Version 2.6


Versions 2.6 will be released soon.

This release corrects some bugs and adds a few small improvements.


Bugs Fixed


The Toned Shadows option previously caused issues with Captain Sim 777 dials and also the pilot of the Bay Towers Van – these issues are now fixed.

The Hide Sun Glare option previously hid the red background of the Paused Message. It no longer does and also it also does not hide the red out G Effect.

When a modified shader was replaced with the original version the relevant options remained greyed out – it was necessary to go into the Debug Dialog and tick the shader. This is no longer necessary.


User Requests


Distance for Disable Distant Land Reflections can be altered from the water dialog.


Water Reflections


There is a new correction for water reflections which were angled diagonally in FSX from top left to bottom right.



Wave direction


The wave direction is hardcoded in FSX – waves always come from the North West.

There is a new option in the water dialog to introduce some variety by changing the wave direction on a lunar cycle.

It is also possible for a FSX launcher program to set the wave direction by creating a new config file in the FSX directory for example using the wind direction at the starting point.


Sunsets, Moonsets, Sunrises, Moonrises


In FSX the specular light narrows to a point on the horizon as the sun/moon rises/sinks.


This is now adjusted to look a little more realistic – strictly there should be no perspective effect at all


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I don't use FSX that much. But I am very annoyed when it doesn't work properly!
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11 Responses to Version 2.6

  1. james says:

    Where can I buy the fixer it is no longer for sale on flightsim stall?

  2. Matthias says:

    As my previous speakers mentioned, you should earn half the annual salary of Bill Gates for creating a “new” flight simulator :)) I am fascinated of all the things you implemented in the fixer software!
    As you did much work on environmental tuning, is there any chance of fixing flickering clouds (z-fighting) in your opinion? The swarmcloud fix does not work with DX10, as we all know!
    Wish you all the best for the new year, and thank you so much for your hard work!!

  3. KeinoFJ says:

    noted…Thank you once Again….magnificent works again…and Again Thank you

  4. Keinofj says:

    Good day Steve, maybe you can shed some light. With aerosoft Oslo v2 I’m getting yellowish green squares in areas where light post should be. Please advise thx

  5. Stephan says:

    Every Update is a winner-well done.

  6. Reinhard Boeker from Germany says:

    I got Version 2.3 and was very pleased with the result: I do not think that I am mistaken but got an enormous boost in frames (from DX9 to DX10) Just bought version 2.6 and I am looking forward to seeing an improvement in details. Thanks to that very detailed manual which is a pleasure to follow, thanks a lot Steve !!!

  7. David says:

    and things only get better. thanks

  8. NEPTUNE6P2V7 says:

    An other time thanks Steve
    i wish you good end of year celebrations


  9. Ron Attwood says:

    The fix for the sunset is VERY welcome! Cheers Steve.

  10. Richard says:

    This is great news Steve, thanks for continuing to update your already superb tool!

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