This started as a blog about Microsoft Flight Simulator. As I investigated why the DX10 Preview option didn’t work properly it then became almost exclusively about improving the DX10 experience. The blog posts describing the early DX10 experiments can still be viewed in the archives.

Ultimately I released a product DX10 Scenery Fixer to address these issues and the blog is now almost exclusively about that product and its development.

To recognise this I have reorganised the blog and you can access pages about DX10SceneryFixer from the menu at the top of the page, read its reviews, learn of its functions and if you wish you can even find a link to an external site where you can purchase it.

Thanks for reading!


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  1. MjTom says:

    Today, I have tested a lot….Airport UK2000 no Problems, nice Papilights inside and outside Cockpit.
    Than I change to German Aerosoft-Airports, nice papilights outside cockpit no lights inside cockpit.
    Standart FSX-airports…no problems….papilights inside and outside cockpit.
    I changed the aircraft…no differenz.
    I made a new Folder with unzipped bgl….no results.
    So it will be only a problem with AES-Airports and a view from cockpit to outside.
    The scenery itself will not load the papilights….I must refresh the scenerey library to see them.

    • stevefsx says:

      Something isn’t right I have EDDE and EDDM.

      There isn’t some launcher resetting your scenery config when you launch FSX?

      • MjTom says:

        Today, I tested again a lot of possibilities…no chance….FSX is the winner, I give up (for this time ^^)
        @Steve: great job…thanks for the support

  2. yes, but only in day time, day light don’t work reflection water in this mission, but in other all ok, but problem is night reflection, what allowed see only moon light on the water
    doesnt try dx9 in that missions, but in other missions dx9 work like dx10 with maximum reflection slider, water just go light_gray color(night)

  3. and yes, some scenes even by day no clouds reflections, just blue water, with heazy day, but this was only once in fsx missions, where you have to rescue 2 yahtsmen:)

    • stevefsx says:

      Ok so are you saying that you don’t see reflections in one mission only? But they work normally otherwise? What happens in DX9 in that mission

  4. i founf reflection in day very low intensivity, so night no reflection could be see, no objects, no lights, no stars on the water, only moon light, it’s beauty light reflection, but no other is very bad. a chenged water animation in rex4 and water themes, all time same, check my settings, all effects maximum
    u make this game look like olmost like p3d2:) but water night reflection :(((

  5. MjTom says:

    always Problems with papilights in VC….I must refresh the scenery a few times before I can see it.
    lightfield.bgl are still in the Aerosoft-Addon-Scenery.
    Is there somethig remain to be done, please give me some input !

    • stevefsx says:

      which airport? have you unzipped the file of lightfields and placed the correct one with the airport code in the airport scenery directory?

      • MjTom says:

        yes, I unzipped and placed the correct bgl. witch Icao-code direct in the airport scenery
        (FSX-> Aerosoft-> Airport->scenery)
        All German Aerosoft-Airports……EDDK, EDDV, EDDL, EDDP, EDDF, EDDS, EDDM ……..
        It works on all Airports, but I must refresh the scenery-library once or twice.
        When I fly a Airport with now working lights again (not close the fsx) I can see the lights promptly (no referesh nessecery).

      • stevefsx says:

        That’s very puzzling – what if you create a new scenery area, place the BGLs in that and add it above all the aerosoft airports in the scenery priority order?

  6. i’m sorry, this was about right slider, but with disable same

    • Pascal-Antoin says:

      Hello Steve,

      I just installed the version 2.0 and I was trying to get the issue reolved but no luck .
      My issue what I have so far is the black screen while using the DX10 in FSX with undocked windows (for a CDU from Flightdeck Solution). I have to move the unlocked window to the CDU.

      I am running foillowing RIG:

      Intel i7 3770K
      2 * Geforce 680 GTX in SLI Mode Drive 332.21
      8 Gb RAM

      So I am really confused why it is not possible to get FSX with DX10 not running properly with undeocked windows. Many Thanks in advanve for you help.



      • stevefsx says:

        I am really sorry but I have nothing useful to say on undocking on to multiple monitors as it is not something I have done. There are several threads on AVSIM and certainly some people seem to have got it to work. Unfortunately avsim is down at the moment.

  7. real time reload flyght sometime, but i don’t use it in missions

  8. but in my system this change nothing in f-18:(

  9. Adam Banks says:

    Steve – sorry about #1 – it was a bit of a brain fart (!). Please ignore it. I got the FTX Global setting mixed up with the general Fixer lights setting. My lights are well behaved (in FTX NZNI/NZSI – neither of which use FTX Global Lights yet – I don’t think).

