Version 1.3 Release News

I thought that I would post on the upcoming new version 1.3 which is now available for download

Revised Water

There are a substantial set of changes related mainly to moonlight!

I wanted to understand the “milky sea” effect and offer a means to reduce it and the strange star reflections which look like large pools of light.

The moon ambient light slider lets you set the overall moonlight level – a value of 100% coresponds to the default FSX setting. However you can also choose to have the moonlight be affected by the moon phase – in this case the ambient lighting level set with the slider is the value for the full moon and this is then reduced in other phases.

As before the degree of sky and cloud reflections applied can be controlled with the Fresnel Min and Max settings, but you can now use theNight Sky Refelction sldier to further reduce reflections at night and reduce the impact of the “stars”.

Finally there are a lot of changes to do with specular light – the light shining on the surface as you look towards the sun or moon. Change include

  • Eliminating the false specular light artifacts sometimes seen
  • Fading the amount of light as the sun/moon rises/sinks on the horizon
  • Scaling the amount of moon specular light to the moon phase

Rain Changes

A fix to detect texture changes and eliminate the black flashes that have been reported with ActiveSky.

Option to stretch rain to multiple monitors.

Support for French Photographic Lighting

Visibility reduction for FTX Global Lights, Road Traffic and French Lighting

Changing the visibility slider in FSX has no impact on the visibility of these lighting types which ruins the effect in fog and heavy mist. DX10SF now handles this and fades the lights appropriately

Here is a scene with FTX Global lighting


I forgot to mention that it also handles a delayed texture change to avoid a black flash in rain/snow.  This was added to support users with AS Next who were experiencing this in DX10 mode.

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I don't use FSX that much. But I am very annoyed when it doesn't work properly!
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21 Responses to Version 1.3 Release News

  1. Marc Jenner says:

    Hi Steve, I thought \I had replied. No its got greyed out.

    All the best


  2. Marc Jenner says:

    Rain stretched over multiple monitors. I still have this annoying umbrella shape cone around the vehicle, and on the outer edges of the 1 and 3 monitors (of 3 in total) I have no rain or snow effect. Doesn’t the rain stretch solve this?

    Kind regards


  3. Keinofj says:

    Hi Steve,
    Great product. I have a few questions
    I’m seeing gray windows screens in the vc of CLS A3xxx at night. Is there a fix for this?

    I’ve tested a few flights using DX9 and DX10. Most long haul flights; say from EGLL to KJFK, end in an OoM situation with dx9(about 10 -60 miles out from an addon airport). I tried DX10 and the VAS increases more steadily or stable and it still results in an OoM but closer to airport (<10 miles). What should I expect from DX10? I've heard/read where some people can't induce an OoM no matter how hard they try inDX10. Should there be something in my cfg. File that would afford me such fulfillment?
    And note this is leaving my settings the same for both.

    • CaseyFallen says:

      Do you have the line below in your fsx.cfg for high graphics? If your FSX.cfg find the [GRAPHICS] line and the add HIGHMEMFIX=1


    • stevefsx says:

      On vas I am afraid I don’t have any useful insights to add. I have also seen many posts that say that the vas management is much better with dx10 ( with or without dx10sf). I am therefore surprised by your experience. I would suggest asking those posters what planes and set ups they had.

      On the plane, the first thing to determine is it is legacy or not. If you disable the legacy slider does it appear untextured at night?

      If so re enable the legacy slider and move the slider to the far right. Does it work then? The other thing to try is the 8 bit fix – this cannot be left on, but if it fixes the problem then you can fix the 8 bit textures with the dx10toolbox if you have the fsx sdk.

      If none of this works you could try and ask for help on this thread at avsim

      • dellycowboy says:

        Steve, really good job, lighting seems better all over the place, lights I hadn’t noticed before on custom scenery, car head lights, yea it really is a big improvement over 1.2. Thanks again.

      • Keinofj says:

        Thx Steve, and that I can attest to that when I brought and installed your Dx10 fix it made marked improvements in VAS usage for both DX9 and DX10 (I thought it was just my imagination at first). Even in having the aircraft shadows turned on under DX9 my performance has much improved ( now i never turn it off when switching between the two). I have FSX acceleration so I will run through your recommendation. Thank you again for your commitment for your work has certainly brought a new level of fulfillment to FSX.

  4. koubilai khan says:

    Sorry for my poor English ! I meant : “what is your suggestion to properly upgrade to 1.3 (from version 1.2) ?”

    Thank you

  5. koubilai khan says:

    Hello Steve

    I recently bought your fantastic DX10 Fixer from FlightSim Store. I installed version 1.2. What is your suggestion to upload properly to 1.3 ?
    Thank your for your kind support.
    Koubilai Khan
    (Paris – FRANCE)

  6. Hendrik says:

    Hey Steve, I enjoy your Dx10 Fixer very much, great product 🙂 !
    to clarify which Version of the Fixer is available for download at the flightsimstore I would suggest that they clearly mark or Point out the Version which is available for download ?

    besides I always have Problems opening their Website thru my ISA Server 2004 is blocking the Content of their page, I can’t even ask them why because I always receive a blank page and Need to go to my neighbour’s PC 😀 . I know that’s not your biz but maybe you know if they have something very specific coded on their page or could Forward my Problem to them ?

    thank you for your great product and have a great 2014 🙂 !!!

  7. Been monitoring the flightsimstore for days, but still v1.2, b29 for download.

  8. dellycowboy says:

    Steve, there is a spelling error on page 60: “To ass an invisible light….”

    And what’s the easiest way to update to 1.3?

  9. CaseyFallen says:

    Hi Steve,

    First, I am really excited about this addition and release! Thanks! You have went above and beyond on product support and upgrades!

    I was wondering about the cloud fix option included in the current version. If one uses Flight Environment X cloud textures, does this option help or hinder the clouds? Would it best to disable this option or does it still enhance?

    Thanks again!

    • stevefsx says:

      The textures you use should have no effect, i would suggest enabling the cloud shader

      • CaseyFallen says:

        Thanks! Everything looks and works great!

        Maybe a new payware that fixes the floating autogen issue in FSX? : D I know I would pay for that! : ) But thanks for this one. Worth every penny and my hobby has never been more enjoyable..thanks to you!

  10. odourboy says:

    “Changing the visibility slider in FSX has no impact on the visibility of these lighting types which ruins the effect in fog and heavy mist. DX10SF now handles this and fades the lights appropriately ” – Steve: If this works as described… well… WOW, just WOW! 🙂

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