DX10 Cloud Shadows 1.9

There is a new version 1.9

Changes/Fixes are:

  1. Prior to 1.9 if the dll.xml contained multi byte characters – e.g in a path to an addon – then installing the libraries could corrupt this.

  2. If flying over a desert and looking down such that no water is visible then cloud shadows cease to be updated as FSX does not generate a water reflection map in these circumstances.
    What then happens is that the shadows move with the viewpoint. Unfortunately there is no complete fix for this, however in 1.9 the shadows are hidden in this situation which is less visually distracting.

Note: You can download 1.9 using the same download link (i.e URL) that you were sent when you purchased Cloud Shadows – you do not need a new one to get 1.9.   

The download URL will work for 3 weeks – so until about the 18th May.  If you do not download before then then just ask and I will reset the download for you. Even then it will still be the same download link!

If you have lost the download link then just ask and I will resend it to you.


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I don't use FSX that much. But I am very annoyed when it doesn't work properly!
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12 Responses to DX10 Cloud Shadows 1.9

  1. Yury Dokuchaev says:

    Hello Steve, please send me the Uptate version 1.9. I not have link an url.

  2. Mark Normington says:

    Can you please send me the new url for downloading dx10 cloud shadows 1.9

  3. Lorenz Mueller says:

    Hello Steve, please send me the Uptate version 1.9 my URL is no longer active. friendly greetings:-) Lorenz Müller

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