    As to #2 (Bloom). The sliders *do* work after all (and correctly) – on a couple of other aircraft I tried. It was just doing something very weird with the default MS C172. Go figure!

    Thanks for the #3 tip! It may be worth adding that to the docs.

    Also – you may want to point out to people that confused by terms like specular/reflectivity etc. that the bloom slider affects only the strong reflections from the sun – and not the overall surface reflectivity/shine.


  10. Peter says:

    Hey Steve! Thank you so much for your time and effort in resolving all these DX10 issues. It means a ton to us simmers. Anyway I have a question regarding some AA here…

    I followed your guide on installing the dx10 patches and making the appropriate nvidia inspector changes as well as the fsx.cfg. clicked AA on in fsx as well as the directx10 preview. Restart the sim and poof im in directx mode. Now my issue is the AA to my eye still doesnt look like it should. Im using 4x. Also, when fsx starys and the plane your going to fly is spinning around in the preview window there is absolutely no AA. For reference I am on an i7 4700k 8gigs gtx660ti. Any tips on maxin my aa and suck would be so appriciated. Thanks a million Steve

    • stevefsx says:

      There is no AA on the rotating window – that’s how Aces designed it. With DX9 you can force it on regardless with DX10 you cannot.

      The in game AA should work ok

      AA only affects the edges of things like wings – it doesn’t have anything to do with textures e.g lines painted along the plane or the panel. For those you must either mipmap the textures or use SGAA in Nvide inspector – 4 x SGAA looks fine to me.

      Check the How To doc in the Avsim DX10 Discussions forum. If you like a soft look then turn on FXAA

    • any solution about f-18 panel lost some textures?

  11. Adam Banks says:

    Steve! Firstly – congratulations on 1.4. This Fixer gets better and better!! I particularly like the reduced visibility lights (weather dependent). Simply marvellous!

    A few questions:

    1) The FTX Global light effects seem to work for all FTX regions – regardless of whether or not you have FTX Global (I haven’t). This may need to be verified and, if so, is a definite PLUS for DX10Fixer.

    2) The bloom effects. Does the Light Bloom setting (in the main FSX display options) need to be set for this to work? With the FSX setting set to OFF, moving the slider from 0 to 100% seemed to have no effect. When the FSX was set to ON, it just applies 100% regardless of the Fixer setting. Tried it on the default C172 and a couple of other aircraft. I’m sure I saw a marked (shiny) effect with earlier versions of the Fixer.

    3) I couldn’t get the lens flare (FSX) setting to do anything. I never use it anyway, but wondered of DX10 renders it obsolete.

    Fantastic work, Steve.


    • stevefsx says:

      Hi Adam,

      Thanks for the feedback. To answer your questions

      1) I don’t fully understand the question?!! The old style FTX regional lights worked OK in DX10 without DX10SF up to a point – they may have strange cutoffs and are tied to the aircraft lighting circuits but essentially they work. The DX10Compatible lights fix addresses this. The FTX global fix addresses the fact that FTX Global lights which visually look similar appear as black squares in DX10 during the day. This is somewhat complicated because Orbx have just upgraded PNW to use FTX Global lights!

      The Fog in poor visibility applies to FTX Global lights (and now PNW lights) but the new “fog all effect lights” catches the old style regional FTX lights as well

      2) Bloom is complicated. You need FSX setting ON. The reflective slider (which applies to specular materials ) didn’t work in 1.3. Insofar as I know all the bloom sliders now work to prevent the item in question being brightened. There is a second pass where the halo is applied to bright objects – as well as bloomed objects this can also catch surfaces that reflect the environment. In 1.5 I am adding a further slider to handle this.

      3) lens flare works for the sun at least but is often hidden by bloom – turn bloom off and observe

  12. Bram Stikkel says:

    Hello Steve,
    One question and one piece of info for the followers of this forum.

    The info is, that even when using five monitors at one videocard (Eyefinity 6 Radeon HD 7870) Dx10fixer works perfect. And as a matter of fact I did not expect otherwise. The one videocard is important. More than in one pc one was a problem in my setup.

