery fixer again. Nur eine i bought IT some years ago,i cant find my serial number now. Could you resend IT Plesse?

  3. igor says:

    Hello, I’ve bought dx10 scenery fixer on flightsimstore.com, but I can’t restore the purchase.

  4. Anmar Qashqish says:

    Hi Steve! I bought your fixer yesterday and just followed the instructions as mentioned in the readme. Unfortunately your fixer is not working properly and the only library that can be installed is the “DX 10 Compatible Reflections”. The other two libraries (DX 10 Compatible Effects and DX 10 Lights Package) are missing. Applying the first library only improves Reflections but the effects are as bad as the DX 9. Any work around??

    • stevefsx says:

      Hi Anmar,

      Everything is working ok, but I understand why you think that it isn’t. I didn’t update the readme for version 4 and I should have done.

      In DX10 preview mode aircraft lights and “effects” such as smoke did not work properly (as they do in DX9) and so either didn’t appear or flashed on and off.
      Version 3 of the fixer dealt with this by installing replacement aircraft lights (DX10 Lights package) and by modifying slightly the effect files.
      As these involved changes to your FSX installation the installer asked for permission.

      Version 4 uses a different (better) approach which doesn’t require these changes and hence the options are no longer needed.

      If you check aircraft lights and smoke etc you should find that they work correctly in DX10 with the fixer installed just as they do in DX9.


  5. verticalspeed0 says:

    Hi Steve, I’ve re-installed FSX Steam and would like to run it w/DX10 Fixer, however my installer came from the Flight Sim store and doesn’t work any more. Is there a way for me to get another installer?

  6. Philipp says:

    Hi Steve
    Thank you for your work. Sadly I can’t find the mail with the serialnumber. I tryed to contact fastspring support but with no success. Can you send me please my serial again?
    Thank you in advance

  7. Scott Hughes says:

    Hi Steve. I purchased your dx 10 fixer as well as the additional dx 10 cloud shadows. I inadvertently missed a letter off my email address so have not received my product. I have contacted FastSpring times in the last 72 hours but have not had a single bit of info off them since. It’s a lot of money to lose, I appreciate that it was my error with the email address but would be grateful if you could chase this up. Happy to provide you with purchase info

  8. Juan R says:

    Hello steve fsx, first, let me congratulate to you for your excellent product (Shadow cloud) and precisely i would like to acquire.
    ¿could you tell me how to download it?

    • stevefsx says:

      You need to buy the fixer and the cloud shadows addon from the menu at the top of the page. There is a bundle deal, but the fixer first and you will get a discount on the shadows

  9. Sergej Biskupski says:

    Hello! Ive bought this program half year ago, now want to install on my new System. I forgot the serial number

    please help
    Sergej Biskupski

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  11. Brandon says:

    HI i have lost the email with the link to download DX10 Scenery fixer, is there a way to get a new one sent

  12. proudtiger says:

    Hi Steve ,I bought this over a year ago.I did copy all my install files over to the back up drive but forgot to copy the serial to a txt file when I recently upgraded my C drive.

    I can give you my email for proof of purchase.

  13. piero cabras says:

    Hi Steve,
    DX10 Scenario Fixer + DX10 Cloud Shadows with FastSpring I received e-mail and DX10 Cloud Shadows download. Now where can I download DX10 Scenery Fixer?
    I have not received any reference links for it. Thank you

    • stevefsx says:

      You should have received two emails. Check if the first one went into your junk or spam email folder. I will get fastspring to resend.

    • stevefsx says:

      Hi Piero As I said below I have resent both emails from fastspring three times so you should have 8 emails from them in total now. I have also responded to the two emails sent to my support email with the download link and license as well – so by now you should have received a total of 6 emails all containing the download that you need and 4 copies of the cloud shadows email.

      As one email at least got through there can be no issue with the email address that you entered or the path through the web so the most likely explanation is that your email program or ISP email service is moving all these emails to your spam or junk email folders – if you cannot find them can you provide an alternative email that I can use to send you things? Alternatively can you register at avsim and contact me via the Official Fixer Support forum there as I will then be able to send you information via personal message.

    • stevefsx says:

      In the absence of any reply I have checked with fastspring and they have told me that you have downloaded both products, can you confirm all is ok please.

  14. Fred says:

    Hi Steve I ordered DX10 Scenery Fixer, however I did not receive the download link.

    • stevefsx says:

      Ok sorry about that. It’s all automated and there are a few reasons why it very occasionally doesnt work. 1) it’s in your junk or spam email. 2) you have entered the wrong email ( your order email matches what you have used here so that seems unlikely in this case) 3) your email account blocks foreign emails ( bizarre but it can happen) 4) one of the email providers has been wrongly blacklisted – again this is weird but occasionally seems to occur for a few days. 5) ( hypothetically) there is a bug in the fastspring systems ( that no one knows about). Anyway I have asked fastspring to resend. Can you also check your junk email. If that doesn’t work I will try sending to you via my email account.

  15. Charles says:

    Hi, I purchased this a few years back and I need to reinstall it. Unfortunately, I got a new computer and no longer have the files. can you please send me my info again?
    Thanks a million,
    Charles B.

