DX10 Scenery Fixer

The product resolves the majority of the issues in the FSX “DX10 Preview mode” and has allowed flight simmers to switch to DX10 and fly with shadows in the virtual cockpit.

Airports sceneries that use the FS9 SDK no longer appear as grey and untextured at night. Similarly legacy aircraft built with older SDKs no longer appear grey. This is shown in the composite picture above where the left hand side has DX10SF enabled. Aircraft shadows are both more accurate in placement and improved in quality.

Important note

Please ensure that FSX DX10 Preview mode performs satisfactorily on your PC before purchase. DX10 Scenery Fixer only addresses graphical issues – it does not boost performance.

Here is a pdf guide which describes the installation process and contains links to web resources on moving to DX10.  Read Me First

I do not sell directly to customers – instead DX10SceneryFixer is available from FastSpring a US based reseller below


Having purchased you will receive an email with a download link , normally within a few seconds.  If you have any problems in the payment process or do not receive the email within an hour then please contact FastSpring support using the following link:

FastSpring Support

If the issue is not resolved promptly by them then you may contact me to chase them on your behalf.

After purchase  I recommend that you follow this blog for news of any updates.

366 Responses to DX10 Scenery Fixer

  1. duesenwerni says:

    Thanks to your great DX10 fixer, my favourite light aircraft, Lionheart Creations Aerospool Dynamic has no more missing vc textures in FSX-SE DX10 and it also makes Virtualcol ATRs show vc shadows!
    Thanks and best regards from LOWG

  2. Mr John M Guest says:

    Will DX10 fixer work with Oculus Rift and fly inside?

  3. Ray Nuss says:

    I just bought and installed your DX10 fixer. All the problems seem to be fixed, (a big thanks for that) however when I choose to enable ground scenery shadows I get terrible flashing. It happens at all airports both default and custom. Is the fixer supposed to fix that? Thanks for the great work.

    • stevefsx says:

      Not really, ground shadows were always flawed in fsx (dx9 and dx10) which meant no one used them and because of that very few sceneries have been made compatible with them.

      There are two types of ground shadow flat and volume.

      There are two setting in the shadows dialog.

      The Volume Shadow bias value can sometimes reduce flickering on the sides of towers

      Disable Volume Shadows just leaves the simpler flat shadows which tend to work much better but even with these there may be scenery incompatibilities.

  4. Ray Nuss says:

    Thanks for the speedy reply. I disabled volume shadows and it seemed to work…at least for now. I also find that I cannot use antialiasing or I get horrible flashing scenery. Can you suggest anything? BTW, I’m running Windows 7 with an Nvidia GeForce GT 635 video card.

    • stevefsx says:

      What aa have you set and what filtering did you select?

      • Ray Nuss says:

        I’ve been playing around with different settings in both FSX and the Nvidia Control Panel.
        Currently my settings are:

        FSX Settings:
        AA checked Onn
        Filtering – Bilinear

        Nvidia Control Panel Settings:

        AA FXAA – Off
        AA Gamma Correction – On
        AA Mode – App controlled
        AA Setting – App controlled
        AA-Transparency – Off

        Anisotropic Sample Optimization – Off
        Negative LOD Bias – Allow
        Quality – Quality
        Trilinear Optomization – On

        DX10 Controller – Volume Shadows Disabled

        These setting seem to work for now. I have both aircraft shadows and ground shadows activated and I haven’t had any flashing of flickering scenery after visiting several different airports.

  5. Ofir Lavi says:

    Hi Steve,
    I purchased earlier today this product and the influence is shown immidiatly!
    but have one problem though…
    I have a 737 home cockpit and Im running 3 monitors for that:
    2 27″ monitors for the main outside view
    and 1 24″ for the instuments down below.
    on the lower screen I used to open up a pop up windows with the ND and another one with the horizontal display
    the problem is that ever since I had installed the DX10 fixer every time i pull one of thos pop up windows from the main screens to the lower one before flight so the sim freezs
    WIN 10 64 BIT
    up to date simconnect
    FSUIPC 4.9 with licence
    happens with the NGX ( havnt tried other aircrafts yet)

    • stevefsx says:

      Firstly I think that you will find that if you uninstall the fixer libraries then the behaviour will be the same. This is why I recommend testing in dx10 preview before purchase as I cannot offer much help with complex setups as the interaction is between the fsx core, Nvidia drivers and the gpu.