    Question is: when was the release of version 1.3 ? I purchased my version sept 20 2013. Is that version 1.3 already ?
    Thanks. Bram

    • stevefsx says:

      Version 1.3 was available from 1st jan. 1.4 will be uploaded next week. the current version can be found in the product info on the fss site and when installed from the help box of dx10controller and the front page of the manual. There is also a build number which may change if I discover bugs and introduce an interim fix.

      New versions are announced with a post on this blog and a post at avsim. I intend to also announce via an email, but in the case of 1.3 the gap to 1.4 is so short that I am now waiting for 1.4. The mass email will go a week after the new version is uploaded.

  13. Fran says:

    In directx 10 with with the dx10 scenery fixer I can’t see stable the lights

  14. Fran says:

    Does it exist something in order to fix the UTX lights in directx FSX? Thank you!

  15. i got white squaers in the f-18 cabin

    • stevefsx says:

      Could you share a little more information! What are you using, the free patches? When do you see these squares? Is this the default f18?

      • i didn’t because all standart, fsx accelerator, what patches could be change this? i just don’t understand
        i use some different gauges, for f-18, but with standart model same issue, now my fsx is starting, so i have to wait 15 minut for make screensot:)
        and yes of cause this is default model of hornet, in other way i had to say about it:)
        as i remember is squares on the jetison station and on locker fire exhaust trriggers buttons, and one more button behind the alarm messages indicator-button
        well, just it

  16. Volker Tristram says:

    Thank you, Steve!
    …for both answers.
    Volker ( over and out )

  17. Volker Tristram says:

    Hrrrm! Sorry. As you will have surmised, I am happily using P3D with divers add-ons that I have from my FSX days.
    a. I am willing to try if your software runs under P3D,
    b. FSX or P3D, what about my hardware situation: would your software support my configuration?

    • stevefsx says:

      There is no real possibility of it running under p3d. Their shaders will be different and subject to change, and they support vc shadows themselves. I was able to make legacy scenery work in fsx because the implementation was partially there. I would imagine that p3d supports legacy scenery, but if they don’t then there are unlikely to be any hooks available to make it work.

      To answer your question yes 3 monitors on one gpu works in fsx dx10.

  18. Volker Tristram says:

    Hi Steve,

    I read about your product in my German FS Magazin 1/2014.
    I have P3D installed running o.k. Also, I have on my PC 3 LCD screens connected to one graphics card ( DVI, DVI, DP ). Will your software work for me?

  19. magnetite says:

    Hey Steve,

    I had a question about FSX and autogen popping. Is that something can be fixed with the shader files, or is this hard-coded into the terrain engine? Prepar3D did fix this with v2.0, so I was wondering if it was possible to do it with FSX (if not engine related, which would require the source code)?

    • stevefsx says:

      Its not fixable unfortunately. Autogen is organised per tile. When a tile is a long way you gets few trees and buildings, as it gets closer more trees and buildings are added and they pop. The drawcall batching draws all the trees in a tile in one go. Thus it’s not possible ( in the shader) to distinguish between those which have been there a long time and the new ones. It you could then you could alpha fade the new ones but you cannot. What is needed is for the core to flag the new instances but that will never occur.

  20. joshua says:

    so that’s how It worked , in windowed mode . Well that is very cool, learned something new today
    thanks for all that you have done for FSX and DX10
    have a blessed day

  21. joshua says:

    Have the DX10 fixer and is really cool was wondering I noticed the cockpit labels do not show in DX 10 mode. they did before with your free patch from avsim. do I need to re install the patch from avsim?

    • stevefsx says:

      I think you are misremembering! Cockpit labels do not work in full screen dx10, they never have and I doubt that they ever will. They work fine in windowed mode with the free patches or with dx10sf.

  22. Hi Steve,

    i have installed the dx10 fixer and everything is fine except two things..
    1) the runways and taxiways at FlyTampa LGAV (Athens airport) are black at night-dusk-dawn
    2) the lights at LCLK (Larnaca airport) are making a black shadow arround them..

    Is anything i can do to fix the problems? The LGAV problem is that concerns me the most.

    • stevefsx says:


      I don’t have either airport, but I have been told that they work “ok” but I don’t know to what extent every aspect was examined,

      A few things to try/experiment with

      A. Check the 8 bit fix is unchecked , turning the on can causes issues

      B. move the slider in the legacy shader dialog to the far left

      C. For Athens check that to see if there is an older Athens airport that is not completely uninstalled. I have seen occasions where this can cause say black untextured buildings to appear.

