Version 3.0 Available

Version 3.0 of DX10 Scenery Fixer is now available from  FastSpring  for new  and existing customers.  It is also available to existing customer from The Flight Sim Store.

If you purchased from FastSpring then the download link that you received by email when you purchased should become valid again and allow you to download the new version.

If you have lost your download link then send me an email to the stevefsx email address at yahoo and I will sort it out.

If you purchased from the Flight Sim Store  then log onto your account there to download the updated version.

3.0 Changes are

  • Several fog improvements and fixes.
  • Added fogging of the Sun!
  • Fixed a bug whereby the Axis fix stopped high level clouds being fogged.
  • Improved the fogging of taxiways in dense fog when they could appear blue!
  • Ignore effects.cfg file when looking for changed effects – this was causing false alerts for customers with Flusifix
  • First Time Installation Dialog for new customers.
  •  Moved Debug Options to top menu
  • Fix to handle for broken tangents within some models which caused e.g black stripes with a few Virtavia models
  • Added SpecialFeatures in DX10.ini to assist with some After Burner Effects that did not work
  •  Bug Fix: 2nd system Effects were not updating configuration correctly so settings looked wrong
  • Bug Fix: Rain dialog wasn’t setting ASN value.


Whilst those might perhaps sound an uninteresting set of changes, Version 3.0 also has provision for using the Sim Connect API which I plan to use in some new add on modules for the fixer.

Update  19th August – I have uploaded a minor revision that removes the diagnostics warning about AMD drivers as I now believe that the latest AMD drivers are ok.

About stevefsx

I don't use FSX that much. But I am very annoyed when it doesn't work properly!
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43 Responses to Version 3.0 Available

  1. pannellg says:

    Hi Steve. I too attempted to reinstall the libraries and received an error message saying that I didn’t have an fx_2.bmp file in my texture directory. Appreciate any help.

  2. Sacha says:

    hi steve 🙂 where can i find the update to 3.1? you do a great job sir!!

    • stevefsx says:

      If you purchased from fastspring ( which you I know did) the the download link that you were originally sent gets you the latest version (3.1) I have resent you the fulfilment email with the link

  3. Tavi Wolf says:

    I ordered from fast spring in Dec how can i get the 3.0 update? I cannot log in to fast spring.
    Also I still have black boxes around the fsx default aircraft lights. Any help?

    • stevefsx says:

      The download link that you would have received will download the latest update for 21 days after it is released. I uploaded 3.1 today so you have 21 days left to download it. If you have lost the download link then let me know and I will resend.

      If you have a square box around a light then as described in the FAQ in chapter 22 it will be a missing texture. Often the uninstallation of an aircraft or scenery will remove effects textures incorrectly. DX9 doesn’t show such missing textures whereas DX10 does. Turn on missing texture alert and find the name of the texture that is missing. If its fx_2.bmp then you need to restore from another FSX system or download Mike Swannick’s replacement lights.

  4. Lars Nowak says:

    Dear Steve,

    me too, the same problem, Auftragsnr. : STEnnnnnnn
    Vollständig bezahlt : 17.02.2015, FastSpring and Paypal – how can I get a download link, for update? Sorry

  5. expired747 says:

    Dear Steve,

    could you resent the D/L-Link to me aswell?
    I purchased the dx10fixer on 6th September 2015 using FastSpring and Paypal.
    My Name is Alexander Willerding. Thanks in Advance 🙂

  6. faisal says:

    Hi Steve ….

    If allowed to send and download link for the new product 3.0 on email

    Thank you …

  7. ikarus2558 says:

    Noticed that after installing version 3.0 there are no tchdwn effects _m and _s only the full tchdwn effect is working on all aircrafts. Thanks for help

  8. Justin Friedland says:

    Just bought v 3.0 to replace v 2.7. I now have a dx10 Scenery fixer folder in Program Files (x86) which is v 2.7, and a Steve FX folder, containing DX10 Scenery Fixer folder in the main list of my C: drive. What should be done to correct this?


    Justin Friedland

  9. JOEL9191 says:

    J’avais acheté la version 2.11 voici quelques mois comme puis-je la passée en version 3.0
    Merci pour votre réponse.

  10. Sherman M Kaplan says:

    I have a generic question. I have read that FSX does not support raindrops on windshields (sorry if that sounds like a lyric from Sound of Music…:-)). But, is there anyway to get the effect within DX10 and the Fixer? I find it odd that there is plenty of rain on the tarmac or runways, but the wind screens are bone dry. Thanks.


  11. Stephan Ziegler says:

    Works fine for me-thanks for the Update

  12. Tony says:

    Steve, I purchased version 3 0 from FastSpring on the evening of 25th August 2016 and when I tried to install the libraries today, it came back with a warning that fx_2.bmp in FSX Dir\Effects\Tesxture is missing. Please can you advise how I can get a replacement file? I have ORBX scenery installed.

  13. Herman says:

    I have bought 2.7 directly from your site.
    Can you send me the link where I can download 3.0?


  14. Edmundo Azevedo says:

    Hello Steve!
    To install latest 3.0 version is is required/recommended to uninstall previous version (2.11)?

  15. Stever Stevens says:

    When I try to download using Fastspring link I get a message that the file has been moved or deleted.

  16. Egor says:

    If I had a license for previous versions of the program if I can upgrade to the new version and how? Thanks)

    • stevefsx says:

      If you bought from fastspring download v3.0 using the download link you were sent at purchase.

      If you bought from flight sim store log onto your account there, and download. Latest at FSS is 2.11 at the moment. 3.0 will be there late Thursday I have been told.

  17. Adam says:

    Great to hear the Fixer is alive and well! Looking forawrd to v3.0!

  18. mike N404 says:

    Yes – from Flight Sim Store

  19. Sherman M Kaplan says:

    Hi Steve, any idea when this will be availble at FSS? Thanks…

  20. Leland Hansen says:

    Looks great!

  21. Charles says:

    Is it working with AMD yet? I have been away a while and don’t want to buy P3D v3.0 if this is working with AMD now.

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