Version 3.3

Version 3.3 of DX10 Scenery Fixer is available.

The release is already loaded up to Fastspring and the Flight Sim Store have built their installer and should be uploading it within the next day or so.

The release consists of a collection of customer requests that I have received over the past few months.

Aerosoft Zurich V2″Fix”

The Transparency V2 option in the Legacy dialog which generally gives the best solution for legacy airports was causing black markings on the taxiways at Zurich V2. The “fix” deals with this so you can now use V2 Transparency with this airport.


Tree Lighting Slider
A customer contacted me to say that he liked the Tree Lighting feature which adjusts the lighting of trees when the sun is low in the sky but felt that the effect was too strong. I have added a slider which changes the strength of the feature.



Shadowing of Backlit MFDs
Another customer complained that the white text on the MFDs) became hard to read when looking towards the sun. The reason was that the text was being dimmed by the VC shadowing, which is not how illuminated displays work in real life. I have added a new feature to disable the shadowing of MFDs in certain aircraft (it all depends on how the MFD is implemented)

This improvement is known to work with the PMDG 737NGX and FSL A320X.


Flightport Aircraft

Another customer reported some issues with the Flightport Cessna Soloy which showed black squares around some controls. Investigation showed that this caused by some ” surface normals” which were broken in some way in the model. I have added a test into the logic to prevent these normal causing the graphical issues that were seen.


FSX Directory Override

When you installer the fixer libraries you have to specify the path to your FSX installation. You cannot subsequently change this whilst the libraries are installed. This is to ensure that the fixer knows the state of the installation and so can revert changes accurately if e.g the libraries are uninstalled. If for any reason you want to switch the fixer to another installation or move your fsx installation then you must uninstall the libraries first, change the path and then re8install the libraries.

Occasionally customers make a mistake and find that the fixer thinks that they have the libraries installed but that they cannot uninstall because the path is invalid.

Over the last few release I have added many extra checks into the fixer to assist in these scenarios – e.g it now checks that the directory is valid at startup for instance by looking for fsx.exe – if it cannot find it then the installation path is blanked and can be changed.


However to make sure that there are no holes left I have added a new override option into the preferences.



If you tick the Emergency change then all checks are disabled and you can enter a new FSX path. Please only do this as a last resort!






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I don't use FSX that much. But I am very annoyed when it doesn't work properly!
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48 Responses to Version 3.3

  1. Hi Steve,
    Somehow fastspring link is not working anymore, what should I do?
    Thank you

  2. Guillaume says:

    Hi Steve,

    Thanks for DX10Fixer, a must have for any serious simmer.
    BTW, is there a way to be warned when a new version is released (or a link in the “About” ?)


    • stevefsx says:

      If you follow this blog then there is a post whenever there is an update otherwise if you register at avsim you can follow the support forum there.

  3. Petteri Pulkkinen says:

    Please send me the link for the new version too

  4. mike ryder says:

    I’m having an issue with some effects when using DX10 fixer…no wheel smoke at touch down…and intermittent dirt effect when on unpaved surfaces…any ideas?

    • stevefsx says:

      Does this occur with default Cessna and standard effects? Did you convert effects and if so at what level? Anything in diagnostics in the controller?

  5. John watts says:

    All works mighty fine thank you Steve.
    Sim has new lease of life- cockpit shadows on my digital aviation Cheyenne and cloud shadows are a treat!

    • stevefsx says:

      How is the spray effect? Send it to my support email address if there is any issue and I will try and find time to take a look .

  6. john watts says:

    Thank you Steve,
    I can see on Orbx forums that no one is reporting Sumburgh lighthouse problems therefore that you fixer deals with the lighting problem as it does with the other light probs in DX10.
    I dont expect you to spend any time on my fx_wtrspray_m issue as it wont affect hardly anyone but i add it via xml to my freeware scenery for eye candy.. What i,ll do is, get fixer (as im a lifelong fiddler!) and report back.
    For Info- Effect lasts 1sec instead of 3secs and i would guess is not using some textures? these may be =fx_1bmp,fx_2 bmp and fx_3bmp as these are the textures used.
    Thanks again.

  7. John watts says:

    Hello Steve, on the verge of purchase but in preview- I get – orbx Sumburgh , lighthouse light not shining(probably fixed in fixer? )and also more importantly as I do freeware scenery- “water spray.fx” not displaying properly in dx10 but great in dx9 . Effect seems sharp and hopelessly truncated ?

    • stevefsx says:

      Sorry you will have to ask someone with orbx sumburgh – I have orbx Scotland only.

      What is wrong with spray exactly – do you have a missing texture?

  8. bleekemolen says:

    Hi Steve, stupid, but cann`t find the download url which I need to update DX10 Fixer. If you`ll be so kind to send me a new one, I`ll be be very happy,


  9. TallTanBarbie says:

    Hi Steve — I ordered from Fast Spring — how do I get the 3.3 version?

  10. Damon Morrison says:

    Couldn’t find anything on flight sim store. Can you send the link?

    • stevefsx says:

      You need to log on to your account there if that is where you bought it. If you have forgotten your details contact their support who will recover it for you. I cannot create a flight sim store wrapper.

  11. Tap says:

    Hello Steve
    Can you send me the url link for v3.3. Be careful, I need a version without internet.
    Thank you.
    Best regards.

  12. raz0r72 says:

    Hello Steve
    Please send me the url link for v3.3

  13. arcadius1962 says:

    Thank you for your reply. The program is working great. Regards, Arek.

  14. arcadius1962 says:

    Hi! I bought DX10 Scenery Fixer (PayPal 16.05.2017). What next? I didn’t get the link downloadable with the licence (sorry for my English :-)). Cheers.

  15. Gary Colling says:

    Dear Steve, if you could send the download link. Many thanks

  16. Thomas says:

    Dear Steve, I lost my download link to …Please send me the Link again

    Thank You

  17. Hypofx says:

    Hi Stevie,
    Just simply install the new or i should uninstall the old one ?

  18. PS74 says:

    Good morning to your Sir! is it possible to get a new download link? as many other people here I guess I lost it. Thank you very much!

  19. Lee Jin Yeol says:

    Dear Steve, I lost my download link.Thank you very much for answer in advance
    Your purchase history and the email address you received at the time. I ask you to receive it again.

  20. Bartek says:

    Dear Steve, If I lost my download link is any change to upgrade my version to latest (3.3)? Thank you very much for answer in advance

  21. Lorenz Mueller says:

    Dear Steve, Unfortunately I lost the download URL. Please send it to me. Best regards View Profile

  22. John Funnell says:

    Hi Steve, just checked Flight Sim Store and they still have version 3.2.2 for download, any idea when V3.3 will be available?

  23. Lorenz Mueller says:

    Dear Steve, Please send me the version 3.3 DX10. With best thanks and kind regards View Profile

    • stevefsx says:

      You just use the download url that you received when you purchases the fixer – it will download the latest version. If you have lost it let me know and I will resend it to you.

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