      If that doesn’t help ask on the fly Tampa forums – they have been very helpful to dx10ers in the past.

      Also someone with the airport may read this and offer some advice.

  23. David Phillips says:

    Hi Steve,

    I have been trying DX10 for a week to see if it will stop my OOM errors with the PMDG777 when flying into addon sceneries………….Worked a treat and encouraged me to buy your “DX10 Scenery Fixer”. I have to say I’m most impressed so far, it’s still only a few weeks but I’m loving what DX10 does to FSX.

    Thank you for all your hard work to make the DX10 Preview work properly, well as best as can be at least. Shame Microsoft didn’t finish the job in the first place!

    Thanks again, I’m very impressed.


    David Phillips.

  24. Neptune says:

    hi guys
    i have installed the version V.1.1 first i uninstall latest version as recommanded in the TUTO by steve
    secondly i delet the shader HLSL in root folder FSX
    i place my original SHADEHLSL in the root folder FSX
    Then i install DX10SceneryFixer
    i click on scenery download INSTALL and i finish by OK

    and all Appli is correct to use


    Thanks Steve for newest version 1.1

  25. patient flyer says:

    Hi Again, Steve. I posted a question of October 25 about the libraries, and so far it has gone unanswered. Please help me with this so that I might be able to straighten out my difficulties with the program. thanks.


    • stevefsx says:

      I am sorry, I replied before I don’t understand where it went.

      You really don’t need to worry about what or where they are just press install libraries and it does it all for you.

      • patient flyer says:

        Thanks, Steve. Evidently I missed the reply. Now, unfortunately, when I try to run FSX under DX10, I get a crash to desktop, so I am reluctant to try installing DX10Fixer. As you know, Paul at Avsim has been trying to help me with this, as have you. and I do appreciate it. My thinking is that I will reread all pertinent docs that I can find and see where the root of the problem may lie. Any other suggestions, are of course, appreciated. Again, Thanks.


      • stevefsx says:


        Have you downloaded the latest version from the flightsimstore it checks for more problems that can stop fsx running in dx10 mode. What conversations have you had either Paul?


      • patient flyer says:

        Hi Steve, I have not downloaded anything since the first version. I will go and take another look. As for Paul, I felt a bit guilty about bothering him with what seem to be some problems of my own making, especially installing your program before I checked to see whether FSX would work at all in DX10 mode. In the meantime, I will download the new version, take a deep breath, and let you know…thanks, again.


  26. Jérôme Dietsch says:

    With Aerosoft Héraklion X 3D Grass is horrible in DX10! is it possible to fix it or the own solution is to desactivate it?

  27. patient flyer says:

    HI Steve…since my last contact a few weeks ago, I have made no attempt to install dx10fixer….and, before I do, I have at least one question. Fixer refers to libraries and I have seen them discussed here. Just what libraries do you mean, and where do I find them within FSX? It’s a ;bit confusing…thanks…


  28. basilis203 says:

    Hello everyone.. i run FSX on a laptop with i7 2.4 gHz, 8gB RAm and a Geforce GTX 660m with 2 gB ram.
    The problem is since i use directx 10, when i fly, the cooler fan of the laptop goes crazy, without the temperature going up. The temp is always 68-71 with or without the directx 10 (with a maximum of 100)..With directx 9 is the same temp but the fan running silently.
    Notice that with dx 9, in FSX settings it “sees” my nVidia 660, but with dx 10 it sees “intel graphics hd 4000”..
    Thanks in advance!

  29. Jérôme Dietsch says:

    Hello Steve,

    There is a problem with papi on Fsdreamteam CYVR, i use DX10 Scenery fixer and sometimes papi’s are not working (no light at all). If i shutdown FSX and reload FSX it is ok but for example if after loading CYVR i change the season papi’s doesn’t work! I have the same problem with Fsdreamteam KDFW scenery. Could we fix this?
    However with Flytampa KTPA Papi’s light doesn’t work at all during the night??

  30. Jérôme Dietsch says:

    Ok Good news thanks a lot because there is so many different settings than i am lost :)!


  31. Jérôme Dietsch says:

    Ok 😦 It was very useful especially for setting the trim of 737 NGX PMDG!
    Thanks for your response! Other things could you post something on how to set up nvidia inspector with DX10 Scenery fixer because there is nothing about it in your manual!


