Version 2.8

Version 2.8 of DX10 Scenery Fixer is available/will shortly be available

I will update this post when it actually is available.

If you purchased from the FlightSimStore (i.e before 2015) you can then just log on to your account and download it from there. Adrian has built the revised installer but he still needs to upload it to the server so if it isn’t there yet please be patient.

[Update 14/4 people are reporting that they cannot find the fixer in their FSS downloads – I have let Adrian know that there is a problem and I am sure it will resolve it promptly]

If you purchased from FastSpring (2015 onwards) then the download link that you received by email when you purchased should now be valid again (for another 3 weeks) and allow you to download the new version.

If you have lost your download link then send me an email to the yahoo email address and I will sort it out.

2.8 Changes are

  • Can cope with  installation into SE after uninstall of FSX from side by side install
  • Fix for AES Docking lights to allow use of v2 transparency ( which fixes AES vehicles amongst other things)
  • Fix for Aerosoft Oslo ground lighting to allow use of v2 transparency – may fix other airports with similar issue.
  • Option to disable autoclose of controller after uninstall of libs to speed up switching between fsx and SE
  • New TrackIR option which reduces shadow zoom (same as disabling adaptive shadows in debug dialog)
  • Correction for external shadows when viewing from tower
  • New diagnostics button to report on potential issues.

NOTE:  the new version is a different file and so until it has been downloaded enough times to convince Windows that its “commonly downloaded” you may receive warnings when you run the installer.

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I don't use FSX that much. But I am very annoyed when it doesn't work properly!
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55 Responses to Version 2.8

  1. Victor Ortiz says:

    I used get get plane shadows at the FSDT airports and others that use whatever the ground base is, but since 2.7 I have been unable. Can anyone refer me to a effective discussion on this matter? Thank you.

    • stevefsx says:

      I don’t believe that there are any changes in DX10 Fixer that relate to this – what happens if you uninstall the libraries and run in native DX10 Preview do you see shadows?

      Here is a discussion on the general issue at FSDT here

    • stevefsx says:

      you might also want to review this thread

      Which seems to suggest that for some sceneries that the FSDT addon manager will disable aircraft shadows as you approach.

      • Victor Ortiz says:

        Thank you, Steve. I tried your suggestion and noticed something. I use WOAI planes and a few selected AI models from other sites. What started happening around the time I installed DX10 Fixer 2.7 is most of my AI go invisible when I check “airplane casts shadow on ground”. I could always see them before.

        Here is another complication. I noticed I could not get my MAAM B-25 to work properly (glass missing, etc). I had not used it with any version DX10 Fixer and I studied up on the issue. I found others with the problem, tried their solutions to no avail. But, I did a lot of resets, including “legacy” planes. That is when all my AIs went invisible and I’ve never recovered them.

        I mentioned FSDT airports, but also my new Narita payware, not related to FSDT, a totally different company. Default airports are fine with plane shadows and other payware companies’ as well. The problem is similar to how Aerosoft’s old Heathrow would not allow plane shadows. I am just perplexed as to what I did to mess things up.

        Finally, if I just resolve not to have shadows, everything is fine. I’ve been documenting which paywares allow them and which do not.

        Thank you.

  2. vkk says:

    Dear Sir,
    I have purchased and installed the fixer version 2.8. But since then, FSX fails to load and freezes if I choose any airplane from the FSX main menu other than the default glider. But I can change to other air crafts from within FSX once it is up and running. If I end the flight but don’t close FSX, I can choose and load the air craft of my choice from the menu that appears then, without any issues. I noticed that the whole issue is solved if I disable DX10 in the DX10 fixer.Did I do something wrong while installing the DX10 fixer ? I would very much appreciate a reply.

  3. rico says:

    I purchased a while ago and have version 2.7 – Where can I download v2.8? And before you even tell me to look through my emails for the email from fastspring or whatever I only have a single email from them and that is the one mentioning the purchase from paypal, but no download link whatsoever…

    Do I need to purchase again to update??


  4. Geoff says:

    Hi, I uninstalled FSX and installed FSX-SE. Ran registry fixer (ORBX etc sees the change), but DX10 keeps coming up with original FSX Path and the Change button is not highlighted. Uninstalled DX10 and reinstalled, but still the same. Can’t find solution online except that v2.8 allows install into Steam, but I can’t figure out how to do it if cannot change Path. Can you help please? Thanks.

