DX10 Scenery Fixer

The product resolves the majority of the issues in the FSX “DX10 Preview mode” and has allowed many flight simmers to switch to DX10 and fly with shadows in their virtual cockpits.

Airports sceneries that use the FS9 SDK will no longer appear as grey and untextured at night. Similarly legacy aircraft built with older SDKs will no longer appear grey. This is shown in the composite picture above where the left hand side has DX10SF enabled. Aircraft shadows are both more accurate in placement and improved in quality.

Satisfaction Guarantee
If within the first 2 weeks from purchase you find that any of your scenery or aircraft fails to appear correctly in DX10 when compared to DX9 and this cannot be resolved to your satisfaction then you may return the product for  a full refund.

Important note
Please ensure that FSX DX10 Preview mode runs on your PC before purchase.  DX10 Scenery Fixer only addresses graphical issues – it does not boost performance.

Here is a pdf guide which describes the installation process and contains links to web resources on moving to DX10. Read Me First

I do not sell directly to customers – instead DX10SceneryFixer is available from FastSpring a US based reseller below


Having purchased you will receive an email with a download link , normally within a few seconds.  If you have any problems in the payment process or do not receive the email within an hour then please contact FastSpring support using the following link:

FastSpring Support

If the issue is not resolved promptly by them then you may contact me to chase them on your behalf.

After purchase  I recommend that you follow this blog for news of any updates

646 Responses to DX10 Scenery Fixer

  1. Alejandro Selas Leal says:

    Hello Steve, I installed FTX GLOBAL but DXController doesn’t fix the black squares of the lights. Why?

    in lights I have enabled convert efects, all effects exclude orbx street. even if it changes this the error is still not solved.

    Thank you

    • stevefsx says:

      Can you run the diagnostics and send me the results to the Support email address in the manual. The fixer cannot be installed properly.

      • Alejandro Selas Leal says:

        I’ve already sent you the email with the dxdiag info.

        I have global, vector and europe installed. Also the libraries.

        The mistake is black squares around the lights being daytime. At night the lights are on but the frame is still around.


      • stevefsx says:

        This is resolved

  2. dave olson says:

    I am not sure cloud shadows has been installed. I got a Finnish which I clicked on but was never asked for the license .I have uninstalled and installed quite a few times do they ask for it every time or just the first installation? I have tried to see if it was installed correctly I click on run and I get a box with 3 options -modify – repair – remove or back to run then we go round and round as you can see I am not too computer literate at 78yrs old

    • stevefsx says:

      Can you respond to the email that I sent you please? Comments in a blog are not a very productive way to provide support as it is not possible to share screenshots or files. I have emailed you the installation guide in case you missed it when you unzipped th download. The initial installation is just about copying the files onto your computer. Then you run the fixer dx10 controller, update the libraries if indicated ( this may not be necessary as your libraries were probably up to date) , then press the addon button in the block of 9 buttons in the middle of the screen and then in the next screen press the option to license cloud shadows and provide the license.

  3. dave olson says:

    cloud shadows won’t complete installation . something about add on.I cant seem to locate it .I never got the prompt to enter the license for cloud shadows .dx10scenery was successfully installed

  4. dave olson says:

    does cloud shadows come with scenery fix or is it purchased separately also I had scenery fix earlier but it was corrupted can the new fix still be downloaded because I cant re load fix from the net

    • stevefsx says:

      Cloud shadows is a separate product which is an addon that requires you to have a licensed copy of the fixer installed. I have looked on fastspring and I cannot find an order in your name or email so I guess that you must have purchased it from the flight sim store. If you go to your account there you should be able to download your purchases including the fixer, then you can buy cloud shadows from fastspring by following the link on this site.

      • dave olson says:

        I have no purchased fixer yet but I will I need to know if it will load over the damaged fixer

      • stevefsx says:

        That doesn’t make any sense to me as a question.

        Are you perhaps talking about the freeware shader patches and not the fixer which is a program with a user interface? The fixer can handle being installed over the freeeware patches.

  5. Thiago says:

    Hi Steve,

    I have FSX:SE and the IVAO traffic is white during day and grey during night. The DX10 Scenery Fixer will solve this problem?


  6. Brandon says:

    I have some flytampa sceneries that at night they turn grey. Will this fix them?

  7. i have not yet purchased this product yet but I intend to in the near future. However I would like to know if this program will fix my AI traffic aircraft. When I turn on DX10 they have no textures. Will this program fix them? I use World Of Ai Traffic.