  32. Jérôme Dietsch says:


    Since i use DX10 Scenery fixer i have lost the display of the bubbles info in the cockpit of all the planes in fsx! The box in fsx menu is checked??? Is it normal with DX10?


  33. Wayne Such says:

    Hi Steve

    Is there anyway we can fix runway lights and AI lights not flashing and way to dim, thanks again for this great tool


  34. patient flyer says:

    Since my last post, Paul at AVsim, sent me the default shader folder which I installed, also deleted the previous shaders from the users/appdata/microsoft/fsx files. Things have gotten a bit worse….CDT….I noticed that there is no d3dx10.dll in my fsx folder…I have asked Paul about this, and am posting here, too….I am usually fairly adept at working out problems, but this one has me stumped…..btw, FSX works fine when I revert back to dx9. Thanks…


    • stevefsx says:

      I am following that thread on avsim – I am not sure that pasting separate instructions here will help matters. If you can provide the info Paul asked for one of us will sort you out (hopefully)

      • Sherman Kaplan says:

        hi again, Steve. I have posted the following at Avsim..it speaks for itself..

        Paul, you and Steve have been so generous with your time and advice. I am a bit embarrassed to tell you that I am going to have to do a repair or reinstall of FSX and my basic addons of Rex and ftxg…..I am not sure what happened after my latest post. But, somehow, I get only landscape, with no aircraft in the initial boot up screen and, when I load to a saved situation, it appears more or less empty. It is as an American comedian used to say, a fine kettle of fish I have gotten myself into. Anyway, I will let you know how things turn out. Sometimes a good cleaning out is the best thing. Sort of an FSX colonic, I guess…again, thanks..


  35. patient flyer says:

    Hi Steve….and everyone….I bought the fixer today and installed it. But, now everything looks washed out, and there are some textures missing on aircraft. I saw that issue addressed in the manual, but no reference to whiteouts, there or in fact anywhere in a google search. I did take a couple of irfan screen shots as examples, but see no way to post them here. I will try to post this message on the avsim forum with the shots….in the meantime, help is appreciated. thanks…


    • stevefsx says:

      Did you test in dx10 before installing it? If not uninstall the libraries, and see if there is any difference.

      If you have white textures then that may be alpha bloom, which is 4 x greater in dx10, you can reduce lighting bloom to 25 %

      The only plane and aircraft I know to suffer from this are the bay tower van which has a dx10 setting in its menus and Bergen airport.

      • patient flyer says:

        HI Steve, I tried your suggestions, but to no avail…
        But, aside from that, I have really bollixed things….using DX10 mode, I get CDT. I have uninstalled and reinstalled my config.sys, but I am back to DX9.

        I made this mess, so it is my responsibility to fix it. But, are there things which I should add to or delete from config.sys. And, what about the shaders folder. Before starting with your program, I had been experimenting with a number of shader varieties. I wonder whether that is my core problem. Would it help to get back to the original default shaders in FSX. I think they are long gone….(yes, I should have backed them up)…if the originals are needed, can someone share them, or will I have to go back to the original installation disks and see whether I can find them. Thanks for bearing with me on this. I really to appreciate it.


  36. Adam Banks says:

    Hi Steve! I have some questions regarding the WATER SHADER. Generally, I’m trying to reduce the overall “shininess” of the water.

    1) What are the ranges of the values for Fresnel Max/Min? 0 -> 1.0?

    2) Will they accept zero values, or would that cause a divide by zero error in the maths and cause the effect to fail?

    In your updates, will you be adding a slider for overall reflection *intensity*?


    • stevefsx says:

      yes 0-1 values outside are checked for.

      Now define reflection intensity!

      If you keep the range the same and increase the Fresnel values the amount of the reflection decreases.

      1 and 1 will just give you the base colour with no reflection added.

  37. mindfulrants says:

    Question: A lot of people follow Ryan’s advise to use NVidia Inspector to optimize peformance, specifically with regards to aliasing. But in big letters at the start of the article, there is the warning that AA does not work with DX10. I am not sure exactly what is meant by that, but it is a pretty strong statement from a guy that seems to know what is talking about. Any comments?

  38. toby says:

    1. I was on approach to Sitka and saw the runway and papi lights through the mountain in the foreground.
    This didn’t happen in DX9 and yes, you shouldn’t be able to see through solid mountains 🙂
    2. Thanks
    3. Thanks
    4. It was due to the bloom effect but after reinstalling smaller REX runway lights, I’m not seeing this any more.

