DX10 Scenery Fixer back on sale

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I don't use FSX that much. But I am very annoyed when it doesn't work properly!
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97 Responses to DX10 Scenery Fixer back on sale

  1. Stephen Bull says:

    Never could get good AA with AMD cards so a bought a used Nvidia 970 on ebay and got everything working really well.

  2. Mario Jacob says:

    Have dx10 fixed the 2nd bought time (latest version 2.8). Do I have version 3.0 buy again? I no longer find my final confirmation. What is to do ?

  3. Mike Ryder says:

    im getting jagged edges cockpit shadows in the carenado beech…i played with AA and no change…

    • stevefsx says:

      AA has no impact on shadows. The quality is determined by the size of the shadow buffer which is fixed in FSX and the quality of the model plus the distance over which the shadow is cast and how close to the shadow you sit. Therefore there will always be minor serrations along shadows, the fixer improves greatly on the original implementation in FSX. If you enable HD shadows for small aircraft the quality of shadows in smaller aircraft is improved again but shadows will be cut off externally.

      • mike ryder says:

        i see there is an option for HD shadows in GA aircraft…I enabled it and it looks great!…why is this setting here? Who wouldnt want HD shadows in all aircraft all the time?

      • stevefsx says:

        Because it has a few side effects.

        So e.g if you select the default caravan c208 and look backwards you can see how shadows within the cabin are cutoff halfway towards the tail when it is enabled.

        If I made it permanently on I assure you that I would then be sent pictures circled in red showing these flaws!!

        So I leave it as a choice…

  4. Mike Ryder says:

    i have some distorted buildings with an add on when dx 10 preview is checked…i can send you a pic…let me know if there is a setting for this..thanks

  5. mike ryder says:

    the cockpit shadows are working in all planes except the real air duke…any ideas?

    • stevefsx says:

      do you have set Force VC Walls in the shadow dialog and have you added the Force VC Shadows entry to your fsx.cfg?

      See the section “Virtual Cockpit Shadows” in the manual which is a checklist

      • mike ryder says:

        I got it sorted…(FSX settings tab needed attention)…But I have a new issue…The VC shadows move when I pan my view…I think real shadows stay the same if you turn your head, and only change if what is making the shadows moves…AND…I have a big shadow on the ground that follows my plane around the airport…I hope I can tweak this out…please let me know…thanks.

      • stevefsx says:

        Have you checked the diagnostics button?? It warns you of issues like this

        If you have a square following you around then you must haves turned on the force legacy shadows option that is known to do that -there are warnings not to leave it set on and fly to a legacy airport.

      • MICHAEL RYDER says:

        that was it exactly!…and the inside is normal now too…the dx10 fix makes everything look better…and love the xtras too…well worth the money…thanks!

      • mike ryder says:

        i may have spoken too soon…all but one aricraft has the vc shadows moving when i pan my view…even when parked…for some reason the aerosoft dh6 has the shodows locked when i pan my view…and only move when the ac moves…which is how it should be…any ideas?

  6. Kieran says:

    Hello, I have bought this before in december last year and I was wondering if I would be able to get another download link to it as I have lost the installer after cleaning my computer, Thanks – Kieran

  7. Sven says:

    Hello everyone

    I understand very little about everything in FSX. I have spent weeks tweaking try to get all the addon I purchased the work. Only when I downloaded your free version of DX10 fix, I got some decent graphics in the simulator. I would love to be able to use FSX on my laptop. There is an Intel i7, 8GB mem, NVIDIA Quadro 1000M, Windows 10 and FSX steam.

    The thing is when I installed your payware version of DX10 fix my framerate dropped and its laging too much. I wonder if there is some kind soul out there who wants to help me optimize my settings and make a profile in DX10 fix? I’m a bit tired of reading and tweaking, I wanna fly:)))

    Thanks 🙂

  8. mpilotblog says:

    Sorry I’ve posted in my requedt in 2.9 for mistake, my issues are related to 2.11!

  9. Steve Bull says:

    After teaking my system with the FSX Config page in the fixer I have my old system working so well that I am not sure I want to spend the money to upgrade to an Intel system. Its a great feature. Works great and very easy to use.

    I have a question regarding buffer pools. Do you think that users run out out of VAS and have OOM errors because on long flights the VAS fills up with locked buffers?

    • FreeQuest says:

      Hi steve I used to have VAS problems in FSX:SE you know what fixed it running on the ultra high setting and not any higher no trouble at all a flight from KLAX to KJFK in the aersosoft airbus. no more vas problems I think the main reason people have these problems is they run everything way way to high a level.

      Well my 2 cents.

  10. Steve Bull says:

    After reading up on what is needed to get DX10 working in the AMD world vs the Intel world I have decided to go ahead and upgrade to a faster Intel system now rather than later and not get involved in AMD DX10. This will take a couple of months and require a bit of reading up so be back to you as things progress.
    Steve Bullfox.

