DX10 Cloud Shadows V1.5

Ok – this is now the third release in January!

In my defence none of the releases broke anything that was previously working – so they are continual improvements (honest).

This fixes the following assorted issues reported over the last week or so.

  • CTD on exit – impacted a handful of customers (3 in fact)
  • CTD on launch of flight with Volume Shadows turned on in FSX and Disable Volume Shadows set in Fixer (1 customer)
  • METARs feature not applied to autogen (or water)

Just download the zip file and run the installer. There are some installation notes in the zip file as well.

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I don't use FSX that much. But I am very annoyed when it doesn't work properly!
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11 Responses to DX10 Cloud Shadows V1.5

  1. John Haley says:

    Well after another 5 flights, I reinstalled this latest version, and I’m having the same problem when cycling through external views. Weird. As soon as I uninstall the program, the problem disappears. If I run FSX with the same water settings and self reflection with the aircraft without the cloud reflection, I don’t have issues.

    • stevefsx says:

      John I have sent you an email – this isn’t the best way for support as I find it hard to find and look at everything that you posted before

  2. Marcus Holmes says:

    Steve thanks for all your hard work with getting the cloud shadows done,,, look great. I was wonder do you think it would ever be possible to have volumetric fog like in P3D?

  3. Selah McCalmon says:

    Hi Steve, I was wondering if in the future ; will the clouds cast shadows onto the aircraft ?

  4. David Fairhurst says:

    Ok, Steve, thank for the reply. The improvements to the visuals in general far outweigh this minor issue.

  5. David Fairhurst says:

    Hi Steve,
    Thank you for Cloud Shadows 1.5. It makes FSX look beautiful.
    I have some feedback. In broken cloud conditions, where there are bright areas and shadows on the landscape, when descending, the METAR shading can darken the bright areas quite agressively. (although the transition is very smooth).
    Would tuning the METAR controlled shading factor so that it gets slightly less dark be warranted, or perhaps weighting the shading more or less for certain METARS? I do understand this is subjective though and I do actually like the darker shading when cloud coverage is higher.
    Depending on how it works, maybe a user controllable slider could set the METAR shading intensity?
    A final question, is the METAR shading related to the land/water shadow intensity settings or separate from them?
    Thanks again. Dave.

    • stevefsx says:

      Thanks for the feedback Dave. Yes the METAR shading should be influenced by the sliders. I will consider your points, its an area I have thought about.

      • David Fairhurst says:

        I have noticed something else. The darkening of hill tops and hill sides when there aren’t any clouds nearby. Below the hill top/side the ground is bright. The plane can be some distance horizontally away from the hill. It doesn’t need to be over it
        This seems to me to be the METAR shading that is being applied beause the hill top/side is within 1000 feet of the plane’s altitude, but it is only being applied in a band relative to the planes altitude. If I descend the dark area moves down the hill. If i ascend it moves up.
        This is in FSX.

      • stevefsx says:

        Yes that sounds the behaviour I would expect to be honest. As I make clear the quality in hills and mountains viewed from a flat angle is always going to be less than ideal.

        The metars feature isn’t a fix for that, it just replaces sun with an average shading. If you try in overcast without metars you will see the reverse issue.

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