  8. faisalfaisal says:

    Hi Steve,

    If you are allowed to resend the product download link:

  9. Kim Kivari says:

    Hi steve. Is computer with gtx660 2gb and 3.4ghz i7-3770 (turbo up to 3.9ghz) 8gb ram and windows 8.1 64bit enough to run dx10 mode shadows enabled with fixer with ftxglobal base installed, addon aircraft like pmdg 737ngx and 777 gsx and lastly some payware sceneries (all the addons i basicly use are right there). Thanks in advance, Kim. 🙂

    • stevefsx says:

      You can test by selecting dx10 preview without the fixer, performance will be the same. Your graphics card is a little weak which will limit aa in clouds.

  10. Jacques LeMarier says:

    Same here. New PC today. Have copy of paypal receipt. Thank you in advance.

    • stevefsx says:

      I have resent everything to the email used for the purchase which is not the same as the email you have used here. If you have no access to the original email then let me know.

    • jason cox says:

      Hi Steve, recently had to replace my computer and now I can’t find the download link to download the latest version, could you please resend me the link and also allow me to redownload please.

  11. Owen says:

    I have a new pc and my link has expired. Could I have it reset, please

  12. Pascal Zehnter says:

    Hi Steve. I purchased the DX10 Scenery Fixer and CloudShadow. I have just received the link for the Shadows one (so it’s OK), but not the Scenery Fixer one…
    Thx for your help

  13. Khor Wai Hong says:

    I Purchased the DX10 Scenery Fixer, i haven’t receive the Download Link yet.. please help me check it out. thank you,

    • stevefsx says:

      Hi I have got fastspring to resend. Please check your spam folder in case it has gone there. If it isn’t there in an hour from this reply then post again and I will try to find an alternative way to get it to you.

  14. Piotr Tobisz says:

    Hi, I need help, I have a new computer and I need to install dx10 and my download link is inactive. please help

  15. Anonymous says:

    Hi, does the fixer require nVidia inspector in order to work (for the AA)? I wasn’t able to find a definitive answer online. Thanks.

    • stevefsx says:

      In dx10 the Standard AA ( without supersampling) is controlled by settings in fsx.cfg. The fixer will set those for you. The only way to turn on supersampling with a Nvidia card is to use Nvidia inspector.

  16. Caique Sá says:

    Hi Steve!

    I´m having problems with my libraries. I´ve tried to install the fixer in my PC but , i´ve just forgot my serial!
    I tried to search in my old e-mail the link that you sent to me to download the file, but i didn´t found it.
    I bought it a long time ago and it is in my PC
    being useless
    i just want to buy the fixer again
    hope you can help me


  17. Matthew Collins says:

    Hi Steve,

    The Sydney Opera House is missing in DirectX 10 mode. I was wondering whether your awesome tool restores this missing landmark?

    Thanks heaps!


    • stevefsx says:

      Hi Matthew

      The Opera House (and Harbour Bridge) both disappear in DirectX 10 preview mode at night – they appear OK in the day.

      Assuming this was what you meant then yes the fixer fixes this and they will appear normally.


  18. Lucas Cardin Franco de Souza says:

    Hey, Steve, i’m having a issue with my cloud shadows mod here, I bought the fixer with the cloud shadow mod together, the shadows worked for some time, but it has stopped working, i think it stopped when I bought the Toposim South America add-on on Steam (i use FSX: Steam Edition by the way), Toposim greatly modified the mesh, I don’t know if it has something in Toposim that broke the shadows, the water effects are on the maximum, Max 2.x, but the shadows aren’t there anymore, and i only have aircrafts, rex 4 TD with soft clouds, HD airports and Toposim South America installed, if u could give some tips about it, because I haven’t found anything about this bug that’s happening with me. Thanks in advance and sorry my English.

    • stevefsx says:

      Can you follow the troubleshooting instructions in chapter 8 of the clouds manual please. If all the steps are ok then turn on debug as instructed and send me a screenshot of the coloured lines that you should see to the yahoo support email which is in the front of the manual. I can then interpret them to determine the likely issue.

      • Lucas Cardin Franco de Souza says:

        Hello there!, the problem is fixed! i followed the troubleshooting chapter on the Cloud shadows manual, i had some trouble trying to find the manual, but i think that some libraries were deleted, i just uninstalled them and installed back using the dx10 fixer controller and everything got right again. Thanks for the support!