  11. Steve Bull says:

    I finally bought and downloaded the latest version of your scenery fixer. Pleased by the ease of use. However, I find that in DX10 AA is not as good as with DX9 no matter what combination of settings I use. I find that at the higest AA settings in the fixer I get sparkley artifacts all over the screen after a short time. However, if I set filtering in the Catalyst Control Center to “Override Application Settings” I don’t get the artifacts and every thing is stable even at the highest AA settings in the fixer. No idea why it works. Highest AA setting for my system in the fixer is 8EC. I am running Windows 7 with an AMD CPU overclocked to 3.5 ghz and an ATI 5850 overclocked to 800 mhz and the latest drivers. Any help you can offer on the AA would be appreciated as that is the only DX10 problem I have.
    Steve Bullfox

    • stevefsx says:

      Have you downloaded the DX10 How to Guide from NZFSIM? That explains how to best set up AMD AA.

      If you have an AMD card then you need to set AA to a max of 4x , enable supersampling and make sure that the water slider in fsx is not set to more than 2.low otherwise you will get scenery spikes as explained on the purchase page. Its a feature of the AMD driver. Older drivers from early 2012 e.g 12.4 are OK and don’t have this issue.

      • Steve Bull says:

        I have an AMD card with the latest drivers and don’t get the spikes even with AA set to 8EC in the fixer If I have filtering set to override application settings. Problem is DX10 just does not give me as good AA as I can get in DX9. 8 is not as good as 16. Its almost good enough with some aircraft. I will double check everything but do wonder if AA is better in DX10 with Nvidia? Nevertheless, fixer is good stuff.

      • Steve Bull says:

        Thanks for the tip on NZFSIM. It looks like I need to download Radion Pro and learn how to use it.

  12. david says:

    Will this work with nvidia surround with two cards?

  13. Steve Bull says:

    I will try it both with aa on and off and post results. Sorry for bad editing on previous respons.

  14. Steve Bull says:

    I have an older system with a 3.2 gig AMD quad core and two ATI 4800’s in crossfire. I just upgraded to Windows & from XP and installed the A@A Comanche and some west coast ORBX scenerys. The darn thing works pretty good except with the sliders mostly right I get frame rates around 10 or 15 on approach and lower around big cities. In DX10 preview mode frame rates are around 30 on approach with the sliders almost all the way up. However, I get a little shimmering and some small black squares on some trees and buildings. Will scenery fixer fix these problems? Also, is it still available from FlightSim Store?

    • stevefsx says:

      Dx10Sf should fix the black squares but not the shimmering. When running in DX10 have you ticked the in game AA? That may account for the difference in performance and the shimmering.

  15. Fabian says:

    Where can I buy it?

  16. Ali says:

    I had purchase DX10 from Flight Sim Store while back and now I want Version 2.8 but I was unable to get it from Flight Sim Store. I need Version 2.8 Thank You! 🙂

    • stevefsx says:

      If you bought it there then you can download 2.8 for your account. If there is a problem contact their support email and they will sort it for you.

  17. Josh C says:

    I’d love to buy it but the price is way wayt too steep for what it does. When A2A has Shockwave Lights Redux for $16.99 and Accufeel for $19.99 (which does a whole lot more and has had a whole lot more programming and $ resources thrown at it for development) how can you justify a price of $30 for something that fixes the shaders???

    • stevefsx says:

      If the price is too steep for what it offers then you can always download all my simple dx10 shader fixes for free from avsim. The payware version adds more, primarily allowing legacy sceneries to work with dx10 and much improved VC shadows.

  18. Michael A says:

    Steve… I just ordered v2.8 and I made a bone-head mistake. Misspelled me own bloody email address. There is an “n” where an “m” should be. I emailed FS, but no reply yet. How long do they usually take?

  19. Leifur says:

    I had old FSX installed and then installed FSX STEAM EDITION, with all DLC =50 GB. Uninstalled FSX, deleted FSX folder in User. Freed up over 120GBs. Left with a FSX-SE folder there with a fsx_se.cfg file.
    Question: Will this fixer detect the SE cfg or balk at install not finding fsx.cfg file like some free Steves DX10 fixer DL I tried before. The fsx.cfg vs fsx_se.cfg files are also not just renamed..seems very different.

  20. Jacko says:

    Thanks Steve
    Have received the email this morning. Once again thank you for your intervention, looking forward to using DX10

  21. Jacko says:

    Hi Steve
    I ordered your DX10 fixer today Saturday, I received the licence number from fastspring
    but so far no emails to downlink the software

    • stevefsx says:

      The download link and license should have been in the same email. I have instructed FastSpring to resend. If you still have an issue then contact me again.

