Version 2.9

Version 2.9 of DX10 Scenery Fixer is available.

Note: I am getting a few reports of it not running, this seems to be rare but you may want to hold off installing it until I have determined what the problem is.

UPDATE: see new post on the blog – I have found and fixed this problem.

If you purchased from the FlightSimStore you can then just log on to your account and download it from there. If you cannot find it please contact their support.

If you purchased from FastSpring then the download link that you received by email when you purchased should now be valid again and allow you to download the new version. If you have lost your download link then send me an email to the yahoo email address and I will sort it out.


Changes are:

  • Support for Dual installs of FSX and FSX:SE with DX10SF installed into both at the same time.
  • New Preferences Dialog
  • Fsx.cfg editor screen is now a menu item in DX10 Controller
  • Various tweaks to Diagnostics
  • If a Diagnostic Warning is detected then a Warning Icon appears on Diagnostic button
  • New Option to twinkle distant lights
  • New Options for Ground Shadows
  • Bug Fix – The HD Shadows pulldown was not working properly
  • Bug Fix – The fsx.cfg editor was using FIBRE not FIBER
  • Improvements to fsx.exe running check
  • Installation check to prevent installation into fsx root directory.
  • New 737 NGX tweak to prevent moving shadows seen in some rare instances.

Now for the Dual Install there is a new preference dialog

If you select Dual Mode a new pulldown menu appears which lets you select which of your two allowed installations it controls.

You can set different paths, install and uninstall the libraries and set different AA options and DX modes.

All the settings within the nine buttons (Legacy, Shadows etc) are common to the two systems so it doesn’t matter which system is selected when you make a change within these as it is applied to both.

About stevefsx

I don't use FSX that much. But I am very annoyed when it doesn't work properly!
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72 Responses to Version 2.9

  1. Andrea says:

    Hi Steve, I just bought your fixer. During the installation, when it needed to do something with MS Visual C++ 2010, I got a message saying that “maybe” the programme was not correctly installed. I clicked on “Correctly installed” (the other option was “Reinstall using…”) and went on with the installation. I opened the fixer, installed the libraries and everything seem to work correctly (both in the fixer and the simulator). I also run a “diagnostics” and all was ok (a part from the thing about the resolution and the HD shadows). Is it ok what I did or should i do something? Thanks in advance

    • stevefsx says:

      I am sure that it is All ok

      • Andrea says:

        Thank Steve for you fast reply. If you don’t mind me asking, I will ask you 2 question. I set the “slow snow” effect, but I’m not sure that is working. How do I know exactly? When I’m on the runway, the snow falls as quick as before, but sometimes, when I speed up the plane a little bit, it seems that the snow slows down. Then when I fly it comes down fast. Is it ok? The other question refers to the bloom. I remember that the effect was quite bright before. now with the fixer (reflective set to 100%) it isn’t as bright. It is just that I need to try different settings in the fixer? Thanks in advance

      • stevefsx says:

        I don’t think it does very much, looking at it I cannot really tell the difference either! The change in speed when you move is just like watching wagon wheels in a film go backwards.

  2. mpilotblog says:

    Hi Steve, first thank you for this tool, it helps a lot! But I need some help too…first, my config: i7 4790k stock clock, gtx980 strix, corsair force3 ssd, 20gb kingston ram, win 7-64 ultimate, FSX SE, ftx global, vector, open LC europe, trees HD, REX4 + soft clouds and the fixer! The BP are set to 0, the game is smooth, but I’ve got problems with some effects, in particular the afterburners long exhaust flames in certain planes, not on all, but on my favs, I ve also converted the 8bit textures with fixer and same for all fx, I’ve also bought the last versions of some planes like the Virtavia/AS b1b and the Glowingheat/AS SR-71, well once installed i’ve took a quick flight, without running the fixer, and the fx were in, long afterburners plumes, than I’ve ran the fixer, ask to convert, pressd OK and…effects lost! Ok i know there s a problem when they disappear at certain camera angles, but now they’re gone, same for the A2A b377 smoke fx. IS there a fix around to have em back? Then second small issue regarding flying in winter season, so if I select a flight in winter, it doesn t matter where, a big city with snow textures on or not or in the middle of a desert, fps loss, less but a loss, If I select the same locations in the other three seasons…fps gain! Hope you can help me, expecially for the afterburner fx, I don t want to going back to dx9!

