Lionheart Creations TB21

Several customers recently contacted me about this newly launched aircraft that they had purchased.

They had found when trying DX10 that the windows in the VC cockpit showed distracting black lines as shown below.

Now although Lionheart do not support this aircraft in DX10 ( and state so on their web page!) Bill Ortis very kindly provided with a copy to look at. The problem appears to be that the internal windows are using custom reflection texture and this isn’t quite in the format that FSX expects. (It is not a cubemap created with DrTex). The FSX DX10 Engine is then substituting its dark fallback texture which appears as shown.

Fortunately there is a very simple workaround which is to swap this texture for the default FSX reflection texture as follows:

In the directory <fsx dir>\SimObjects\Airplanes\LHC_Trinidad_TB21GT\texture

1)  Rename the texture  to something else e.g.

In the directory <fsx_dir>\Texture

2)  Create a copy of the texture

3) Rename that copy to be called   (DO NOT rename the original!!!)

With that simple change your TB21 should now look like this in DX10.

This is with DX10 Scenery Fixer options HD Shadows, Force VC Walls, Colour Toning options turned on

If you want to purchase this fine aircraft then you can read more here Lionheart WebSite TB21

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2 Responses to Lionheart Creations TB21

  1. GordN says:

    Thank you! I was holding off buying because of this!

    I did buy the JG but, can never have too many Tobagos!

  2. Leland Hansen says:

    Great customer support. Thanks

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