      Provided that you have just a single gpu then people seem to succeed in getting multiple monitors to work, but there are tricks. When you undock my understanding is that you must right click in the window to prevent the spinning circle hang. I also understand that you may also have more success if you switch to windowed mode before undocking.

      • Ofir Lavi says:

        First thank you for the fast respons !
        I do have single GPU
        I do undock the window befor moving it and for prevent him to disapear when ever swich view point
        I do use windowed mode
        Any suggestions ?

      • stevefsx says:

        Are you getting the busy mouse cursor (spinning) and gave you tried a right click in the undocked and moved window?

  6. Ofir Lavi says:

    Yes i get the spinning mouse (FSX not responding)
    And I tried to move the instrument box un windowed, i can drag it away of the 2 main monitors but nothing is seen in the third ( it should be that way becouse it is unwindowed)
    i can click freely on the third screen
    the sim only freezs when i am draging awindowed box over there

    • stevefsx says:

      Does the third monitor use a different connection (vga) perhaps?

    • Ofir Lavi says:

      I read a bit on the steam forum and found that alot of people that use several monitors and DX10 have the same problem.
      I unticked the “V” from the DX10 preview in FSX SE setting and it was solved.
      now the problem is that i really want to use tour amazing product Steve and i cant 😦
      any ideas?

      • stevefsx says:

        No, sorry as I say this is why I suggest to test.

        I am not aware of any particular issues with a three monitor setup other than the need to right click, I know many people use more than 3 monitors successfully so what the particular issue with your setup is I don’t know.

  7. Thomas Kerckhove says:

    Hello Steve,

    I am currently using 3 16:9 curved TV screens for my FSX setup.
    Is it possible to use DX10 fixer in virtual cockpit? (PMDG 737NGX)
    Are there any known issues?
    Kind regards,


    • stevefsx says:

      Hello Thomas,

      The best thing to is to try for yourself by selecting dx10 preview in fsx and trying some flights in the day. If you ignore the odd flashing runway and the very jagged vc shadows you can see how it works. For aa just tick the aa option in fsx settings when in dx10 preview and add 4x sgssaa in Nvidia inspector.

      You will need to uninstall enbseries if you have it installed.

      If you undock a panel then you must right click in it to prevent the spinning mouse cursor. A few people report issues running dx10 preview in full screen with dx10 preview so that’s another thing to test.

      • Ofir Lavi says:

        Hi Thomas
        using 3 monitors only for projecting the view from the cockpit will do no harm.
        but as Steve said you might will have some problems if you will try to drag panels into the 3rd screen.

        For Steve, what do you meen when you are saying “right click in the panel” ?
        and also for you steve, does itvchanges for bad if im connecting my 3rd screen via VGA? should i connect it otherwise?

  8. stevefsx says:

    I have read (NZFSIM DX10 how to guide) that if you undock a panel to a different monitor and then resize it that you can get a blue spinning cursor. The tip is to right click inside the panel you have just undocked and resize. Alternatively again from the same document you can edit the panel size to avoid the need to resize it.

  9. Raphael_Goerig@yahoo.de says:

    Hi Steve,

    I recently purchased a scenery from “JustSim Hamburg EDDH”.

    I am having some scenery problems related to DX10 which I cannot solve and the programmer also could not solve.

    The programmer (Andrey Bakanov / JustSim SEO) has done what he could he said and provided an update to all those having this problem but still there is the same issue.

    He thereffore advised me to ask you to have a look at it as it seems to appear only with DX10.

    Probably you could help ? I would be VERY grateful as EDDH is my hometown 🙂

    By the way all your products provide such a great satisfaction. Both of them should be literally ranked under the top 3 MUST HAVES before taking any plan off in FSX. Thank you !

    Kind regards,

    • stevefsx says:

      Can they provide me a copy to look at?? What is the issue exactly?

      • Raphael_Goerig@yahoo.de says:

        Hi Steve, I wanted to upload a screenshot but cannot do here. It looks like trees are displayed as transparent polygones. Best is to look at the screenshot. So where shall I send it to ?
        Kind regards,

      • stevefsx says:

        The email is in the manual. But first try going into the debug dialog and change Common Alpha test to Full Alpha Test and press apply.

  10. Raphael_Goerig@yahoo.de says:

    Where should they send it Steve ? I could send you some screenshots as well. That would make it probably easy for you to understand the issue. Thanks a lot for caring !!!