  3. Leifur says:

    I have been over it and over it with adjusting and playing around with all possible combinations for Dayz! But I consider my strange Giant Black Objects Solved at this point due to your Mentioning Tex Max as a clue.

    fsx.cfg settings best for MY current rig with complex addon scenery and objects now loading are at:

    TEXTURE_MAX_LOAD=2048 Stock is half. Had 4096.. OK …just prior to all these cools objects in stuff I bought, and like now.

    I always try to push the envelope and the hardware cannot handle 4096 especially with the added nice stuff on ORBX goodies added in.

    • Leifur says:

      Last Post on this: Actually it is not solved but less so. ORBX systems strictly favours DX9 from what I read from the owner’s posts on DX10 bugs… they see no benefit for it. I do. The Black Sky Massive objects only came after installing their full system of Base and Lib. It is not there in DX9. Oh well. I am back to 4096. Playing with settings for max quality/FPS combo for what my Hardware and Software can create But, that is my Main Game within the old game anyway!

      • Sherman Kaplan says:

        I run Orbx products, including FTX Global, several areas, airports, etc and all shows up perfectly with the Steve’s Fixer. So, there is no incompatibility. The black squares you see can be caused by any or all of the following:
        An overheated computer box and video card. Get Speed Fan, to check your temperatures.
        Your video card and\or drivers may be outdated. Check to see that you have the very latest driver for your card, preferably Nvidia which seems to be more harmonious with flight sim than many of the Radeon based chips. btw, why push textures to 4096. You really do not need it. 2048 is perfectly fine, even 1024 if your system will not support it. Do not give up on DX10. It will work. Look within your system and configuration for your answers. Good Luck


  4. Leifur says:

    I did fly over Manhattan X scenery from Steam via Aerosoft. With TEXTURE_MAX_LOAD=2048
    and High Mem Fix 0 with just a tiny flash of a black sky in side vision … SO I am thinking 4096 setting may be the main bug. But I am curious about the HIGHMEMFIX greyed out and reset to 0 if I apply any changes in DX10 Fixer key point config control shortcut program… (formerly in DX10 TOOLBOX or how important it is to have HIGHMEMFIX to 1?

  5. Leifur says:

    I forgot your Q above: my Display Texture Max Load is set to 0. Advice I found on on Web at some point on cfg searches for my rig. I had it at 6 with still the bug… just finally got a very temp nasty black sky object after moving into Manhattan X …went away pretty fast… Fraps movie made it though.

    Tweaking old games is fun for max quality ..and that is my side game mostly.

    Any tips helps.

  6. Leifur says:

    I am a big Tweaker of all settings. I do not use Sliders in game. Just per item in FSX. I have reduced Autogen to Normal from Max. Reduced Mesh Complexity to 30, Texture to 30 from higher. Tested on MEIGS field I got on Steam and still got the Black Skies over objects looming.

    No Black Skies Blocks now finally! on one test at Meigs..which had the worst……. Still Runways and far buildings go black for a while. No Black Sy Blocks.

    But, I found a strange thing in New Version 2.9 ..HIGH MEM FIX is always greyed out now …never before. Shows Greyed out and empty box ..even if I set it in fsx.cfg to 1 and IF I do any APPLY in NEW FIXER settings control it reverts to 0. Have to change manually.
    I currently have:

    Forced HighMemFix=1

    Texture Bandwidth Multiplier of 240 for compat with my 3GBs in 780 GPU. Using GPU Manages Buffers: UsePools=0, Swap Wait Timeout 54, (no white water or flashing now), Graphics Texture max Load 4096. LOD Level of Detail Radius of 7.500, Max Async Batching Jobs 3, Fiber Frame Fraction 0.60, Affinity mask from 1364 to 4092 now ..(have a 980x Six Core) Using 12 GB Triple Channel Ram and Primo Cache for dual new Velo Raptors with SSD for C and SSD for Megaearthscenery 500 GB Sat Scenery Collection.

