DX10 Scenery Fixer

The product resolves the majority of the issues in the FSX “DX10 Preview mode” and has allowed many flight simmers to switch to DX10 and fly with shadows in their virtual cockpits.

Airports sceneries that use the FS9 SDK will no longer appear as grey and untextured at night. Similarly legacy aircraft built with older SDKs will no longer appear grey. This is shown in the composite picture above where the left hand side has DX10SF enabled. Aircraft shadows are both more accurate in placement and improved in quality.

Important note

Please ensure that FSX DX10 Preview mode performs satisfactorily on your PC before purchase. DX10 Scenery Fixer only addresses graphical issues – it does not boost performance.

Here is a pdf guide which describes the installation process and contains links to web resources on moving to DX10.  Read Me First

I do not sell directly to customers – instead DX10SceneryFixer is available from FastSpring a US based reseller below


Having purchased you will receive an email with a download link , normally within a few seconds.  If you have any problems in the payment process or do not receive the email within an hour then please contact FastSpring support using the following link:

FastSpring Support

If the issue is not resolved promptly by them then you may contact me to chase them on your behalf.

After purchase  I recommend that you follow this blog for news of any updates

502 Responses to DX10 Scenery Fixer

  1. elicohen66 says:

    Sorry.. should be: plane lights

  2. elicohen66 says:

    Runway is not legacy it is LLHZ
    and uses Israel SRTM 90m Mesh from here:
    and landclass http://www.israeli-scenery.org/released-projects/israeli-landclass-x

    In DX9 it shows black runway…
    in old DX10 it shows OK but plain lights and other graphics are badly wrong…

    In DX10 fixer the runway is gray and lights are OK, but some parts are missing.
    I also removed this airport and re installed it but no change..

    What else should I try to set or change settings?

  3. elicohen66 says:

    I purchased DX10 fixer and got my key number.
    How do I download it?

    • elicohen66 says:

      OK Got it by Email
      It sure make thing look much better!! and yet it does not fix some runways problems like missing runway heading number and missing center line …
      How do I fix it?

  4. Jack says:

    When updating to a newer version of DX10 Scenery Fixer (Payware), is it best to uninstall the older version through the Windows Uninstall first, OR just install over the existing version?

  5. Florian says:

    Hi, if i run the Scenery fixer for the first time the program gives me the option to choose between different addons that i allready use (like Rex texture)…ok but what i’ll do if i purchased a new add on for example ezdok after i’ ve fully installed and adjusted the program?

    Thank you

    Florian 🙂

    • stevefsx says:

      That’s correct, there are a handful of settings in the product that relate to other products and each is described in the manual!

      So there is one ezdok setting in the shadows dialog, one trackIR setting in the shadow dialog, one ngx setting in the shadows dialog, and three settings that relate to Asn in clouds and rain.

      In each case if you don’t have the setting set you will see something wrong in that area, shadows move, clouds flash black or rain flashes black.

      There are actually no settings about Rex, all you get is a popup telling you the settings to set inside Rex.

      As hardly anyone reads the manual before the initial install, I added the screen to which you refer. All it does is tick the related options in the dialogs. I assumed that would suffice.

      So if you buy ezdok you will see that the shadows move with eye point, so go into the shadow dialog and tick the ezdok fix.

      I guess I should perhaps add a table of these settings into the manual or at least a note as it isn’t clear as you say.

  6. Ben Dignan says:

    Hi Steve,

    I purchased this product in late August however I’ve lost the link to the email. Could you please re-send the download link so that I can once again access this prorduct?

    Thanks in advance,


  7. Marcus Holmes says:

    Hello Steve
    I am currently using version 2.7 of the fixer, if I upgrade to 3.1 will I need to uninstall 2.7 then install 3.1 or will it just overwrite 2.7 and keep my old 2.7 settings?

    • stevefsx says:

      Hello Marcus – you can just install over the top. When you launch the controller the libraries button will say Update. Just press it to install the updated libraries.

  8. Poirel Victor says:

    Hello Steve,
    i have buy Scenery Fiixer in August and lost the email adress with activation key and dowload like it’s possible to send again please?

  9. jjaallen@gmail.com says:

    I’ve purchased the product some time ago but can’t reinstall.

    Thanks Jim A

  10. elicohen66 says:

    Before I buy (or not) I tried DX10 on FSX-SE on Windows 7.
    some airplane lights and graphics disappeared… while other installed runways looked better…
    Will your program help to solve these problems?

  11. Marcus Holmes says:

    Steve do you think it will ever be possible to have cloud shadows on the ground like in P3D? I know I ask this question a good few months ago, but you did not respond.

  12. Ehud Amit-Cohen says:

    Hey Steve, I purchased the software but I didn’t recive any email from you. Thanks Ehud

  13. David Mei says:

    got it, much obliged. -d

  14. David Mei says:

    Hi Steve, I purchased but didn’t get the download email. Heard from fastspring, they said they would resend it, but still didn’t get the email. I tested my email and it’s working. thanks, Dave

  15. Michael Berthelot says:

    I successfully installed the program.. is this the latest version.?