  16. Luis Luque says:

    Hi, I did purchase a long time ago your product, how can I download and activate it again?

  17. Daniel Gamble says:

    Hi Steve,
    I had to wipe my PC and have lost my purchase details and files, Please could you send me then again
    Daniel Gamble

  18. Emmanuel Sanchez says:

    hello, I want to know if the black boxes or squares on the sceneries are fixed with this fixer?

  19. Marc Morand says:

    HI Steve, I’ve had pc problem and I need to re install directX fixer, could you send me back the installer? wish you all the best!

  20. Lee says:

    Hi steve,

    I’m a simmer from South Korea!
    With your DX10 fixer, My sim just improve it’s ‘Awesomeness’. Thank you so much! 😉

    Today I flew with my PMDG 737NGX aircraft in the ‘early dusk time’. However, when I turn the landing lights ON, the reflection on the fuselage just get White! (I mean that the reflection was much more bright than I usually saw in DX9 mode.)

    Is this a limitation of your fixer? Or Did I something wrong with my DX10 fixer setting?

    Any ideas?

    Thank you very much in advance and sorry for bad English 🙂

  21. Nigel says:

    Hello there,

    I am currently writing for some clarification on the DX10 Fixer found within the avsim library. I have downloaded this and applied its features. The file is called shader_release_v3.2.3.

    Please, how is this any different to the above fixer by Steve himself? If I purchased this and applied it to my simulation experience, what would the repercussions be with shader_release_v3.2.3 installed?

    Please let me know. Otherwise, I will not risk purchasing something I am unable to use.

    • stevefsx says:

      The fixer understands the shader patches and will replace them during the install. How is it different? The shader patches were written in 2012 and fixed a small number of annoying issues with DX10 preview such as flashing runways. The fixer fixes a lot more! In particular it fixes all the aircraft and scenery that appears white and untextured and it also improves VC shadow quality. It provides additional fixes for lights and effects and improves fog to make it better than the DX9 implementation.

      • Nigel Pinto says:

        Thank you very much for the response.

        As you have now cleared my doubts I will go ahead and purchase your fixer. Please do not ever pull it away from the market again. Some things are simply not replaceable.

        Take care!

  22. Benni says:

    I reset my PC and so i lost the DX10 Download and i cant find the download mail anymore.
    Could you please resend it to me? THANKS already!

  23. James says:

    Hi Steve, Trying to redownload both scenery and cloud fixers. I get the “not available” message. How do I go about downloading these items? Thanks for your help.

  24. Dominik Wiesinger says:

    Hey Steve,
    I bought the Cloud Shadows no i have to download the new Scenery Fixer.
    Do I have to buy it or is there another solution?
    Greetings From Vienna 🙂

  25. Ludovic says:

    Bonjour, j’aimerais savoir est-ce que direct X 10 scenery fixer corrige les problèmes de floutage et les saccades.

    Merci de votre réponse d’avance.

  26. Do i have to make a seperate purchase if I already purchased it in the past?

    • stevefsx says:

      If you purchased from fastspring just use your download link. If you purchased from the flight sim store you must wait for them to take the update ( but worryingly they seem unresponsive at the moment).
      However if you have purchased or purchase the cloud shadows addon then that will update the fixer to the latest version as well as giving you shadows underneath clouds.

      • Hi Steve I just purchased the Cloud Shadows today in the hope it would update my DX10 Fixer as commented above – all it did was tell me my version of DX10 fixer was out of date and it closed telling me I would have to uninstall it and reinstall a new version. I got it from flightsimstore so not sure what to do now as the above did not work. Many thanks for the help.

      • stevefsx says:

        Sorry, if you are getting that error then it should mean that you don’t have the last version available from the flight sim store installed (3.4).
        Cloud Shadows will patch that FSS 3.4 version to 3.5 but not earlier versions as there are too many. Can you download 3.4 from your account at the Flight Sim Store and update the fixer to that version. Then uninstall cloud shadows and reinstall and it should work as described. If you have any issues then best email me at the stevefsx yahoo email address from the manual.

      • Steve – FYI The flightsimstore is back online after being down for a long time – Some of your customer may want to head on over their to download the 3.4 version as I see many were having the same issue as myself not being able to do the update. It looks like it just came back online but they are having a liquidation sale so not sure how long the site would be up. I am downloading it now and will reply to your email shortly. Many thanks for the quick reply mate. Cheers for now.

  27. Anonymous says:

    Hi Steve, just to let you know, my collection of Calclassic Connies suffered from none see through glass and on one of them no glass at all!, not anymore!!!!, all fixed, thanks to your fix in 3.5 update!

  28. Yury Dokuchaev says:

    Good afternoon,
    I would like to receive updating of the program 3.5
    My former e-mail address badly works and I ask to correspond on other postal e-mail address. Thank you in advance for the help

  29. jamal hamed bader alenezi says:

    hello can i get the latest update from dx10 fixer

  30. DaveP says:

    Hi Steve,
    You mentioned a bundle package on the shadows page that would be cheaper if you don’t have the fixer already. I can only see links to the shadows and fixer for purchase. How do you purchase the bundle and how much cheaper is it?

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