Version 2.1

Available for download

1. Improved LightField – should work much more reliably

2. AMD shows correct AA options

3. Improvements to shadowing of FS8 aircraft

4. UK2000 PAPI lights should work with v2.0 transparency enabled

5. New option to correct Axis Colour (User Request)

6. New Option to hide clouds that appear black on texture change – experimental

About stevefsx

I don't use FSX that much. But I am very annoyed when it doesn't work properly!
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12 Responses to Version 2.1

  1. Alireza teh says:

    Hi steve
    I flying about 5 years with fsx . I think orginall dx for fsx is 9
    I heard very much about dx 10 that better of 9 but have 2 quastion of u .
    1. Dx 10 or 11 becuse i heard made dx11 for fsx
    2. If i want insttal dx10 on fsx win 7 64 bit how do it means first dl and insttal v1.3 then 1.4 ….. 2.1 or only insttal last vercion
    3. Do you have tutoriall video for insttal dx10
    4. Can i used for setting incpector
    Thanks man

  2. toriu says:

    A few days ago I also tried unsuccessfully to find version 2.1 in my account at the flight sim store
    Sent them a message and now have it..

  3. Illya says:

    I also experiencing the same issue so I informed Flightsim Store of the problem (no download available after purchase). Although they promptly replied stating “unannounced maintenance” caused the issue and that it “has been fixed”, the download link is still not available.

    I sent another email explaining the situation. I will keep you posted…


  4. Eric says:

    Were do you get version 2.1 at? I bought and installed v 2.0. At the flight sim store I see nowhere under my account to d/l it?

  5. Neptune says:

    Nice work, Steve…. waiting for download


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