DX10 Scenery Fixer 3.5


There is a new 3.5 version available from the FastSpring website.

The release contains an improvement for handling reflections in legacy “portover” aircraft.   This can help for example with aircraft which had largely opaque windows in DX10. There is a option in the Legacy Dialog to enable this new feature

Aircraft that I know benefit from this are

  • Rick Piper’s Chipmunk – the dirty marks incorrectly shown on glass in the VC view are removed
  • Rick Piper’s Foxbat –   overly strong reflections which obscure view out of VC windows are now faint as in DX9.
  • Flight Replicas Me109 – glass is no longer near opaque
  • Milton Shupe’s Dash 7 – Propeller boss is now black as intended and not chrome.

As with any legacy “fix”  there is always a  possibility that this could negatively impact other aircraft and sceneries – for instance the first attempt at this fix blanked out the displays in the Real Air Lancair Legacy (note that this has been addressed).

I have tried to send this update to the Flight Sim Store but so far I have had no reply – I am aware that other vendors have reported communication issues of late.  Its worth noting that if you have purchased/or purchase the Cloud Shadows Addon then the latest version (1.10) will patch the last version available from the Flight Sim Store (3.4)  to version 3.5 granting access to the new feature.

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7 Responses to DX10 Scenery Fixer 3.5

  1. Lorenz Müller says:

    Hello Steve, thank you for your quick response and the Fixer 3.5.
    Great sevice, that makes flying and your support fun.
    Kind regards

  2. Lorenz Müller says:

    Hallo Steve,herzlichen Dank für deine schnelle Antwort und den Fixer 3,5.
    Toller sevice, so macht das Fliegen und dein Support spass.
    Freundlche Grüsse

  3. Edward Harland says:

    Hi Steve,

    In your comment concerning the update to Fixer 3.5 you mentioned an update to the Cloud Shadows Addon (ver 1.10). The only post you show on your webpage is Ver 1.9. Is this a new update along with Fixer 3.5?


    • stevefsx says:

      Yes, but. as it’s only purpose is to align flight sim store customers with the fixer 3.5 and it makes no changes to cloud shadows Itself i haven’t made a big thing of it.

  4. Lorenz Müller says:

    Hello Steve,
    it’s always the same, I can not make an uploud on your page please send me the Fixer 3.5 directly.
    thank you very much

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