2.9 Revision

A handful of customers have reported problem running the DX10Controller program after installation.

Most people are seemingly unaffected by this issue.

I have identified the problem and created a new build 71 of version 2.9 which has been uploaded to FastSpring and the FlightSimStore

If you have updated to 2.9 and have had no problem then there is absolutely no need to update.

If you have experienced this problem then please download and install the new version.


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I don't use FSX that much. But I am very annoyed when it doesn't work properly!
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59 Responses to 2.9 Revision

  1. Leifur says:

    SOLVED! GONE AND NO MORE. Even Meigs which had the worst. NO MORE BLACK OBJECTS IN DX-10 MODE!!!

    I took a LOT of time on this bug of black Objects in the sky that conflicted with Orbx Systems maybe. I found that just UNCHECKING everything in Steve’s Fixer 2.9 in OTHER gets rid of the problem. I.E. 8bit Texture fix, FTX Global/Vitaly, Discard Fully Fogged, Twinkling Lights, Axis Color Fix, All Effect Lights, Landing Lights. MAYBE it was ONE or TWO of them but tired of testing and checking. No more BLACK OR GREY objects in sky using Orbx in DX 10 mode with this tweaker.

    I have also learned to go with the ORBX FTX SYSTEM and UNCHECK other product paid *Sat Scenery as needed in areas that ruin the views that this system provides and these other addons can mess up the great real looks FTX provides and works well in DX-10 custom tweaker’s mode.

    *Take off from LOWS Airport in Salzburg, Austria with MES Sat scenery of Southern Germany to see the terrible interface there.. ugh!

    (Plus for MY pretty old rig these settings are giving me my 30 fps on max autogen and I am very Happy now using Steam FSX: Old 980x Six Core Intel, 12 GB Ram, old x58 MBoard. SSD on C. Dual Velociraptors in Raid 0 for game programs, 500 GB SSD for Scenery DLs.

    Using Steve’s Fixer FSX Settings Controller for quick changes of key points in my fsx.cfg file. I found that these settings are working best for me: CPU manages Buffers (UsePools = 1), PoolSize 8388608, Reject Threshold 131072, Display TextureMaxLoad 0, Texture Bandwidth Multiplier 800, Swat Wait Time Out 40, LOD Radius 8.5000, Graphics Texture Max Load 4096, Max Async Batching Jobs 3, Fiber Time Fraction 0.60, *Processor Affinity Mask Cores 1,2,3. *(AFFINITY MASK=14) , Force VC Shadows, HighMemFix box not needed as is Steam Recode ..included.
    I also have my FSX tweaked for Rain and per the nVidia Inspector settings per the .jpg of it in this Steam Tweak Guide: no setting for AA in Steve’s fixer. AA/AF checked in Game.

  2. Leifur says:

    My problems with Black Objects are under control. Upgrade Hardware one day. Proof:

  3. Cesar Wilkins says:

    Hellow mr Steve

    I have been trying to buy the fixer and my credit card is allways rejected using the provided seller!!


  4. Marcus says:

    Steve, one more question on the libraries, I uninstalled and reinstalled but it is giving me an option I don’t remember from before. It is giving me 3 optional product features; DX10 lights Package, compatible effects, and compatible reflections….Would these have caused my issue…or should I just choose them?

    • stevefsx says:

      pick all 3, but none of this has anything to do with your missing textures

      The situation is this

      1) you have a few missing textures – some relate to the airport, some are I think standard fsx and should now have been repaired.

      2) doing a full repair rather than copying missing files from another PC as I first suggested has probably wiped the changes made by FTX global and FTX vector so now I would just reinstall them into FSX again (I am not very familiar with their exact instructions)

      The repair should have fixed your spray issue – unless its a carenado missing texture.

      Then in the controller go into fsx.cfg and turn on the missing texture option

      Then look at your problem airport – you will get a box with the name of the missing texture.
      Now it may be the author simply forgot it as it caused no great issue in DX9 – you need to ask them.

      remember to turn off the missing texture alert.

      • Marcus says:


        Pardon me if this posts twice but thanks for all the help! Everything seems to be working fine now. After repairing the lost files with Steam, I reinstalled FTX Global Base and all is well, no square lights and no weird spray. I think I know what happened, last week, I uninstalled several planes in FSX and in the process, the Revo uninstall Pro I used probably deleted too many files when I did an advanced scan. I will be more careful next time. But thanks again for all the help! I owe you a beer! Have a great night!


  5. Marcus says:

    Sorry if I am little slow today…but you mean this directory? C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\FSX\effects\texture

    I am checking but I don’t think I have a backup to that directory

    • stevefsx says:

      Yes that’s the directory.

