Version 1.2

Version 1.2 is available for download from the Flight Sim Store. The current build is 29 [ Correction!  It said 30 here but the latest version is build 29]

Changes since version 1.1 are as follows

Build 28

SGAA Clouds performance improvement. 20% gain on Kosta’s cloud test.

More bloom options and some extra control of shadow bias.

Build 29     Generally minor updates on installer, know traps.

Removed close option from Installer Splash screen – as closing it prematurely messed up installation…

Added warning when DX10 Controller starts if the 8 bit fix is set – this is not intended to be left set on.

Added check to DX10 Controller that bkg.bmp is ok – altering the bkg.bmp can cause issues.

There are checks for ENBSeries dlls when the library is installed – these now check and warn but continue.

Added Exit button as requested.

New patch for Taxi marks – the gap between lines was black previously.


About stevefsx

I don't use FSX that much. But I am very annoyed when it doesn't work properly!
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25 Responses to Version 1.2

  1. Stéphane says:


    can one update 1.1 build 24 to 1.2 directly

    thank you


  2. Fran says:

    Hi Steve,

    I have a new picture of the problem of the fog, now with 100% ground traffic:

    Thank you again

    • stevefsx says:

      Yes it’s a fsx feature, same in dx9. I think it may be fixable in v1.3, just testing. 1.3 won’t come out till after Christmas, one beta tester has reported a problem and I cannot release it until I find the cause.

  3. dellycowboy says:

    When I click Update for ‘WARNING!! Libraries are out of date’ then check all the options and click continue it says its updated but the message remains WARNING.. and the checkboxes are unchecked again.

    Water shader is grayed out (prob because I used a custom water shader a while back)

    When I convert lights it says 1156 lights, 714 converted, 714 unconverted

    When I go to FTX regions I get no street lighting. I have UTX installed but I have tried everything, deactivating it, disabling it, removing from scenery.cfg, perhaps I need to uninstall? I can enable UTX lights and they show correctly (although they flicker and dont display very far)

    Any ideas?

    • stevefsx says:

      When did you first see that error? I am not aware of any way normally for that to occur. I would uninstall the libraries, uninstall dx 10sf and then install it again

    • dellycowboy says:

      I uninstalled UTX then re-installed FTX GLOBAL and FTX IRL and I see lighting now (but I dont think the road Vector lighting is working).

      Also the 737NG lights work for a bit then stop as well as other lights flashing on and off. It’s a shame because I never had this in the previous version..

      • dellycowboy says:

        Got it working now with re-install and the message changes.

        But I still have the problem in FTX with no lighting at all (apart from plane/airport) unless I enable UTX night lighting, so basically

        I have FTX IRL, FTX ENG, FTXGlobal and UTX (you can assume these are correctly installed in the correct priority as per forums)

        1. Lighting works in FTX Global (Vector and street lights) in Hybrid mode in a custom region and outside region e.g Paris.

        2. Street and vector lighting doesnt work for the default FTX IRL or FTX ENG when Region Europe is selected. Although flying to Paris I then see vector lights and house lights perfectly!

        I realise its almost impossible for you to diagnose these issues remotely as every single installation is different so I simply submit this to you as feedback. It is so unbelievably complex!

        For the moment I have got around the issue by 1. using FTX Global Hybrid (comprimise) or 2. editing terrain.cfg to use FTX lights on UTX roads which looks great! ( but then causes large FPS drops when flying into Europe where FTX lighting does work and you then have double the number of lights!

        My head hurts now, I just want it to all work at 30fps is that so hard? 🙂

      • stevefsx says:

        Is this at all dx10 related? The dx10 engine knows nothing about settings in ftx central.

        It sounds to me more like a ftx issue/behaviour. Have you installed the latest libraries from ftx, checked what happens in dx9?

      • dellycowboy says:

        Thanks Steve, you were right FTX related, their regions are still not DX10 compatible even with your great tool. I got the answer direct from ORBX, anyone else quoting region lighting issues you need to wait for the updated lighting to be rolled out

      • stevefsx says:

        I think that you have slightly misunderstood their reply! They have two lighting systems both of which are dx10 compatible.

        What you are describing is that when you select ftx global that you don’t have lighting in ftx regions, this is the same in dx9 and dx10,
        You can I think restore some lighting by using the ftx night switch.

        They are planning to roll out the new system to their regions.

        I suggest you confirm the behaviour in dx9 and then pose the same question without reference to dx10.

      • dellycowboy says:

        Actually Steve, I fully understand their reply.

        The FTX region lighting has not been updated to use the FTXG DX10 compatible lighting system. They had intended to release IRL with DX10 compatible lights (as per FTXG) but to ensure it came out in December they decided to release anyway.

        The DX9 look is brighter but still not as good as FTXG by a long shot. They are hard at work implementing the DX10 compatible lights for *all* the regions and will update them for free in due course. Until then I’ll use UT roads to druve FTX lights using the terrain.cfg hack.

  4. Fran says:

    Hi again,

    I have been able to solve the problems 2 and 3, but not the problem 1 and I have found a new mistake (4).

