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DX10 Cloud Shadows V1.5

Ok – this is now the third release in January! In my defence none of the releases broke anything that was previously working – so they are continual improvements (honest). This fixes the following assorted issues reported over the last … Continue reading

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DX10 Cloud Shadows V1.4

The shading of autogen wasn’t working in 1.3 so here is a new build (1.4) with it working. Just use the download URL you were sent when you purchased to get the new version. Note:  It should update all previous … Continue reading

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DX10 Cloud Shadows 1.3

There is a new version of Cloud Shadows available. The new version is delivered as a zip file with installation instructions. The process should be straightforward, update to Version 3.2 of DX10SceneryFixer if you have not already done so and … Continue reading

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