  16. Michael Berthelot says:

    Thank you very much , great service !

  17. Michael Berthelot says:

    Thanks Steve , however at this time, the details have not arrived !

  18. Michael Berthelot says:

    Good afternoon Steve, I purchase dx10 Scenery fixer on April 26th, 2016 My name is Michael Berthelot. Had a hard drive crash and would like to reinstall and upgrade .. thanks

  19. Howard Rockliffe says:

    Hi Steve,
    I am about to embark on a brand new rebuild and want to try reinstalling your DX10 fixer. I have already paid, can’t remember where I bought it from, it wasn’t from your present source. I believe you have updated the fixer, probably since my original purchase. Do I have to buy a completely new version, or is there an upgrade option?

  20. Brad says:

    Steve I purchased your program awhile back. 2.7 version. I have the license key, but no idea where I got it. It wasn’t at the FlightSimstore and I don’t have anything from FastSpring soo…how do I get a new version? Thanks for your time.

  21. David Di Domizio says:

    Since installing your fixer I have no sound in fsx. Is there a fix for this? Thank you. David

    • stevefsx says:

      The fixer has nothing to do with sound – it change shader files which run on the GPU so there must be another cause!

      I imagine its a missing sound driver issue with directx 10 – did you test fsx in dx10 preview before purchase?

    • stevefsx says:

      try start->run enter dxdiag and have a look in the sound tabs for issues

  22. Markus Ohrmann says:

    Hello Steve, after a clean install of FSX i do not find the Email with the Downloadlink again. I purchased your programm on 15.Oktober 2015 through Paypal, -Fastspring. Full Name was markus Ohrmann. Could you send me the downloadlink again please? Thanks in Advance, Markus

  23. vin says:

    Hi Steve
    I am using FSX with parallels software on a mac.There is no graphics card. The” preview with directx 10 ” causes lot of performance issues. Will this software be useful in this case?

    • stevefsx says:

      I would doubt it. It isn’t a performance tool (performance will be similar to dx10 preview without it) and I do not know if it would even work on such an environment.

  24. rik321rikks says:

    Hello Steve, you can ignore my other messages as fastspring have resent my link.
    Richard Bowers

  25. Richard Bowers says:

    Hi Steve,
    I purchased the DX10 Fixer on the 19 august, I must have deleted the link, is there any chance you can resend it. Many Thanks

  26. Richard Bowers says:

    Hello Steve,
    I purchased the DX10 fixer on the 19 August but seem to have deleted my email link, is there any chance you can send it again. Many Thanks

  27. daniel says:

    I have been looking this product for a whlie now and it very good so i thought if u could help me please weather it will work windows 8.1 960 gsx graphic card 16gb of ram and a cpu 3.9 fm2 no good with Tec please answer would appreciate it and thank u

  28. Liegeois Joel says:

    Hello Steve, I’m sorry but I also forgot the link.
    Could you please send it again to me?
    Thanks in advance and sorry to bother you.
    Joël Liegeois

  29. Hakan Yalcinkaya says:

    Hi Steve,

    I purchased Fixer on March 5th 2015, is it possible to send me a download link?

    I purchased through Fastspring using my PayPal account.

    My Ver: 2.11.77


    Hakan Yalcinkaya

  30. Mihajlo Poznan says:

    Hi steve, wasnt able to send you an email, so could you please check for me how to recieve the link for the new version?

    I ued paypal, and fastspring, on 30.06.2016

  31. Mark says:

    Perfect! thx

  32. Mark says:

    Where can I found the new version as on Flightsimstore there is Version 3 available? Thanks!

  33. efrain says:

    Hi I just got the product but im not able to install the libraries, I keep getting an error saying you missing fx_2.bmp, what can I do to fix this please thanks.

  34. Daniel says:

    Well Steve, only one word : Génial ! Amazing software.
    It fixed all my problems on the first try. No more black squares with
    ORBX textures and got shadows in cockpit. ;-). great FPS and now
    Track IR is fast and accurate. Merci beaucoup.
    (N’Vidia GTX970 OC + N’Vidia Inspector)

  35. Marhuenda says:

    I bought the soft on FlightSim store in 2014, and now I can’t have the version 3, is it possible that you send me the link please?

    • stevefsx says:

      I cannot – you must be patient. You purchased from the Flight Sim Store so they control your license. I have sent them the new version and they are preparing the update but unfortunately it seems to be taking longer than I would have hoped. Nonetheless at some point in the near future you should be able to download v3.0 from your account there.

  36. Paul Edwards says:

    Hi Steve,

    I was (am) in the process of buying your program and just read your advice re AMD graphics cards. I have just purchased a ‘Sapphire Radeon R9- 390’ graphics card and wondering if there was still an issue with conflict. I notice you mention that it applies to cards since 2012 – but wasn’t sure how long ago you posted this warning and if issues have been resolved?