  39. toby says:

    Thanks for fixing a lot that was broken in DX10 Preview mode.
    Ive got a couple of questions for you after a test flight from PAPG – PASI using Tongass Fjords and Orbx PNW.
    1. Is it possible to fix runways and PAPI lights showing through terrain? ie Tongass Fjords PASI Sitka
    2. Is it possible to force SGSS or not using Nvidia Inspector (I still see shimerring fences with 4xSGSS)
    3. Is it possible to force 8xS Antialiasing – Your utility doesn’t offer this but it provides the best image quality in FSX
    4. Ground lights are very large for some reason, can I make them smaller again somehow?

    • stevefsx says:

      4. Is bloom I GuesS?

      3. is 8xS is 4x MSAA with a 1×2 SSAA. The closet you can come is to set 4x in DSF and 2 x Transparency AA in
      Nvidia COntrol panel or inspector.

      2 see above you can turn on tranparency AA yes.

      1. Should you be seeing the runway? is this a default runway that should be hidden?

  40. I noticed that is available in FlightSim Store :D, but it will be available through Simmarket??

  41. Marcos says:

    Nice Job, imppresive, thank you very much!

  42. Ranta42 says:

    Hello Steve,

    I would like to explain my research about a bug with airport and airplane lights, with specific screen display.
    Because i found very interesting clues about the bug, i try to fix it myself, and i success to fix airplane light.
    But my work for fixing airport is difficult, and maybe with your knowledge, this bug can be finally solve.

    i would like to discuss it with you by email, because i have some screeshot to explain.


  43. Bram Stikkel says:

    Hello Steve,

    What a great improvement programm you are develloping ! I am absolutely looking forward to it.
    Tonight I found something called SweetFX (see http://sweetfx.thelazy.net/?p=84). I am wondering, is this about the same you are creating, or would it work together with your software and complement it ?

    Another thing I was wondering is, will the next step after this commercial product you are now develloping, a version that makes FSX work with DirectX 11 ?

    Bram Stikkel

  44. neo says:

    Hi Steve, fantastic Job! Now i can use the FSX with more frames, better water reflections, clean runways. Everything is smoother and no more oom´s. Absolutly great! Only the UT Lights sometimes are flackering, i´ve disabled them.

    Hope you realize the fix soon 🙂

    You are the Man! Thanx a lot for this DX10 Patch

  45. James says:

    Absolute genius. Thanks so much for your hard work and dedication to vastly improving FSX. We appreciate your talent. If I could pick one thing to tweak, it would be your default opacity of the DX10 preview shadows in the virtual cockpits. It there a way for me to edit this value mayself? Thank again!

  46. Good article Jerome 🙂

  47. Jerome Zimmermann says:

    Hi there Steve,

    I was so impressed by your work that I put together a brief article on DX 10. It’s now been published online here:


    Thanks again for all your hard work!



  48. Bill Honcoop says:

    Hello Steve
    I am now a dx10ee , all thanks to you ! I love it and now my mind is wandering all over teh place with ideas. Here;s one.
    I have tried my hand at making a decent heat shimmer but really, they all suck. Some more than others. My thoughts are: In order to make a really believable heat shimmer we need, well a heat shimmer effect. Since FSX is limited I needed to think outside the box, or would you say it with me, “outside the PC” litteraly.
    So,………Record a video of a heat shimmer behind a jet, Create an object of that video that can be placed in FSX via a scenery object placer. Then that can be looped and played from a networked PC. I couldn’t even begin to fathom the method that would have to be invented to do such a thing, but I bet you could !
    The same thing might be done with ground heat shimmer so that looking across the tarmac you would see the same effect only larger and more subtle.

  49. rickie72 says:

    Hi Steve, I just found your pages here referred by Tom Tsui and I like what I am reading but am much confused about DX9 vs DX10. Do I need to get DX10 or do I have it. I know there is a DX10 check box in the FSX settings, but in the past when I checked that some textures on add on airplanes would not show up. What I do like in reading your pages is about blinking runways. When I view runways from a distance all the lines do blink or just seem dotted or disoriented in I guess DX9 that I “guess” I am using now. So, are you saying to check the DX10 box and then move on from there with the tweaks or what?

  50. Charles says:

    Hi Steve.

    Any chance you could look at the overly bright white lines of runways? They practically glow in both DX10 and DX9. A softer off white would be nice. If there is a way to do it myself, a clue would be cool. 🙂


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