Version 2.5


Versions 2.5 will be released soon. This release corrects some bugs and the focuses on legacy VC shadows which are now possible because of the ForceVCShadows Option in fsx.cfg.


Bugs Fixed


Axis Fix caused issues with some taxiways which were visible through fog.

Shadow version 5 messed up EZdok and other similar camera systems. There is a new flag to disable the offending changes.

Legacy Shadows were not working properly with the higher Shadow Version settings


User Requests

Allow a bigger range of shadow bias values.

Option to rescale red info text when using DSR – note that this doesn’t rescale other text or menus. This is slightly experimental so look out for other issues.

Adjust night lighting when Water 1.x is selected – the water night lighting only previously applied to the 2.x settings.

Option to hide Sun Glare grey out. This is experimental and a last minute addition -currently this also hides G effects and the background box for the paused text.


Legacy Shadows


Prevent lights casting shadows.

All shadow options now apply to legacy so Contrast, Falloff settings, HD shadows etc now work with Legacy.

Even with ForceVCShadows some simple legacy surfaces were not showing shadows. There is a new option in the Legacy dialog to enable shadows on these surfaces. I suggest that as always you create a separate profile for legacy shadowing.










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I don't use FSX that much. But I am very annoyed when it doesn't work properly!
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17 Responses to Version 2.5

  1. Troy says:

    Hi since using version 2.5 I’m having texture issues in the PMDG 777 when digital clock selected config selected.

    • stevefsx says:

      There were some posts about this – it was identified as caused by FSCrew for the 777 was it ok in 2.4 with FScrew?

      • Troy says:

        Ah ok. The only other change recently apart from updating to 2.5 was I bought 777 FS2Crew. So maybe that is the culprit. Unfortunately I can’t confirm if the same issued happened before upgrading from Fixer 2.4 to 2.5.

      • stevefsx says:

        no one else had suggested it as in any way related to the fixer version – it was just the wording of your post that led me to ask.

  2. Ryan says:

    Steve – great work not standing still and continuing to improve and add value to this wonderful product. I’ve consistently been suprised by some of the new things you have been able to do with FSX. One thing that I have always hoped for is cloud shadows mapped to the terrain surface. I think this has been attempted by others in the past, but the performance impact was deemed to be too severe. Is this something you have looked into or would consider for future updates? If there is one person out there capable of doing so, I think it would be you. Thanks again for your tremendous contributions!

  3. Ole Martin Thu says:

    Hi Steve! I would like to thank you for making this utility available for sale again, I bought it yesterday and it exceeded all my expectations. I have tried DX 10 Preview mode in the past but I have always had major issues and found DX10 Preview mode unusable. After I installed the fixer I have not encountered any issues at all! My frame rate went up considerably, I bumped antialiasing to 8x csaa, I increased water to 2x high and I just love the HD cockpit shadows! Now DX10 is my default FSX mode and I am never going back! Thanks again! Looks like I am skipping prepar3d 🙂

  4. MARK says:

    Steve, thanks for the new version! I have a question, is it possible to disable MSAA for clouds in DX9 like the DX10 option in your fixer? That really made a difference in cloudy areas on my old system but in other areas near the ground DX10 runs slower than DX9 with the same AA quality. If I could get DX9 + no clouds MSAA it would be a perfect mix.

    • stevefsx says:

      I don’t think so not easily – most people force AA externally in dx9 overriding FSX. In DX10 if you reduce the visibility in the weather menu item that improves frame rate.

  5. Matthias says:

    Thank you so much for your hard work! I realize reflections of the red beacon lights on every little antenna now, HD shadows are a WOW and the whole DX10 world looks just perfect with your program!! I would send you a pint of fresh german beer, but i think it will be apple juice on a arrival 😦 Thanks a lot!!

  6. NEPTUNE6P2V7 says:

    Thanks STEVE


  7. Cleciano Diniz says:

    Hello Steve, I have a big problem and do not know whether this is due to my hardware or configuration error.

    My hardware configuration is Gigabyte GTX 780, X99 Motherboard UDF5 Wifi, Power 1000W, Intel i7 5930K, 32-inch monitor and memory G Skill DDR 2 400 4 4 x 4GB (16Gb), yet the anti-aliasing does not work I made up several of these and applied various settings, why does this happen? is due to the structure of DX10 compared to the FSX engine?

    On the horizon, the aircraft panel and lane lines including taxiway everything seems to move, how high it is the anti-aliasing still can not picture quality.

    Could you help me?

    • stevefsx says:

      Have you set the MSAA in the fixer to e,g 4x or 8x CSAA – have you set 4x SSSGAA in Nvidia Inspector?

      • Cleciano Diniz says:

        Steve, sorry I wrote wrong when I mentioned the specification of memory is DDR 4 2400 Mhz …

        Yes, I set these values according to the table that you had described, but still can not get a quality image, I do not know what to do to fix it …

        Below I am posting some pictures (link) to confirm the bad quality of my adjustments.

        See the lines of ultralight

        If you look at the track on the left side you will see that there is a low quality image

        See the lane lines and taxiway are not set the anti-aliasing is not working

        And this last picture settings in my Nvidia Inspector

      • stevefsx says:

        Well there is no aa in the free flight window, aces didn’t specify any. In dx9 it can be forced on in the driver in dx10 it cannot.

        The other shots look ok to me, but it’s hard to tell from static screenshots, nvi inspector should be set to use the application settings, do you have aa ticked in fsx

        If you still don’t like it enable dsr and set it to 2x that will blur slightly equivalent to the nvidia forced modes of 2x ss that many people use in dx9

      • Cleciano Diniz says:

        Thanks Steve, I followed your suggestion and beyond to enable DSR in video card panel also adjusted for the value of +0.500 LOD Bias DX and LOD Bias OGL in Nvidia Inspector, it reduced slightly the quality of the texture of terrain, but won the graphic quality, but arose another little problem that occurs when loading the texture of the water, for a few moments arise where some blue blocks, the strange thing is that I already have in the FSX.CFG HIGHMEMFIX

      • stevefsx says:

        I am not sure what you are describing – if you see water textures fail to load for a fraction them you can perhaps experiment with SWAP_WAIT_TIMEOUT. You really need to find and read one of the DX10 how to guides. Check Texture Max Load is correct if you have textures > 1024. You should be setting a negative LOD bias if anything I would thik.

      • Cleciano Diniz says:

        Steve, thank you for helping me, your information was of great importance to solve the problem, seek additional information about Tweaks.

        His work related to improving the DX10 is very valuable to the community of passionate about aviation …

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