    ASN cloud is prob not on the table and I do not have them installed … just thought some version my have been included with ORBX systems for clouds.

    • stevefsx says:

      High mem fix isn’t needed for fsx se so it is greyed out

      • Leifur says:

        Just to confirm. Now that I have Steam version installed…there is no need whatsoever to have a line in my FSX.CFG called HIGHMEMFIX=0 or 1 ..(registry fixes done so not called fsx-se.cfg) Steam coding includes it then. Seems obvious, but just to confirm that that line can be removed and not needed.

      • stevefsx says:

        That’s my understanding, its on automatically and putting the line in the config has no effect for steam – it is ignored.

  7. Leifur says:

    I have an annoying bug I cannot fix using DX10 Preview and DX10 Fixer 2.8-2.9 combined with newly purchased Orbx items like FTX Global Base, their Libraries, and airports. I use the FTX CENTRAL 2 all updated and no matter what config or combination of them I may fiddle with for days still get Black Objects in skies that come and go along with Airport runways and some buildings going black. I saw some comments on some sites that it may be something about their Cirrus Cloud weather and maybe ASN clouds included that do not work with DX10 or the Fixer?

    Any Tips I can try will be nice… dead ends elsewhere for cures.

    • stevefsx says:

      That looks unusual. I think that there are several different things here.

      It seems your System cannot load textures fast enough.

      Now you mention that have installed new airports and FTX Global have you adjusted your sliders in FSX? If you set the AI slider to high for example that will need to load all the AI aircraft textures. Turning the aircraft brings new scenery into view which needs to be loaded etc.

      So do you have texture max load set correctly and the fsx sliders appropriate for your CPU?
      Also do you have a hyperthreaded processor and what have you set affinity mask to?

      Have you altered any fsx.cfg settings?

      Do you have a SSD?

      There is a separate issue with ASN which may cause a black square but only for a short period – I am not even sure if you have ASN your post is a little unclear.

  8. Leifur says:

    I had a lot of problems with being stuck with folders and files called FSX-SE or fsx-se.cfg etc from having old FSX Disc install, installing Steam recoded version and then deleting old FSX. Addons have a hard time finding FSX-SE stuff. I got a fix and posted it on Steam FSX Forums, now I only have normal FSX folders and files again:

  9. Rob Horton says:

    I suffered with the high level cloud flashing issue in DX10. It happens when you turn the camera and they come in at the edge of the screen. It is down to the cloud type as you say.

    Anyway, I simply switch the type of high level cloud in the weather engine from cirrus to stratus and it goes away and looks great.

    PS. I am really tired and I might have it the wrong way around. In any case, switching the high level cloud type from the one that flashes to another type solves this issue.

  10. Ludovic Arimbo says:

    Here is a screen from the cockpit view. Look at the left corner :
    You can see the grey flash before the cloud texture loads. I have the same thing when turning around the plane with exterior camera.

    • stevefsx says:

      ok that’s a very high level cloud – those aren’t 3d and therefore dont using the main cloud shader (with my fix). I will have a think if there is anything that can be done but I suspect it may be hard to detect.

  11. Ludovic Arimbo says:

    Good question. Is it any possibility from one side (you or asn) to fix this issue ?

    • stevefsx says:

      I have done all that I can I think, but hence my question about distance. There are two different shaders used, if the problem is close clouds then that would explain why my attempted workaround may not work.

  12. Ludovic Arimbo says:

    Well thanks for answer. Changed texture max load to 4096, but still the same pb.