    • stevefsx says:

      Yes , if it’s steam then you could always install to another pc and copy any missing files over

      • Marcus says:

        Steve, thanks for the help…I am looking at the Steam site to see what I can do. If there is no solution there, I will try your recommendation of downloading to another PC. I will let you know what I find.

      • stevefsx says:

        I think you can get steam to validate and repair

      • Marcus says:


        I was able to find the validate and repair option on Steam and supposedly there was about 10,000 files that could not be verified so it downloaded all the missing files. I so tried it again with version 2.9 set to DX10 and DX9…when set to DX10, the lights at the airport were square and the really weird thing is the squares had the MS Flight Simulator Logo…upside down. I have added the pictures that show that in the dropbox link so click on my name again to see those. And I only see those squares when I am running DX10. And as far the upside down logos….I am stumped.


      • stevefsx says:

        If you have repaired then you may need to reinstall fsx global if you use that.

        The blue logo will be sorted out if you uninstall fixer libraries and reinstall. As I said missing textures are ignored in dx9 but display in dx10 with bkg.bmp. You have restored the original bkg.bmp not the fixer version.

        Now the repair will hopefully have fixed your spray problem, for the airport if it’s payware then you need to reinstall it, to fix its missing texture as it won’t be restored by steam

      • Marcus says:

        Steve, thanks for the info, I do have FSX global so I will try reinstalling that…do I need to uninstall it then install again, or just reinstall it? And just to make sure….you mean Global Base or Global Vector? I will uninstall the fixer libraries and let you know how that works. The airport I was using is Orcas I (KORS) but I don’t think it is the payware version

  6. Marcus says:


    First, thanks for a great product, it makes the FSX experience that much better! Unfortunately, I have had a few issues arise lately and I am not sure why, but it only happens when I have the fixer running DX10. I currently have Version 2.9 and I had first purchased the fixer when it was 2.8. The problem started in 2.8 so I downloaded 2.9 to see if it would help.

    The problems are that at night, dusk, or dawn, all of the colored, and white for that matter, lights on the aircraft and around the airports have squares around them. It kind of looks like the black boxes you would get for lights when you tried to run DX10 without the fixer. But these are color and transparent. Also, if I am flying over water at low level near land, the waves seem to be black boxes. I have also noticed this at airports as well. There was even a weird like cloud of these black boxes following me on one flight. It look like the Angel of Death which was kind of disturbing šŸ™‚

    If you don’t mind, I am attaching a link to my Dropbox that has some photos photos to show you what I am talking about. As I mentioned, this only happens when I am running DX10 through the fixer. This could be a setting on FSX or my system but I thought I would get your thoughts I am not sure if the comment section was the best way to bring this up but I do hope you can help. Thanks again for a great product!!


    • stevefsx says:

      I think you have a corrupted effects texture directory, but I cannot tell you how that might have occurred. In dx9 the missing textures aren’t drawn but in dx10 they are drawn using the default bkg.bmp.

      Do you have a backup that you can easily restore the textures from?

      • Marcus says:

        Do you mean the folder called Texture within the main FSX effects folder? I am checking now to see if I have a backup.

      • stevefsx says:

        If you examine the aircraft.cfg file for the aircraft you are flying In those shots then I suspect you will find in the effects section a smoke effect file.

        That fx file will be in the effects directory and if you examine it then it will include a reference to a texture from the texture directory under effects,

        I think that you will find that texture is missing

      • Marcus says:

        The aircraft I was flying when it appeared smoke was chasing me was the Carenado Phenom 100. I just look the config file for the aircraft and there is no smoke effect file. Here is what is listed under effects in the phenom 100 cfg file

        touchdown=fx_tchdwn_s, 1

      • stevefsx says:

        Sometimes you can get spray following you I think ( rare fsx bug) try checking fx_spray.fx and see if it’s textures are there

  7. Leifur says:

    Also, I really like that you took the FSX.CFG from the included DX10Toolbox and put in DX10Controller menu. Very convenient.

  8. Leifur says:

    Thank YOU. It worked fine… I was just being careful.

  9. Leifur says:

    I bought Version 2.8, build 68 with License name and License saved. I have no old email for download even though Fastspring and Steves Fixer is showing in my Search in Mozilla TBird. I would like to upgrade to then latest version but cannot find any Upgrade Links.

    • stevefsx says:

      Ok Leifur your original download link should get you 2.9 now, link is valid for another 3 weeks

    • stevefsx says:

      I have resent you the fulfilment email with license and download link

      • Leifur says:

        Thank YOU …and I love your efforts I must say! Amazing!
        Question is: the new Download directs to purely C: Drive install with a New Name location of : C:\SteveFx\DX10 Scenery Fixer. I had my 2.8 install in C:\Program Files (x86) DX10 Scenery Fixer

        I may have directed my original install to to a (x86) folder? Often do when I see installer just going to C like very old Windows.
        Is there a good reason for this and many of similar programs to install on C drive instead of x86 or Program Files for control some sort of higher control and necessity? IF SO, SHOULD I uninstall my Libraries in 2.8 and THEN uninstall Old 2.8 first or just go ahead and install on the new name in just C like a very old game used to? Confusing.