  19. Chris Hamilton says:

    Does this also fix the grey untextured FS9 addon aircraft issue?

  20. Adarras says:

    Hi is the DirectX 10 fixer for the fsx steam edition?

  21. Andreas says:

    Question to “DX-10 Preview” for FSX: If it is activated, there are no Quicktips at the Mouse-Icon, althoug PANELS/QUICKTIPS=1 is activated in FSX-cfg. Deactivating it, there are quicktips again.
    What’s the matter about this?

    • stevefsx says:

      That’s correct. The fsx dx10 engine does not show tooltips in full screen ( it does in windowed mode). As it’s a fault in the core engine I am afraid that it cannot be fixed. People who find this a nuisance usually run in windowed mode with no borders. If you download the dx10 how to guide from nzfsim it describes how to do this.

  22. Eric says:

    Will this fix the ground/taxiway/runway flickering issues I am experiencing in FSX SE?

  23. Matthias S. says:

    Hi Steve,
    i must do FSX install again after changing HDD fro Install FSX. Now i want to install you very good Program. But after start the DX10 Scenery Fixer, in the field for FSX Path is missing the original FSX Path on the new HDD. I have follow check points.

    – FSX SP1 and 2 install – OK
    – Regidt – FSX Path is correct.

    Can you tell me how i can insert the FSX Path manuell?

    Thank you very much


  24. Simon H says:

    Getting back into simming after a long break.
    How do I redownload the latest dx10 fixer. Bought it from fastspring (I think) a couple of years ago and can no longer find the order email. Thanks in advance.

  25. Roberto Marconi says:

    Hi steve,
    I bought the fixer before but I can’t find the program, I just have the serial number, could you kindly tell me where can I download it again?

  26. Harry Hampton says:

    Hi Steve,
    I had DX10 fixer a fews years ago and now i dont have my install no more dure to my old pc packing up. Would i be able to redownload it via a link and have my key resent..

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  28. Ron Casteel says:

    Steve. I am running FSX out of the box. Downloaded the latest version and I believe I have all the proper setting for Nvidia Inspector and DX10 fix correct. But I must be doing something wrong because when I open FSX the start screen is black where the aircraft is shown and when I open the free flight at the airport all is black except for some dark shadowy cloud effects.
    Can you point me in the right direction?
    Windows 10

    • stevefsx says:

      That usually means that the general10 shader has failed to compile. When you run the controller do the diagnostics report any issues at all? Its probably easier to communicate via the yahoo support email address in the manual. In fsxdir\ShadersHLSL\general what are the dates listed for general10.fxh and general10.fx?

      Try in the controller going into the file->debug dialog from top menu and press apply. Then try running fsx again.

      If that doesn’t work send me your dx10.ini file from AppData\Local\DX10SceneryFixer

  29. jason cox says:

    Hi Steve noticed there has been an update since I purchased, Tried to use link in my email but cant download it.

    Many thanks

  30. Craig Thompson says:

    Hi Steve,

    I hope your well. I purchased the DX10 fixer a few years ago and it worked great for FSX boxed, I have recently migrated over to FSE and having uninstalled the product I cant find it any where on my computer. how can I get the install back? can you please help.

    • stevefsx says:

      I have located the order and resent you the details

      • Craig Thompson says:

        Thank you Steve, Could you kindly help, I have received the link and thank you for your hasty resolve however when I install it and open up DX10 front screen on your fixer my FSX path is blank and the button “Change” is shaded out and it wont let me type a path. have you come across this?

  31. Yuri Brown says:

    Hi Steve, purchased the fixer, and also no e-mail. I think it’s getting blocked en-route for some reason. Can you try re-sending it to me again please.

  32. Daniel Gamble says:

    Hi Steve

    I’ve had to reinstall FSX and have lost my download link. Please could you resend it to me?

    Many Thanks

  33. Norvin Viehweger says:

    Hi, I have Orbx and the street lights don’t get fixed completly with your DX10 Scenery Fixer. Exclude ORBX Street Lights is enabled. Can you help me?



    • stevefsx says:

      Where don’t they get fixed and can you describe in what way are they not fixed? When is the problem day or night and what do they look like or do that is wrong

      What orbx products do you have?

      It may be easier to email a picture to the yahoo support email address.

  34. Hello, i want to update to the latest version, how can i do it?, where do i need to send my information?, there is no “update” button in the program itself.

    • stevefsx says:

      All the information you need is in the fulfillment email which says

      This link is valid for 21 days only so please download and back up.
      If an new version is released then the same download link can be used to download the update – the link will be valid for a further 21 days after the new version is released.