    • stevefsx says:

      Is the problem with clouds that are close or those further away or both? The “fix” that I added was to not show clouds if the texture was near black but that doesn’t apply to close clouds which use a different shader.

      • Ludovic Arimbo says:

        Well I unistalled the fixer to run back with Dx9 and no more cloud texture problem seems appear.

      • stevefsx says:

        Well yes, the issue of black flashes are a known ASN issue in dx10 mode, they are modifying textures on the fly or something which causes it – the question is why are you suffering so badly from it when others do not.

  13. Ludovic Arimbo says:

    Forget to mention i’m using REX4. Strange thing is it seems only happening when ASN is asctive. No problem when it is off.

    • stevefsx says:

      And you have selected textures of no more than 1024 in Rex?

      • Ludovic Arimbo says:

        depends low or high clouds (4096 or 2048)

      • stevefsx says:

        Well you should set texture max load to 4096, you are currently selecting 4096 textures and then shrinking them to 1024 as they load as you have set the maximum fsx texture size to 1024. You should either select 1024 textures in Rex or change texture max load.

  14. Ludovic Arimbo says:

    Hello, im experimenting the black/grey flashes with high level clouds using Dx10 Fixer + ASN. Saw you answer to someone on a forum : “I got a reply from Steve.. he said something about discarding clouds that flash, much like the fix with the ASN rain..”
    Do you plan to fix this in the next version ? Thanks

    • stevefsx says:

      there is an option in clouds dialog – no idea if it works or not.

      Missing Texture Fix This was added as a request by some ASN users. If a cloud texture is temporarily unavailable it will not display the cloud. Note that I haven’t been able to test this!

      • Ludovic Arimbo says:

        Thanks for answer. I have already enable this option but it doesnt make a change. When I turn the camera around the plane i still have this dark grey rectangle for a 1/2sec while the cloud is loading. Its like the clouds arent loading until you point the camera on them. This popping s**** is annoying 🙂

      • stevefsx says:

        Is texture max load set to match your a cloud texture size, if there is a mismatch it can cause delays

  15. Jason Maley says:

    Cheers Steve – Champion mate.

  16. Jason Maley says:

    Hi Steve,

    Do I just run 2.9? Do I need to uninstall 2.8 prior?

    Cheers mate.


  17. Brad says:

    Can I ask even after following the Nvidia Inspector settings in FSX why is it that the menu screen aircraft are so ridged and without anti aliasing? In the sim once its loaded up everything looks great. Its quite strange

    • stevefsx says:

      yes. the reason is that Aces never designed that screen to have any AA back in 2007 as it wasn’t viewed as important enough

      Because Nvida in DX9 allowed you to force AA on for screens where it isn’t set you have become used to seeing those planes antialiased using this forcing technique.
      In Dx10 mode forcing of AA doesn’t work so you see the screen exactly as it was intended!

  18. Jason Maley says:

    It’s okay. I tracked down my original order number and found it that way. Strange you can’t find it with a search though?

  19. Jason Maley says:

    I can’t find the product listed at Flight Sim Store.


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  21. Chuck Oman says:

    Agree with all the kudos. The DX10 Fixer is the most significant FSX add on ever made – solved all my VAS problems.
    Steve, re your August 4 post above, can you post again here when you think the issues are resolved and we should all give 2.9 another try ?

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  24. Bram Stikkel says:

    Hello Steve,
    Just want to say “Thank you” for the great DX10Fixer and for still providing updates.
    Know I appreciate your efforts very much !
    Bram Stikkel

  25. R says:

    Hi Steve, just wanted to say thank you immensely! I really love this product and its gives me SUCH a higher quality of life while I’ve been dealing with medical issues!

