DX10 Cloud Shadows

This new Add On  enhancement for Dx10 Scenery Fixer provides simple shadows for clouds.  In order to purchase you must have an installed copy of the latest build of DX10 Scenery Fixer version 3.1.  Build 97 for Fastspring, Build 96 for The Flight Sim Store.

The shadows  appear when you are above approx. 1000ft AGL – this is to avoid artefacts when landing or taking off.

The shadows are best viewed over flat or gently undulating terrain.  If flying  over mountains then may will see visual flaws and artefacts.    Note also that shadows are drawn directly underneath the cloud and so do not lengthen as the sun sinks in the sky.

You must set the scenery water slider to 2.mid or above to see the shadows.

The product is not compatible with  Reshade version 3 (although older versions are ok).

The product is compatible with FSL Spotlights v1.0 Build 26 but not earlier builds.




I do not sell directly to customers – instead DX10CloudShadows is available from FastSpring a US based reseller below


Having purchased you will receive an email with a download link , normally within a few seconds.  If you have any problems in the payment process or do not receive the email within an hour then please contact FastSpring support using the following link:

FastSpring Support

If the issue is not resolved promptly by them then you may contact me to chase them on your behalf.