      The update process itself is described in the manual, simply leave everything as it is, download the new installer using your download url, run the installer which will update the fixer and finally run the controller and press the button to update the libraries.

    • stevefsx says:

      I have added an Updates Page to this web site linked from the top menu to assist with finding this information

  35. Okan says:

    Hi Steve,
    I am unable to find my old purchase details to re-download the DX10 Fix. I dont even remember If I used this email, I remember it was years ago. Could you please check my email on your records and send me a download link to install or any ways for me to find my order and old information ?

  36. Jose Alvarado says:

    Í purchased yesterday but no email yet

    • stevefsx says:

      It’s all automated so they are either in your spam or being blocked en route.

      I have got fastspring to resend and also sent the contents via my home email

  37. Holger says:

    Hi Steve me again 😉 How are you?
    I recently bought FSDG Bangalore and unfortunately the night texture of the apron are just one big yellow rectangle. Maybe you have an idea what to do. Thanks for your time 🙂 here’s a link with a screenshot:

    • Steve Bull says:

      After some time away from FSX I have upgraded my system and have DX10 fixer version 2.9 working good. Purchased it 9-21-15. I want to purchase Cloud Shadows but need to upgrade to DX10 ver 3.3. I contacted Fast Spring but got no response. Original download link lost. Can you help?

  38. Bernd Gröters says:

    Hi Steve!
    I´ve reinstalled my system and I can´t find my lisence for DX10 fixer anymore! Do I have to contact Fast Spring Support? Any help would be highly appreciated! All the best to you, Bernd

  39. Guillaume d'Aillières says:

    Hi Steve, Same request as many others 🙂
    I lost my install package for your DX 10 fixer.
    May you provide me the last updated package please?

    My order ref was STE160621-1867-92155and I bought it in june 2016.

    Many thanks!

  40. Marcos Florio says:

    Hi Steve, I bought it some week ago and reinstall my PC. I lost the files

  41. Karim Oueslati says:

    Hi Steve,
    I bought the scenery fixer too but the link for the download doesn’t work can you send me an another link please ?

  42. Daniel Mclean says:

    Hi Steve I bought the scenery fixer some time ago ,I have just bought a new rig and can’t find the download link on my old computer can you send it to me please ,Thanks and great work by the way

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  44. stevefsx says:

    I have approved it but I think it’s still being treated as spam

  45. paul grubich says:

    I bought this a couple years ago and want to try it again but cannot remember where I purchased it. What vendors do you use?

  46. I wanted to reinstall the DX10 fixer and cloud shadows add-ons, but have lost the installation files, is it possible to get a new link for them?

  47. Jason Cardeira says:

    i bought the fixer, a few months ago, where do i must go to get the update ?

    • stevefsx says:

      I can see you downloaded it so I assume that you worked it out. Shout if you need any help.

      • Jason Cardeira says:

        yup, i thought i bought it from FSstore, but it was here by fastspring. i checked my email, i i have everything there. Thanks anyway Steve

    • Andreas Laible says:

      hello steve can you reset my download link i hafe the version 3.2 and i have the fixer buy in the simmarket store.i would to update to the 3.3 version. thank you very mutch. and greeze andy

  48. Victor Green says:

    Hello Steve,
    I installed my REX4 Texture direct after installing the fixer. Do I need to reinstall the library to check REX in the addon box since it was not checked on initial installation?
    Thanks, Vic G.

    • stevefsx says:

      No need.

      In fact it’s practically impossible to get back to that dialog!

      All the fixer does if you tell it you have Rex is to tell you to select the dx10 options in Rex and avoid 32 bit water.

      Similarly the other product options just set some fixer settings that are anyway documented in the manual and can be set after the install.

      It’s a first time only screen to help people who haven’t yet read the manual!

  49. Bruce says:

    Thanks for your response Steve. Have now bought and installed the programme and it is working well. Many thanks for developing such a welcome addition to MSX.

    Kind regards

  50. Bruce says:

    Hi Steve,
    Is your DX10 Scenery Fixer the same product as your previously named 3D Shader V3.11 or is it an upgrade with enhanced capability?


    • stevefsx says:

      It is a big upgrade. It provides support for legacy scenery and aircraft (written with earlier fs sdks) improved quality vc shadows with more accurate placement, fixes almost all transparency issues etc etc.

      It also has an additional addon that provides cloud shadows.

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