Nvidia AA

I saw some posts today about DX10 AA and Nvidia so I thought I would do a quick reprise of the AA tests that I did with AMD.

The following tests were all done with the following settings in NVidia Inspector – please note that I am not suggesting these as the best settings




The only change that I made was to the behaviour flags to cancel out the Mode setting

In FSX for DX9 I had


And for DX10 I had

IN DX10Scenery Fixer I had


So ultimately in both I had 8xCSSA and 4x SGSSAA


Shot 1. DX9




Some close ups




Shot 2






Glass Cockpit





Finally DX10 with AA disabled in FSX

About stevefsx

I don't use FSX that much. But I am very annoyed when it doesn't work properly!
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One Response to Nvidia AA

  1. TheFamilyMan says:

    One excellent side effect of the recent releases of Steve’s DX10 fixer is that NI AF settings are applied to FSX (as they are in DX9). For me, being able to use x16 AF has been a most noticeable improvement in the image quality of the rendered textures. The above examples don’t show this but it definitely works as expected, as least for my setup.

    The FS community is really sad that Steve pulled his excellent product from the market; we can only hope that it’ll return some day. IMO it’s the most significant FSX add on ever produced.

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