    • stevefsx says:

      Hi Geoff,

      to change path from one FSX system to another you simply

      1) uninstall the libraries from the first
      2) the Change button is then highlighted
      3) you can then select the path of the second system
      4) install the libraries.

      Now in your case you have uninstalled FSX (with the libraries still installed). I am 99% certain that if you just select uninstall libraries that the process outlined will still work ok – there will certainly be a number of errors of file not found popups but at the end I think that the Change button will be enabled and you can select FSX:SE

      If that doesn’t work uninstall the fixer then delete c:\programdata\dx10sceneryfixer and then reinstall.

  5. Allan says:

    hi steve i have your software v2.7. But when i check improved shadow in debug option, i haven’t shadow in engines view usually I have the shadow of the fuselage. Why ?
    thank’s for your answer and for your software

  6. Cardo says:

    Thinking of purchasing dx10 fixer to solve my next texture problem.

    Will it work with my GPU, its AMD based
    SAPPHIRE DUAL-X OC 100355OC-2L Radeon HD 7850 2GB 256-Bit GDDR5 PCI Express 3.0 CrossFireX Support Video Card


    • stevefsx says:

      Hi Cardo

      If you go to the purchase page there is a link entitled warning with all the information that I am aware of on the situation with AMD GPUs. My suggestion would be to read that and then experiment running dx10 preview ( ignoring flashing runways etc etc) and see how stable it is before purchase. You need to take some longer flights to see how stable it is.

  7. Andy G says:

    Hi there,
    I purchased the latest version and ran it with no issues at all. I set the root folder up for Steam as I thought I’d try it out on the version that I have not yet filled with add-ons. It works beautifully and does everything you have stated it would.
    Having seen what it can do and being completely impressed…I would now like to use it on my original FSX but can’t change the root directory. Can anyone help me. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling but it still doesn’t give me that option to change.
    Many thanks

    • stevefsx says:

      Hi Andy if you uninstall the libraries you should then be able to change the path

      • Andy G says:

        Awesome Steve,
        It really takes my already superb setup to the next level. Many thanks this is one of the best single purchases I have made.

        Great job keep up the great work!

  8. Ray Vlasek says:

    REX4 direct and DX10 fixer, is there a guide somewhere on how to used theses two add on’s together..???

    • stevefsx says:

      REX4 is a texture replacement program (and I think a weather engine). There is no issue or conflict between REX4 and DX10 Fixer. You can install them in any order and it will work. I believe that REX have some DX10 specific water textures which they recommend that you use so you should consider using those.

  9. GE-90 says:

    Ok, solved. I tick the TrackIR compatibility and I have the normal hd shadows. Strange because I dont use trackIR, but works.

  10. GE-90 says:

    Hi Steve, I have an issue. When i select HD shadows I get moving shadows (with ezdok compatibility ticked) With HD shadows unticked I get the normal shadows again. Any idea for get not moving shadows with hd enable?

    Sorry for my bad english

    Thanks in advance

    • stevefsx says:

      This is false shadows inside the VC ? That sweep across when the view point changes but at other times shadows in the VC look ok?

      If so try the trackIR option which reduces the zoom level of zoom.

  11. Leifur says:

    Thank you for the tip. I read the warnings about possible dangers of using the DX10 Toolbox and did run into a bit of trouble. BUT, your FIXER FIXED IT… so smart man!
    Trouble maybe caused by trying to convert the prop on Steam DLC Carenado Piper to get rid of that outer ring of black when 8 bit fix in checked for my old planes..maybe they use a tip edge in 8 bit or something. The DX10 TOOLBOX balked at converting those DLC folders so I tried to get creative. The trouble I created was a small edge ripple above plane in chase view in turns that seemed to be a Vert Sync bug ..played with nVidia Inspector settings but not go.. feared I ruined my FSX install. BUT I clicked on your Diagnostics button and it said BRK?.BMP has been changed (forgot) and to reinstall Libraries. By that you mean Steve’s Fixer Libraries …not FSX! I clicked on your control panel ..uninstall… then Install after and did not lose any settings. Clicked Steam FSX .it reinstalled 3 Simconnect things and the ripple edge showing was gone. With the Tweaks I can do in Toolbox and Fixer this game looks so real now…amazing. NEVER WILL I GO BACK TO ANCIENT DX9. Nuff said