  26. Hello Steve,

    I bought 2.9 tonight and I have the same issue as Erik Lofbom: the controller won’t launch after installation. It just briefly pops in the processes under DX10Controller.exe, and then disappears. Tried installing it in different spots and different hard drives. Rebooted. Reintalled (repaired, actually) the visual c++ redist. Nothing helped. I don’t have the 2.8 version so I’m stuck here.
    Windows 7 64 bits, no previous installation, Steam version of FSX, pretty much out of the box (no fancy stuff like ENBs or shaders, just aircraft addons and scenery).
    Google didn’t help and avsim forums are down for tonight.
    I hope to hear from you soon.

    • stevefsx says:

      Hi andrie

      Sorry about this, I will get you a fix or workaround as soon as possible. It seems to be less than 1% of PCs – I have had similar issues in the past with windows Apis that do not work on a fraction of systems.

  27. JJ says:

    That solved it, thanks much Steve!

  28. JJ says:

    Love, love your product! I am not 100% sure if my issue started after installing the latest version (2.9). I am seeing a black square (during the day) where I believe street lights would be. Any help with this would be appreciated.

  29. Erik Lofbom says:

    v2.9 wont start after install. Briefly pops up in processes and then disappears….. I went back and installed v2.8 again. v2.8 works fine.

    • stevefsx says:

      When you run diagnostics in 2.8 do you have any errors? I ask because 2.9 shows an icon and I wonder if it’s that it’s coded to ignore errors, but nontheless

    • stevefsx says:

      Thinking about it the only other difference is it uses a windows api to check for fsx running, what exact version of windows are you running?

    • stevefsx says:

      I will contact you by email and attempt to determine the problem

      • Erik Lofbom says:

        No errors in 2.8 when running diag… this is the first time an update has been troublesome for me. I installed v2.9 exactly the same way as previous versions, the installer works fine and I assume it installs fine… its just the start issue. All previous versions have been working great. I am running my trusty old Windows 7, no changes to the OS between versions (except the steady streams of windows updates). Looking forward to getting 2.9 working.

      • stevefsx says:

        Erik – see new post – a fixed version is on FastSpring now and should be on the FlightSimStore shortly

  30. vinod kumar says:

    hi Steve..

    dx10 fixer is one of the best, must-have addons for FSX.. thank you for putting so much effort into making this for FSX community..

    couple of quick questions..
    1. PMDG 747 tail logo light doesnt work in dx10 mode.. same thing works in dx9. any fix for this in your recent updates?
    2. i’m getting some random white/black tile flashes in scenery.. probably the GPU is stressed a lot.. any recommendations on which settings i can pull back in myGPU? I’m currently using 4X for AntiAliasing.. I have a GTX 660, i7 4Ghz.

  31. Sherman Kaplan says:

    HI Steve. I bought the fixer from the flightsim store, But, it is not in my list of purchases, and a search of their inventory on the website shows no such product. Any help is always appreciated as I am eager to dl the latest version. thanks….Sherm

    • stevefsx says:

      Just contact the flight sim store support and they will sort it out for you.

      • Sherman Kaplan says:

        I cleared my cache, which allow d me to get to,the page with all my transactions, including the fixer bought two years ago. That did the trick . It is now installed and working. Thanks!

  32. Brad says:

    I brought DX10 fixer a week ago, easy to install etc and made the adjusts with Nvidia Inspector but it just seems like FSX is so much more unstable. Ill have to try the FSX.EXE several times before it actually loads past the splash screen and into the aircraft/airport selection screen. And even then i have had 2 instances where doing a long haul flight from the USA and Caribbean to the UK have resulted in FSX crashing out to desktop once i come off the simulator time elapse from x4 to normal.

    • stevefsx says:

      The fixer changes do not run on the cpu so are very unlikely to be involved in any crashes. I would suggest uninstalling the libraries ( so you are in Standard dx10 preview) and seeing if the same loading problem exists without it. The problem may well be a dll associated with an add on, you may be able to determine which one it is by a process of elimination. You could also post the crash report on the avsim crash to desktop forum and someone may be able to help determine the cause there

    • stevefsx says:

      You might want to check for this windows update which can cause a crash

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