DX10 Cloud Shadows V1.4

The shading of autogen wasn’t working in 1.3 so here is a new build (1.4) with it working.

Just use the download URL you were sent when you purchased to get the new version.

Note:  It should update all previous versions of cloud shadows – however I have a slight concern that you might get an error if you downloaded 1.3 on the morning it was released.  If this happens (it probably won’t)  then drop me an email and I will explain how to resolve it.

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I don't use FSX that much. But I am very annoyed when it doesn't work properly!
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22 Responses to DX10 Cloud Shadows V1.4

  1. John Haley says:

    Maybe I’ll give 1.5 a try for this last leg and report back.

  2. John Haley says:

    Winnipeg to Minneapolis completed without issue. Last leg is Minneapolis back to Montreal, I’ll let you know. Cloud fixer is still not installed.

  3. John Haley says:

    First flight with 1) Aircraft casts shadow on self and 2) Water effects: mid 2x was flawless. Montreal to Winnipeg without issues. Cloud fixer is not installed. Tonight, I’m doing Winnipeg to Minneapolis. Let you know.

  4. Markus says:

    First – thank you for getting autogen shading right. It’s a real pleasure now flying in cloudy conditions.

    One question: what kind of terrain and weather should I use to properly adjust the cloud darkness over terrain? I observed that hilly / mountainous terrain gets a general light shade thus avoiding artifacts with cloud shadows which see to be invisible there. Also, there seem to be less pronounced cloud shadows in hazy weather with low sun.
    Am I correct assuming that flying over completely flat terrain with the “fair weather” theme on a summer noon should be the correct setting for adjustment of maximum darkness of the cloud shadows?

  5. David Fairhurst says:

    Hi Steve,
    I’m using DX10 Cloud Shadows 1.4.
    I’m very impressed with Cloud Shadows, but there appears to be an issue.
    When descending below 1000 feet with METAR shading turned on, if the ground is called to darken, the autogen on it (at least what I have observed) does not, making things like trees standout distractingly on the darker background.
    I’m using FTX global textures. Lighter ground textures (with light coloured trees) darken in clody conditions (a good effect – I like and appreciate this), but the trees remain bright, making things look very odd.
    Autogen darkening in cloud shadows when the plane is above 1000 feet does work correctly.
    Is this an known issue or do I have a unique problem?
    I really like the METAR shading. It has the potential to create a suitably sullen atmosphere beneath an overcast, so I’d love it to work fully.
    Thank you,

  6. John Haley says:

    GTX 980, 4GB – No problems with boxed FSX and I’ve been running it for ages now.
    I’ll test things out and let you know.


  7. John Haley says:

    Thanks Steve, I’m at a complete loss to explain it, but if I uninstall the cloud fixer, FSX is fine. As soon as I install it and change two things that the diagnostic program calls for, I have problems.

    1) Aircraft casts shadow on self: was not checked in my original setup, but checked as recommended.
    2) Water effects: my original setup was low 2.x, but diagnostic calls for at least mid 2.x

    I have not tried the cloud fixer without making the adjustments within the sim. What’s happening is that when I press the “s” key to cycle exterior views, the screen goes black, the program resolution drops to a very low resolution setting. I have to restart the computer to recover. To me, that doesn’t sound like something that should be happening as a result of installing cloud fixer.

    When I purchased and installed the cloud fixer, the DX10 fixer told me that I had to upgrade the program. So I did that. But I wonder if I need to uninstall everything, reinstall and try a new config.

    Appreciate your help.


    • stevefsx says:

      What model gpu do you have and how much memory does it have?

      Then do the following.

      With cloud shadows not installed, make the two changes to fsx.cfg and test if they are the issue.

  8. John Haley says:

    Does the cloud fixer or dx10 fixer add DX10SF_dll.xml and/or DX10SFX_dll.xml to FSX? I’m having some CTD’s after upgrading to the latest version of the fixer and installing the cloud fixer. Trying to track it down. Problem started after I made the changes with these two programs.

    • stevefsx says:

      Those are backup copies of the fsx dll.xml file taken before the fixer simconnect library was added. They don’t do anything.

      In which library is the CTD and when?

  9. FSX SERVICE says:

    Hi steve
    The cloud shadows moving annoyingly from inside the cockpit Boeing 737

  10. Pndiongue says:

    I came to update the lastest DX10 fixer (from the link when i did the purchase) and I cannot figure out how to download the Cloud Shadows. Can you help me please? Thanks

    • stevefsx says:

      Hi, its an optional addon that you can buy (should you wish to) using the purchase menu.

    • Pndiongue says:

      Unless you are 100% confident that there are no bug anymore (CTD), I am afraid to purchase it. I just want to make sure that it will work properly without problem as for the Scenery Fixer.

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