  11. Steve, your software is amazing, certainly gives a new life to FSX, as i saw at Youtube videos. Congratulations. Gathering the money to buy it. Cheers

  12. Ray Nuss says:

    I spoke to you earlier about a scenery flashing problem that I was experiencing with your fixer installed and DX10 preview enabled in FSX. At the time I thought it was caused by enabling ground shadows, however I’ve narrowed it down and it seems that the flashing is being caused by enabling road and highway traffic. The flashing I see comes from the moving vehicles on the roads. When viewed in FSX from above at a high altitude, it’s quite evident where the flashing originates. When I disable all moving traffic, the flashing stops and even enabling the smallest amount starts it again.

    I’ve always played with road traffic enabled and I didn’t have this problem prior to enabling the DX10 preview so I’m certain that it’s the cause. Is there any way to fix this?


  13. Brett Sarbaugh says:

    Just bought the fixer but am confused on which settings I need to adjust in the AMD CCC. I have the latest version of the CCC installed. Any help would be great!

    • stevefsx says:

      Just set antialiasing setting to supersampling if your card is fast enough. Note that I have had problems with recent versions of ccc and profiles so you may need to set that in the global profile.

      Otherwise control with the fixer controller and set filtering in fsx settings

  14. Ray Nuss says:

    Any update on the road traffic causing flashing or a possible solution?

  15. Ray Nuss says:

    If I remove the fixer libraries, the flashing doesn’t occur. As I said before, it only occurs when I have DX10 enabled with the libraries installed. I don’t have any replacement textures for the vehicles. If it’s any help, the flashing seems to occur between vehicles on different roads. For example, flashing will occur between a vehicle on one road and another vehicle on another road.

  16. Ray Nuss says:

    When I removed the fixer libraries, I also disabled DX10 preview. I haven’t tried it with the libraries removed and DX10 enabled.

    I’ve only noticed the flashing during daylight hours including dusk and dawn.

    • stevefsx says:

      Yes and I wanted to know if there is any connection to the fixer ( I assume that there isn’t) removing the libraries and running in dx10preview will tell us that. Currently I have no idea what you are seeing or why. Car traffic runs on a loop on road segments so a car apparates then drives say 300-500m and then vanishes. On the next segment the same occurs. Possibly you are suffering a texture lag on loading?

  17. Ray Nuss says:

    Ok, I removed the fixer libraries, left dx10 installed…moving road traffic flashes.
    Fixer libraries AND dx10 preview disabled…no flashing.

    I’m aware that the traffic runs on a loop. I’ve seen the cars appear and disappear at the beginning and end of sections of roads. It appears that the flashing only occurs when two or more of those sections of roads with moving traffic are visible from the selected eyepoint at the same time. For example, when parked at my test airport, I can only see one section of moving traffic from the cockpit and from the spot eyepoints and no flashing is experienced. However, when I switch to the overhead view and pan out to about 45 miles, several road sections are visible and the flashing occurs. This flashing is visible as spikes radiating from traffic on one section to the traffic on another section of the roads. These spikes flash as the traffic moves along their path.
    At another airport I use for testing, there is moving road traffic on both sides of the airport and the flashing is so bad from all eyepoints, it renders the FSX menu bar unusable. If I disable moving road traffic there is no flashing and as I increase the amount of traffic, the flashing become worse.
    My results indicate that the flashing is caused by running in dx10 preview and enabling moving road traffic.

    • stevefsx says:

      It sounds like a corruption of the vertex buffers, google fsx scenery spikes. Is your driver fairly up to date? It can be caused by the gpu getting overloaded.

  18. Ross says:

    Hi, I have been trying to purchase the DX10 fixer but fastspring payment page keeps coming up with an error code http error 503, do you know when or how long till i can get your product?

  19. Holger says:

    Hi there!
    I was at aerosofts EDDF v2 and my parking system does not show at night it just shows during the day? Do you have any ideas how to solve that? I don’t get it

  20. Holger says:

    It does not happen in DX9. The known issues are not happening on my system. And I do have the most recent version

  21. Holger says:

    Here’s also a list of missing textures:
    For PMDG 747v3:
    During load of the first flight (i guess it’s other textures).

  22. Holger says:

    i switched to DX9 and the missing textures showed anyway. but i got to see the parking guidance

  23. stevefsx says:

    I wouldn’t worry about those the PMDG isnt the issue – what are you legacy settings?

  24. Holger says:

    I turned off the v2, now i got the guidance system at night. Thank you very much for your help, i guess i’ll leave it that way.

  25. Holger says:

    It’s gone again

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