      • stevefsx says:

        You may change the installation path to whatever you like.

        On some Windows PCs (mainly 64bit) there can be odd permission issues with programs installed into program files.

        It is generally recommended not to install fsx into program files for example for this reason.

        Having said that most of the time (99.9%) it all works fine and you don’t seem to have any issues.

        I would suggest that you leave the libraries installed.
        Install the new version into the same location as last time.
        Run the controller and update the libraries.

  10. Leifur says:

    I bought version 2.8 build 68. Via this site. I cannot find an upgrade link download to click. Is the upgrade to 2.9 no charge and if so, where is the link to upgrade?

    • stevefsx says:

      It’s the same link, but fastspring automatically expire the link 3 weeks after the new version was uploaded.

      After that you need to ask me to reset it. I will do that and it will be the original link that you use

  11. Nick Clark says:

    Thanks, I’ve got it now. My fault, as usual…


  12. Nick Clark says:

    Dear Steve

    I purchased this yesterday, but despite checking spam folders as well as my inbox, and emailing fastspring, I have received nothing.

    Please help.

    Kind regards,


  13. Andrea says:

    Hello Steve, i habe the version 2.7 installed. How now i can update it? Where is the new installer? Thx

  14. mark says:

    Hi Steve, just re installed DX10 Fixer but would not start, Went to FSS to re download but alas still will not start, not sure if FSS have updated the product? is there anything else I could try please.

    Thank and kind regards Mark

  15. Chris says:

    Flightsimstore haven`t your Scenery fixer tool. Does it run out?

  16. tony says:

    How did the dxgi.dll get there? A search shows that it’s in the systems32 folder, but I never ran into it until I tried installing spotlights. tony

    • stevefsx says:

      dxgi.dll is a standard library for directx do not change or delete it. To inject itself shade puts its own modified version in the fsx directory, it uses a different dll for dx9.

  17. Life says:

    I downloaded v2.9 from (Flightsimstore) and tried it out. Controller does not start up after install. Guess im going back to 2.8

    • stevefsx says:

      I have sent you a link to a controller that should work for you.

      • tony says:

        After spotlights, I tried reshade, and this too crashes fsx. So there must be some orfan dll in my fsx directory that’s causing the crash during start up. Your program worked flawlessly and still does without the aforementioned programs.

  18. tony says:

    Hi Steve,
    When I try spotlights or Reshade in dx10, I get a dxgi.dll crash. It’s fine if I switch to dx9.
    Any ideas?

  19. Erik Lofbom says:

    Hi Steve,

    I downloaded v2.9 again over the weekend (Flightsimstore) and tried it out again. Controller does still not start up after install. I am back to v2.8 which works without any problems. Got on board with your fixer back in November 2013 and have never had any problems with the earlier versions. Did something radically change between v2.8 and v2.9…. I’m really happy with v2.8 so I’m not really hurting šŸ™‚


    • stevefsx says:

      The 2.9 and 2.8 GUIs are almost identical. There was a problem in build 70 with the improved FSX running check which caused the controller not to run on a very small number of installations. This wasn’t detected in beta testing as it was so rare (but not rare enough sadly!….). This was addressed in build 71. You either have a different problem to the above or the FSS update to build 71 hasn’t got to your account.

      I also had one report of a problem which was common to 2.8 and 2.9 which caused the controller to exit on start up if there were too many diagnostic errors (i.e a very unusual situation in itself). I have prepared a build 72 to address this but it isn’t live yet and cannot be your problem if 2.8 is ok.

      I have emailed you a controller to test

  20. Daniel says:

    Does it fix the blank textures in FSX? And is AA added differently than on DX9? Because my DX10 Preview won’t take AA on my GTX 760.

    • stevefsx says:

      I suggest that you go to nzfsim and download the Dx10 How to guide – that explains how to turn on AA in DX10. You need to tick AA in game rather than the NVidia override technique.

  21. GordN says:

    Have not installed the first 2.9 yet. Just go ahead and install this build? -Gord

  22. jahman says:

    Hi, Steve!

    Many thanks for the update.

    A small request: Could you please identify the minor version/build in the file name? Then I can use http://www.changedetect.com to monitor the dowload page. Otherwise I find I have to download the actual file to check if there is a newer version.

    Me, I have a large FSX library, so I name the DX10SceneryFixer file like this:
    “STEVES FSX – DX10 Fixer v. (2105-08-11) FSX, Steam”


    I also use the same naming convention for my browser bookmarks.

    HTH, YMMV, etc. šŸ™‚


    – jahman.

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