    1) I can confirm the problem affects to all sceneries, I put the UTX lights with different priority order in the library of sceneries and anyway the problem can’t be solved. When I return to dx9, then all the lights return to the normality in every angle. I put here some screenshots of Paris and Valencia to show it again:

    2) I tried to install Shockwave 3D Lights Redux and then the lights of the panels on the wings disappear completely with independence of the angle of the camera. I have done some screenshots and the result it’s really fantastic. I love the 3D light effect of the landing lights, really wonderful.

    3) The problem of the switcher to dx9 I think it was something about my configuration, maybe the cfg or nvidia driver, I don’t know exactly why it didn’t work before.

    4) There is a big problem with the lights of the ground traffic (cars, trucks…) and too with the ORBX 3D lights when we’re flying with weather conditions of no visibility, for example, with a fog extremely dense of 0,1nm. With these weather conditions, in the reality, we shouldn’t see nothing of the terrain until arrive to the head of the runway of the airport, because the lights of a city can’t be seen with a dense fog:
    Nevertheless, in fsx with dx10 scenery fixer we can see all those lights independently of the distance between them and our plane:

    I’ve done the same test in P3Dv2 and there we don’t see any kind of light with fog (the problem doesn’t exist using the same scenery and version), but now in FSX I can’t do nothing to uninstall that effect (I didn’t make a backup of the default textures), it’s more, the problem persist even switching off the dx10.

    Apart from that, I consider you have done an excellent work with the dx10, every day more near to the perfection, now It seems we have a new flight simulator, I enjoy everytime I fly, now we enjoy more than never with FSX:

    Thank you very much.

    • stevefsx says:

      On 2) it occurs in DX9 but if the Shockwave lights fix it great!

      On 4) Not sure about cars. FTX Global 3D lights have an issue with fog but not FTX lights with areas such as PNW or EU. The lights look identical but only the FTX Global ones behave in this way. It occurs in DX9 or DX10. I have a fix in version 1.3 to be released very soon.

  5. Fran says:

    I’ve been doing some tests more:

    1) I thought that the problem of the UTX lights had been solved, I had followed the steps of the page 35, but later I could observe the problem of the 3D lights of UTX persist in some areas, for example, in Belfast, flying around EGAA (default scenery and airport) with DX10 enable, DX10 Compatible lights ON, UTX scenery completely ON, ORBX FTX-G enable or disable, moving the camera the 3D disappear again.

    2) I’ve found an other little bug: The lights reflected on wings of the baron 58 appear and disappear depending the movement of the camera:

    3) And, for last, I’ve found a big error when I try to return to the DX9 with the scenery fixer option. I can open FSX, however when I start a flight, then suddently the program fails and the windows of FSX is closed. The only way to return to DX9 in FSX is removing the fsx.cfg I had this tweak:

    Thank you a lot for your time.

  6. Fran says:

    I was speaking about an aerosoft FSX airport, I didn’t know that FS9 airports can work in FSX dx10 with your program. I’ve done that you said to me and now all lights work perfectly, thank you very much!!

  7. Fran says:

    I have to recognise that DX10SceneryFixer is the most wonderfull addon that the money can buy for FSX. Thanks to you, Steve, we can say that the performance of FSX in directx 10 it’s better that the performance of Prepar3d v2 with directx 11 in the same circumstances (as when we use extreme autogen in FTX-G, for example), however, there are still some problematic and unrealistic details that affect the simulation experience, for example, some textures of lights for dx9 appear and disappear depending the angle of the camera in some planes. To show this I’ve done some test flighs with the baron 58 by default. Depending the position of the camera, we can see (or not) the lights of airport of Barcelona (LEBL, Aerosoft Mega Airport Barcelona X):

    We can perceive the same problem with Ultimate Terrain X 3D lights: The lights are inestable (appear and disappear) depending the point of view of the observer:

    Can we do something to solve that?

    Thank you very much.

    • stevefsx says:

      Fran, you are asking about two separate things.

      For UTX lights you must enable Dx10 Compatible lights from DX10 Controller – it needs to say ON. See pg 35 of the manual.

      For FS9 airports you need to install a lightfield as described on page 40 of the manual. For LEBL there will be a lightfield called LEBL_LightField.bgl in the zipped directory which you need to extract and place in the airport scenery directory.

  8. Jack says:

    I want to thank you for this absolute fantastic tool ! No more texture/scenery flickering and shimmering !

    – Brilliant !

    Only thing remains to fix, the screen tearing.
    With the standalone of D3DOverrider DX11 (add full Vsnyc and triple buffering) i could completely remove the tearing and frame drops V<1% !

    – Incredible, it looks very stunning!

    Is there a possibilty to hook the D3DOverroder DX11 into DX10SceneryFixer ?

    Kudos !

  9. Mattius says:

    DO I need to uninstall 1.1 before installing 1.2?

  10. Bob Y. says:

    The Fixer is a great tool. I’m always flying in DX10 now, with great results. Love the tool. Thank you Stevel

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