  22. Bernhard says:

    Hi Steve,

    can i pay it by PayPal and get a download link from you?

    thanks a lot,


  23. Ron Fichteman says:

    Dear Sir: Will your program eliminate the black squares in orbx fsx sceneery, if so I will purchase it immediatley

  24. Alberto says:

    no, im not talking about my post of January 27. i posted something yesterday, about DX9 sea reflection and your dx10 fix. i do not see it. cleared cache.

    • stevefsx says:

      Yes it was approved and there are replies to it – its on the purchase page not this page.

      My reply was

      From you other posts I believe that you have two monitors and so are undocking something to the second one rather than using them as an expanded monitor. Have you tried downloading the NZFSIM How To Guide and following the d3doverrider instructions?

  25. Alberto says:

    Hi Steve, I saw you did not approved my post. Would you like to answer me via email? <> I will accept a NO, DON’T BOTHER ME also, but please at least write it 🙂

  26. Acidbottle says:

    One of the finest purchases for FSX you will ever make. From the annoying black squares issue to awesome looking VC shadows, this thing fixes or improves virtually everything in DX10 preview mode. Had anticipated some faff with configuration or editing files but just simply ran the installer, installed the new libs and fired up FSX. Thank you so much for saving me hours reading forums and end up where nothing is ever really resolved! Works perfectly with FSX-SE as well.

  27. JiaWei says:

    Hi Steve, I’m trying to purchase by wire transfer, however my bank seems to only allow transfers in SGD without an option to select USD. The amount quoted by Fastspring was S$41.10. If I were to transfer slightly >S$41.10 just to be sure, would I get “change” back?

  28. RedDot says:

    Wondering, I purchased through this site and got a key. Where do you download the software?

    • stevefsx says:

      There should be a link in the email – if you didn’t receive one check your spam folder. I will get them to resend. If you still don’t get one then please contact FastSpring support using the link on the Purchase page.

  29. Alberto says:

    Hello Steve! I do not understand wich version is on sale on the Fastspring ecommerce link.

  30. cryp2pass says:

    Hi Steve nice to see that it’s back.Works great.

  31. Felix says:

    One question; What can I use to enhance graphics with the dx10 fixer instead of using enb serieses under dx9?

  32. Phil says:

    Any chance of an update please Steve?

  33. David says:

    Hi Steve. I would like to thank you for all the happy DX10 users. Please take you time. I would rather have it done right. Please guys be patient we dont want to loose Steve his work had being outstanding.


  34. Bunny Fire says:

    Thank you for putting this information up I look forward to purchasing it when you have placed it back on sale. Thanks (:

  35. Jehad Hamdan says:

    Please I am waiting for 2 weeks now to buys this product that was recommended from my friend, when we are going to see it again?

  36. Shawn says:

    Hi Steve, any word on whether or not you’ll be releasing the fix again. A lot of anxious FSX users out here hoping it’ll be back. Please give us an update. Thank you.

    • stevefsx says:

      I am still hoping it will be back very shortly. I have built and shipped a new version 2.7, built a new installer, approved the product page but there are some outstanding issues that I need clarification on and we need to sort out the issue of licenses so it will be a few more days.

  37. Gabe_Aviator says:

    I think we wont see the Fix again 😦

  38. Dogan Aslan says:

    when can we buy it again ?

  39. evanschaik says:

    When is it availeble again? I like to buy it

  40. Rafal says:

    When it will available again?

  41. flight11 says:

    Typical! I was sent to this page as I have FSX with DX9 and flickering stuff going on and they say this tool fixes it all! Will buy as soon as possible 😀

  42. Jeffrey Geenjaar says:

    Hi Steve,

    Crap that it not for sale now. I have a hard time last year and could n’t buy the Fixer but, now i have some money i would buy it. When is it for sale again?

    Greets Jeffrey.

  43. Scotmer says:

    Great, after all the research I have finally decided to go ahead and do it, only to be held off for a few more days! lol.
    Can’t wait to use it, thanks Steve you are a genius.

  44. nightmare74 says:

    Where can I buy it when it’s available again?

  45. Same here, just went to buy it and couldn’t find it! Just reinstalled FSX (the Steam edition) and wanted to make it the first add-on I installed! Looking forward to it coming back.

  46. operationdx says:

    Crap man. After I found out about this I’ve been searching all over the net for this thing. Wish I would have found this page first.

  47. Klaus Schausberger says:

    Hi Steve! Many thanks to you for your great tool. I’ve purchased it resently; since now my FSX works REALLY good and smooth. All good wishes to you, especially in 2015. I hope things will work well for you – also as a salesman – because without DX10 Fixer not to be able to purchase it would be a big loss especially for the sim – community.
    Klaus from Germany

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