  12. Leifur says:

    One question on the 8 bit texture conversion checkbox. It creates a black rim on the outer edge of the Prop on my Steam DLC Piper Carenado Arrow set of planes when checked to help fix all these old plane DLs I like to play around with.
    Plus, I still seem to get some black prop showing on those on props..any tips? I used DX10 Toolbox to convert my B-36 free DL file individually and it worked with Main FIXER 8bit unchecked. But just had to revert the prop bmp to original as it was all black. Props going black is the only trouble I have. Learned to set the TEXTURE BANDWIDTH MULTIPLIER setting in DX10 TOOLBOX from STOCK 40 for 512 MB video card to 240 for my 780 card with 3 GBs. Nice tool.

    • stevefsx says:

      you have done the right thing converting. For props you need to replace with an actual FSX aircraft prop texture – the same is true in DX9. Even then it will disappear behind distant clouds.

  13. Alueda says:

    Hi Steve, in my FSS account the DX10 fixer is gone. I’ve purchased V2.7 on Jan. 27/15. Where can i get the new Version now for Upgrade?

  14. Edmundo Azevedo says:

    Thanks for the version 2.8. How do you recommend its installation? On top of 2.7 or should I uninstall first 2.7?

    • stevefsx says:

      just download and install on top then launch the controller and it will tell you the libraries are out of date – press the update button and that’s it. Finally if you want turn on the new features for Oslo or AES docking.

  15. Sherman Kaplan says:

    Sorry to kick this same issue, but there is no link in FSS. I used both a Chrome and Firefox browser. Not only could I not find a link, but in an advanced search using SteveFX as the manufacturer, the results came up blank. Nor does it show in my list of purchases.

  16. winfu says:

    Same with me. I can not find a download link in my fss acount.

  17. John Funnell says:

    Not able to get this version, there is no download link in my FlightSimstore account anymore although the order with the key is still there!!

  18. Leifur says:

    I AM SLAP HAPPY NOW! WOW…THANK YOU GURU OF DX10! Waiting 10 yrs for this….just found out about your fixer after getting Steam Version now while having Old DVD install too since 2006 and was not happy with it every time I used it. Now, with all the Tweaks I learned I am running 10.5 LOD and all Game Settings maxed with nVidia inspector tweaks found .. 4x Sparse AA. Getting 30FPS on 50cm 4x HD paid scenery and it looks great. Now I can fly my WOP2 planes and all those old planes in DX10 with Max quality. (Old Intel 980x CPU, 780 card, 12GB ram, SSD with paid scenery and Addon Scenery.)

  19. Leifur says:

    OK ..I FINALLY grok. Reread your response. It IS up now and if I buy it at your store, (which has no version Listed), I will get the 2.8 and go. I have been wasting time checking this post for proof of 2.8 up..misunderstood. Got it. Doing purchase.

  20. Leifur says:

    I am now a Steam flyer after old FSX in my arcade since 2006. All tweaked up to the max for DX10 and ready for this fixer stuck with my fsx_se.cfg file now. Got 25-30 FPS with max settings except 30cm texture and lod radius 12.0000 with HD detail paid 4x normal 50cm scenery running. Want this tool asap. Tell him to put it up now! Checking every few hours.

    • stevefsx says:

      If you want to buy it, you can buy it here just follow the purchase menu, the reference to the FlightSimstore is about existing customers downloading the new version.

  21. Sherman Kaplan says:

    Hi Steve, thanks for the upgrade….but, for now, FSS shows none of your present or previous editions…

  22. Klaus says:

    Ahhh, this are good news: A new version of ” The Fixer” is out there! Nothing for me to complain about Version 2.6 (don’t have FSX:SE on my PC) – it works very well and stable – just good to know that my favourite tool for FSX is still in progress.
    Also thanks to you for your very interesting article about “Bloom-tuning” on this website….I’ve tried it out a couple of weeks ago for the very first time, and the results were amazing ( fHdrSpecularScale=8.98; fHdrModAlphaScale= 10.0) – I love tweaking which leads to results.

    Best regards to you, dear Steve,
    Klaus from Germany

  23. Wayne says:

    Steve, you are a legend! I’ve been using “the fixer” for a couple of weeks and can only marvel at your level of understanding about FSX!! Thank you.

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