    • stevefsx says:

      Its an interesting question.

      My recent testing seems to show that using my AMD card r7-200 the latest drivers seem ok (This is after a period of almost 4 years of non working drivers).
      What I cannot tell is whether this applies to all AMD cards. My advice would be to run a few flights in FSX using DX10 preview with the water slider set to maximum setting.

  37. Emigrante says:


    Do you have any trial version in order to test it on my system, before I buy it?


    • stevefsx says:

      no but you can select DX10 preview in FSX and check that it works (with flashing runways etc)

      • Muhammad says:

        Hi Steve!
        Please tell me will Dx10 fixer fix my issue:
        My issue is
        I’ve an addon scenery called FlyTampa Dubai Rebooted v2.4
        I had no problem earlier with it
        But now, I dont know why the runways are completely grey and I cant see taxi marks while the whole city textures are normal
        my graphics settings is same as before
        problem happens in Dawn,Dusk and Night time with DX10 preview enabled (Daytime is awesome as it should)
        I was going to purchase DX10 fixer but I want to make sure

        FSX sp2 updated

      • stevefsx says:

        Yes it’s a legacy airport so the textures for the ground don’t work except during the day. The fixer will fix it, I have a copy of Dubai that fly tampa kindly gave me to test with.

  38. Mosaab Alkhateeb says:

    Hello Steve, I purchased the fixer on the 26th of february this year and seem to have lost the email containing DL and the serial. My name is Mosaab Alkhateeb and i payed through PayPal. Could you resend the email?:)

    • stevefsx says:

      I am sorry Mosaab but I cannot find an order in your name at the end of February.

      Can you supply more details to my yahoo email (its in the manual) so I can raise a call with Fastspring to look into it.
      I have searched by your name and email and examined all orders within that fortnight.

  39. Simon Clark says:

    Hello Steve.
    Like many of your loyal customers I too have lost the Email, after a repair to pc, with the link to download. Can you help.
    Simon Clark

    • stevefsx says:

      sorry for the delay – I check support emails daily to the yahoo email address but sometimes I don’t look at the blog. I can see that you downloaded the day that you posted so I guess that you contacted Fastspring and its ok ?

  40. Christian Spoerer says:


    Sorry to trouble you. I purchased the item on Nov 7th 2015, is it possible to send me a d/l link as I have lost the email.

    I purchased through Fastspring using my PayPal account

    Many thanks


  41. Deric Wan says:

    Hi Steve,

    I bought your fixer back in Oct 2015. I now have version 2.11.74. I still have the email/dl link from the purchase. The download link gave me latest version 2.11.77 but I can’t download anymore since the link is only valid for 21 days. Could you send me the latest version.

    My name is Deric Wan. I paid using paypal.

  42. Deric Wan says:

    Hi Steve,
    I bought your fixer back in Oct 2015. I still have the email/dl link. I now have version 2.11.74.
    I notice the lastest version is 2.11.77 but I can’t download anymore from the dl link because it already past 21 days.

    My name is Deric Wan, I paid thru’ paypal. Could you send me the latest version?

  43. Christopher says:

    Worked great with my Nvidia 970. Solved all of my issues!

  44. andyque says:

    Hello Steve, I purchased the fixer on the 26th of february this year and seem to have lost the email containing DL and the serial. My name is Anders Løberg and i payed through PayPal. Could you resend the email?:)

  45. Anders Nielsen says:

    I really enjoyed this program that I bought a couple of years ago from Flightsimstore, and I now have version 2.4. How do I get the latest version?
    Best Regards,

    • stevefsx says:

      Log onto flight sim store and download 2.11

      • Ahmad Rezazadeh says:

        Hi Steve’s. I’m waiting for the new version of your software. Please tell me whether is scheduled to be released this new version? Do you think the new changes in the visuals do not do it that can compete with the X- plane 10? Is this possible? Sincerely yours: Ahmad

        Sent from my Samsung device

  46. Marcus Holmes says:


    Do you think it will ever be possible to have cloud shadows on the ground with DX10 FSX?
    I know that P3D has it, and P3D was built on a FSX platform.


  47. Mark Hoffman says:


    I’ve been trying to purchase DX10 Scenery Fixer from the FastSpring site for the last several days unsuccessfully. The website keeps denying the transaction when I use my CC or PayPal accounts (both accounts are in good standing).

    The error message I keep getting is: “Order Not Accepted. We regret that your payment or order could not be accepted. There are many reasons why this might occur. We value your business and would like to help you complete this order. Please contact us for assistance.”

    Additionally, I now have 2 pending charges for the product in my CC account and 2 pending charges in my PayPal account.

    I’ve called FastSpring (got a recording directing me to email them) and sent 3 emails to no avail.

    Can you assist?

    Thanks in advance!

  48. Kallen Mario says:

    Short message from Germany!The new Amd DisplayDriver works perfect with my R9 280X.No Spikes and other Issues !I don`t no but i noticed a performance Boost.

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