Version 2.2

Version 2.2 should now be available for download.

Changes are:

1. Revised GUI

2. New improved effects dialog

3. Fix for false shadows sometimes seen with Toned Shadows

4. Tweaks to default settings

In the GUI the general dialog has been split into three (Shadows, Bloom, Other) and various little used options (shader tick boxes) have been moved into a new Debug dialog.

The Effects/Lights button and menu options have been combined into a single new Dialog.

Note – if you see any oddities with the image sizes at the top of the new screens please drop me an email.


About stevefsx

I don't use FSX that much. But I am very annoyed when it doesn't work properly!
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21 Responses to Version 2.2

  1. Barry Ackerman says:

    how on earth do you buys this? Barry Ackerman

  2. Gopal M says:

    Hello Steve, I am an FSX user who is interested in switching to DX10, and I came across your product as highly recommended in numerous reviews. I have a couple of questions. (1) You mention in a reply above that this tool is no longer available for purchase; does this mean a free version is still available, or that it is no longer available to new users ? (2) some video tutorials on the use of this tool that I watched adhered strictly to Nvidia cards; I have ATI, will this tool be compatible with my setup ? Thank you for your advice.


    • stevefsx says:

      It is still for purchase at this time. The tool itself has no issue with ATI. Unfortunately FSX in DX10 mode does to some extent.
      ATI cards will show spikes if you set AA to more than 4x or set the water slide to more than 2.low and you are using a driver later than 12.4

      • Gopal says:

        Hi Steve, I am so sorry I did not respond to your reply; I somehow lost track of this thread. I did subsequently find out about the purchase site, and I am presently a very happy user of your product 🙂 Thank you very much. I did try to “downgrade” my ATI driver to 12.4 per your advice, but that started giving me all sorts of problems. This forced me to re-install the latest driver. About the spikes, either I am being lucky or blissfully unaware (I do not know exactly how they manifest, and there is nothing noticeable in my experience, so far).


  3. Askin Erdogandan says:

    Hy there, can you please say when this tool will be available for purchase? Thank you in advance..

  4. Albert Bouwman says:

    Steve, the CLS A330 works very nicely with your DX fix. However the only issue is the cockpit window which remains solid. Any idea what is causing this?

    • stevefsx says:

      Try turning options on and off in legacy dialog, then try adjusting slider. If none of these work then it would need the texture to be altered. Try disabling reflections in the legacy dialog as well

      • Albert Bouwman says:

        Unfortunately none of the sliders worked. I assume the texture needs a change. Can you give a hint on what actually needs to change on the texture?

    • Erwin Au says:

      Hi Albert

      Just incase you haven’t found a solution to the greyed out cockpit it’s the p4_t texture that need to black out windows in alpha channel. I tried and it works fine in dx10 mode, gets rid of the inside reflection of glass

  5. Don Hartsel says:

    Steve, to be a little more clear about the error, it states in part “Validation Failed: Server Did Not Specify Content Length.”
    It appears that there may be a validation server issue since I have installed all previously released versions without a problem. However, since I uninstalled the version 2.1 to be able to install 2.2, I now have NO DX10 Fixes available to FSX.

    Hope this can be resolved quickly. BTW – My Internet connections to the rest of the world work OK.


  6. Don Hartsel says:

    Each time I attempt to install I get a server validation error after entering the order number, purchase date & key. Since I uninstalled the previous version I can’t get any version of my DX10 fixer to install. Any suggestions?

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