DX10 Cloud Shadows


I have created an add on product for DX10SceneryFixer  which provides simple cloud shadows.

It is described in more detail  here  DX10 Cloud Shadows.

Please note that this is an add on and you will also need a valid copy of DX10SceneryFixer for it to work.






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I don't use FSX that much. But I am very annoyed when it doesn't work properly!
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  1. Andrea says:

    Hi Steve,
    I have just bought and installed the cloud shadows addon. When I quit FSX, it crash tough. I tried to uninstall the libraries update from the fixer and now it works fine, but i don’t have the clouds obviously. The only thing I can say is that when I installed the addon a dialog window said “Installation complete” but another one opened saying the program was not correctly installed (I pressed the button “correctly installed”; infact in the sim I was able to see the shadows after launching it). Any idea? I would like to have the shadows but not having the game crashing when I quit. Thanks in advance and marry christmas to you and your family

  2. Bluebear says:

    I have also installed the FS Labs Spotlights from the Concorde, but no problem
    in this context.

  3. Bluebear says:

    Hi Steve,
    Thanks for the long desired cloud shadows.
    I have installed reshade, shade, rex soft clouds your DX10 fixer 3.1
    and your cloud shadows addon, all work together without problems.
    I’ve only ignored the dll warning while install DX10 fixer 3.1 .
    the result shown in my post :


  4. Stuart Hyett says:

    BTW, as you know I am one that has had diffilculty in not seeing the cloud shadows (per posts on forum), just to let you know I DONT have FS Labs Spotlights installed and never have had.


  5. Greg says:

    Holy cow. HOLY COW. Cloud shadows is one of the key selling points for Prepar3D for me, but I’m tired of having to trade off those features for some of my favorite aircraft that aren’t compatible with P3D. I can’t wait for this to get back on the market and give it a shot. Here’s to hoping it proves to be stable and such!

    • Jamal says:

      I have been flying with the new add on since it was released, and I can tell you it is absolutely amazing! This is the best FS add on this year in my opinion.

      I only fly FSX with ReShade, but it is not compatible with the version 3 (I use ReShade 0.19). However it works perfect with the older legacy ReShade builds. Cloud Shadows with reshade’s HDR Shader turned on is AMAZING!

  6. Stephan Ziegler says:

    Is it possible that Cloud-Shadows affect Landing-lights on the B737?
    It turns on and off at the way to the runway 😦

  7. Hypofx says:

    Great stuff, want to buy it DX10 fix made a whole new sim for me 🙂 What do you thik when the product will be back ?

    • stevefsx says:

      @hypo – don’t know! There is a fairly complex bug to fix (almost done) and then a few customers for whom it doesn’t work at all each of which needs an investigation.
      I would think a week or 10 days at the outside.

      • Hypofx says:

        No hurry Steve 🙂 When its done,done. I will buy:) Cant wait your Dx10 fix already a must have for me so i can wait few more days to get cloud shadows:) Thanks for your reply

  8. Robert Leurs says:

    Hi again Steve,
    It works in the Cessna cockpit view. I had only tried it with the A2A J3 Cub before that. Does it not work with third party aircraft, even if they have VC shadows?

    • stevefsx says:

      It works with all aircraft provided they have VC shadows enabled. To enable VC shadows with an aircraft where it is disabled by default (such as the a2a pup) then either use the dx10 toolbox or (recommended) add a ForceVCShadowMap entry to fsx.cfg. Refer to the fixer manual for instructions

  9. Frits Beyer says:

    Steve i did Singapore to Doha PMDG B777-300ER 7h24 and the shadows look amazing,no frame impact,thanks!

  10. Robert Leurs says:

    Hi Steve,

    Am enjoying the cloud shadows in FSX. However, they only appear in external view, not in cockpit view. Is that how it should be and, if so, will the planned future addon provide that?

    • stevefsx says:

      They should appear in both, are you seeing VC shadows in the aircraft? Try a stock aircraft such as the Cessna and report back.

      • Robert Leurs says:

        Will try a Cessna now and let you know. It was not working from my A2A J3 Cub. Should the shadow effects work in the cockpit views of third party aircraft that have VC shadows?

  11. Stephan Ziegler says:

    Hi Steve,

    thats what I see when I close FSX

  12. Stephan Ziegler says:

    Hello Steve,

    it works fine, but I got always a errormessage that FSX had a problem with the dx10simc.dll after I close the FSX.

    Thats not a big thing, everthings works fine when I start again.

  13. t7pilot says:

    Hello Steve,

    I purchased the DX10 Fixer back last year and looking to see if I could get the download link to the new edition with the cloud shadows?


  14. Stuart Hyett says:

    Just installed the Clouds Shadow addon and upgraded library and entered licence key.

    Loaded FSX at Oslo.
    Ensured Aircraft self shadow ticked.
    set weather to fair weather cumulus,
    set water slider to mid 2,
    slewed to 3000 ft and then unslewed the sim.
    Plenty of cumulus clouds but I cant see any shadows at all! Am I missing something?

    Other addons being used: FTX Norway, AoN Airports Ezdok, Rex Soft Clouds.

    Any advise to get this working?

    • stevefsx says:

      Which aircraft? How many monitors? Have you got the fixer v 3.1?

    • Jamal says:

      I use reshade with the DX10Fixer so that I can get HDR post processing, however the cloud shadows are not working with reshade, I can only see them if I remove the reshade dxig.dll file from the FSX folder that reshade installs.

      Kind of a bummer, I really had hoped that it would be possiable to have reshade and cloud shadows.

      Are there any plans to make this compatible with reshade?

      • stevefsx says:

        I wasn’t aware that there was an incompatibility, I will look at it, but it may not be possible to fix it.

      • Jamal says:

        I can confirm that the Add On does work with the legacy Reshade builds. I’m using the following and the cloud shadows look absolutely beautiful.

        FSX Steam
        AS16 with ASCA
        (ReShade 0.19.2 SweetFX 2.0)

        Note: The only version 3..or higher was the only version of ReShade that appears not to work with the addon.

    • Thomas Mueller says:

      I have also installed the addon and I also see no Cloud Shadows. I have also Rex Soft Clouds. Is it not compatible with Rex Soft Clouds?

      • stevefsx says:

        Thomas, can you send me an email to the yahoo support email. There is no issue with Rex Soft Clouds, Stuart had an issue with one aircraft only, shadows are working for him otherwise.

        Can you confirm. Which aircraft you were using and what altitude. Do you have Reshade installed (which isn’t compatible it seems). What is your water slider set to – do you see VC shadows in the aircraft you were flying. Was the game paused – did you slew to altitude? Do you have fixer 3.1? If you run the controller and go into the Addons Dialog do you see both sliders?

  15. FSX SERVICE says:

    It has experience with the improvement in the scene in harmony with sunset shadows away from the complexity that we see we need

  16. FSX SERVICE says:

    Mr. Steve


    been buying the product came to me and Emil purchase but I have not got the download link !

  17. mike N404 says:

    “Simple cloud shadows” is a remarkable achievement.
    I was secretly hoping for that but you managed to do it.
    Installation was super easy an adjustment is clear and obvious,
    I don’t have noticeable performance impact on my system.
    Just amazing visuals.
    Thank you again.

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