Version 5.2

There is a new 5.2 version available from the Fastspring website.  

 This is a fairly minor update to 5.0/5.1 as follows

  • Recognises and supports new Steam Beta release  
  • Slight GUI redesign and changes to installation prompts
  • Bug fix for nav lights and beacons which were not shining on aircraft surfaces 

It is now available to all fastspring customers.

For old flight sim store customers the upgrade is available via cloud shadows.

i have also uploaded a revised cloud shadows version (3.0) which can patch installed FSS 3.4 systems (or the replacement 3.4 installer that I have provided on request) to version 5.2

Version 5.0 provided the following improvements:

  • Improvements to legacy scenery which should now be nearly 100% accurate.  All the minor  issues with aes-lite trains and buses have been sorted.
  • Workaround for occasional water white flashes
  • Workaround to provide full screen tooltips.
  • Dialog simplifications 
  • Minor bugfixes

About stevefsx

I don't use FSX that much. But I am very annoyed when it doesn't work properly!
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2 Responses to Version 5.2

  1. adamski123 says:

    Steve! I couldn’t find a way to PM you, so stuck it here – though I don’t think it’s *entirely* out of place (!).

    Just to say thanks for your wonderful “little” utility – which has given me countless hours of pleasure. I got suckered into XP11 (though I still use P3D) … no room on my HD so, sadly, FSX had to go. Shame – as (with your shaders) I think it has the best skies, terrain and water of all of them.

    I’m keeping the DX10 Fixer Guide where it is ( but can’t really support it beyond that now. FSX is still popular, so Iwish you and all its users all the very best!


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