DX10 Scenery Fixer Version 5

There is a new 5.0 version available from the Fastspring website.  

 This release has

  • Improvements to legacy scenery which should now be nearly 100% accurate.  All the minor  issues with aes-lite trains and buses have been sorted.
  • Workaround for occasional water white flashes
  • Workaround to provide full screen tooltips.
  • Dialog simplifications 
  • Minor bugfixes

It is now available to all fastspring customers.

For old flight sim store customers the upgrade is available via cloud shadows.

i will upload a revised cloud shadows version shortly which can patch installed FSS 3.4 systems (or the replacement 3.4 installer that I have provided on request) to version 5.


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I don't use FSX that much. But I am very annoyed when it doesn't work properly!
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14 Responses to DX10 Scenery Fixer Version 5

  1. Carlyle Sharpe says:

    I thought I had downloaded your new version 5, but apparently I had not! (Sometimes they go to my quarantine.) Could I get a reset link to perform the download?



  2. Jean-Marie CHARDES says:

    I am very disappointed, I think there is a problem with my email. There are domains from where I do not receive mail, I reported this to my provider but without success. Can you try this address ? Thank’s

  3. Dennis Dionisios says:

    Hi there, please send me the link so I can download it. I’m looking forward to your reply. My best regards.

  4. Jean-Marie CHARDES says:

    The problem, I had deleted the email accidentally. I downloaded version 4.0. However I did not receive your email yesterday. I am sorry. Can you try again? Thank’s!

  5. Grzegorz Maćkowiak says:

    Hello. Less than two years ago I bought a dx10 scenery fixer from you. I accidentally uninstalled and don’t know how to recover. My account is no longer in the flight sim store for an unknown reason. How do I get the link back? Thank you.

    • stevefsx says:

      Hi you purchased from fastspring not the flight sim store. They have located your order and resent you the details including the download link, hopefully that is all that you need.

      • Grzegorz Maćkowiak says:

        Thank you for your help. Indeed, this is not a flight sim store. Thanks again and best regards.

  6. Jean-Marie CHARDES says:

    I can’t get the update from fastspring…It is quite boring! What is the method, please. Thank’s

    • stevefsx says:

      When you purchased it you were sent an email with the download link and an explanation that the same link would download updates.
      You need to open the email and click on the link. If you have lost it then i can resend it to you.

      • Jen-Marie CHARDES says:

        Yes, i lost it.I have only the Key and the identification number of the order. I bought the software on 2017-12-29.

      • stevefsx says:

        I don’t follow – I can see that you used the download link last week, so you must have it. What isn’t working? I have resent you the email anyway

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