DX10 Cloud Shadows 1.3

There is a new version of Cloud Shadows available. The new version is delivered as a zip file with installation instructions.

The process should be straightforward, update to Version 3.2 of DX10SceneryFixer if you have not already done so and then run the Cloud Shadows installer to update your existing cloud shadows installation.

Issues Resolved

  1. At dawn and dusk shadows would move excessively if the aircraft altitude was changed.
  2. On hillsides a sharp shadow line would sometimes be seen

New Feature

  1. There is a new option to use the cloud coverage from METARs for lighting when clouds are hidden – e.g. at low altitude. This reduces the change in lighting when landing and taking off.

The release was also meant to shade autogen but that isn’t working so will now be in 1.4

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4 Responses to DX10 Cloud Shadows 1.3

  1. stevefsx says:

    Note: one person has reported an issue after the update with a CTD in weather.dll – its not clear to me if there is any connection

  2. mike says:

    Where is the link to update PL?
    how do I get the ZIP?

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