Beta Tester Feedback

OK I wanted to set some expectations.

The product fixes a lot of problems with legacy scenery – but it cannot fix absolutely everything as the core engine loses information that is needed to have 100% success.

The following feedback is from Tomaz Drnovsek and is quoted with his permission – note that I do not have most of this scenery so there is no guarantee implied!

Here are my findings:

Since I didn’t notice any problems with my airplanes in DX10 mode except from Carenado C185F I focused on scenery and airports.

The tests were purely visual, I didn’t inspect every single object

Below is the list of payware sceneries I checked out.

Before applying the fix I had major problems with about 40% of airports at night time. Runways and runway lights as well as aprons and apron lights were not visible or gray or had some strange bright texture applied to them. Lights on light poles were squares at some places and PAPI lights were not visible.

After applying the fix all those things now work at almost all the airports!

I found just a few problems.

On Davor Puljevic Crotia Airports and Tropicalsim Trieste Airport, sceneries ported from FS9 if I’m not mistaken, absolutely all the building are now transparent at nights. Before the fix they were gray. Air bridges are there but connected to air. But runways and all the lights are working now on those airports but were not working at all before the fix.

Note: altering the slider to position 4 fixed this but probably would have broken some other airports…

There is a strange effect at Aerosoft Larnaca X airport. The big pole lights are working beautiful at night but at day they don’t go off and are not beautiful anymore. They look like big blue polygons.

I also found a problem with Drzewiecki Design Polish Airports. At night absolutely all lights disappear when looking straight in VC. If looking at an angle all lights appear. Strange.

 Note: I was able to reproduce this.   Legacy airport lighting uses halo.bmp and is subject to the light inheritance effect bug.  The effects fix doesn’t help in this case as this legacy code  bypasses the .fx files.   The solution is to add a ballast light to the end of the aircraft light section.  These legacy lights will sometimes be tied to the aircraft lighting (on/off) but should otherwise then be ok.

On the other hand the Ultimate Terrain X lights now work at all angles all the time! Before those lights were a mess, disappearing and appearing constantly.

There also seems to be a problem with FlyTampa’s airports where still no lights appear on apron at night.

No problems with ORBX stuff. And that’s about all I found.

As I said the majority of problems were fixed which is absolutely amazing! Oh, and it seems that nav lights now work properly – tested with several Carenado and Flight1 airplanes. Since I tested mostly scenery and airports under legacy options I selected “Scenery

List of tested airports:

UK2000 Scenery – Stansted

UK2000 Scenery – Heathrow

Davor Puljevic – Crotia Airports
(All buildings transparent at night)

Tongass Fjords X

Flytampa Vienna LOWW V.2

FlyTampa Boston Logan

FlyTampa Athens
(No lights on apron at night)

Aerosoft Antalya X

Aerosoft Gibraltar X

Aerosoft Iceland X

Aerosoft Larnaca X
(Big pole lights like polygons at day, ok at night)

Aerosoft Ben Gurion X

Aerosoft Corfu X

Aerosoft Ibiza X

Aerosoft Trondheim – Vaernes X

Aerosoft Monastir X

Aerosoft Approaching Innsbruck X

Aerosoft Mega Airport Oslo – Gardermoen X

Aerosoft – Mega Airport Lisbon X

Aerosoft – Mega Airport Amsterdam X

Aerosoft German Airports 3 X

Aerosoft – Santorini X

FSDreamteam Hawaiian Airports Vol. 1

FSDreamteam Las Vegas McCarran

FSDreamteam Dallas-Fort Worth

FSDreamteam ZurichX

Sim Giants Canary Islands GOLD Edition

Drzewiecki Design – Polish Airports VOL. 1
(At night lights disappear when looking straight. If looking at an angle all lights appear)

Drzewiecki Design – Polish Airports VOL.2
(At night lights disappear when looking straight. If looking at an angle all lights appear)

Tropicalsim – Trieste LIPQ
(All buildings transparent at night)

Slovenia 4 FSX Part 1

Orbx – FTX NA Blue – PNW

Orbx – FTX NA Blue – Pacific Fjords

Orbx – FTX NA Blue – Northern Rockies

Orbx – FTX: NA Gold USA Central Rocky Mountains

Orbx – FTX: NA KORS Orcas Island

Orbx – FTX: NA 3W5 Concrete Municipal Airport

Orbx – FTX: NA 1S2 Darrington Municipal Airport

Orbx – FTX: NA 7S3 Stark’s Twin Oaks

Orbx – FTX: NA 1WA6 Fall City

Orbx – FTX: NA PAKT Ketchikan Airport

Orbx – FTX: Australia SP4

Orbx – FTX: AU YMML Melbourne International

Orbx – FTX: AU YBCS Cairns International Airport

Orbx – FTX: AU YPJT Perth Jandakot Airport

Orbx – FTX: NZ South Island

Orbx – FTX: NZ North Island

Orbx – FTX: NA OG39 Long View Ranch

Orbx – FTX: EU England

Orbx – FTX: EU Wales

Orbx – FTX: EU Scotland

Orbx – FTX: NA Blue Southern Alaska

Orbx – FTX: NA KJAC Jackson Hole

Orbx – FTX: NA CZST Stewart Airport

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32 Responses to Beta Tester Feedback

  1. Guenter says:

    Hello Steve,
    a kind of forum would be very helpful! Would you consider some place for questions, suggestions, support, please?

    One suggestion I have:
    Could it be implemented, that the DX10 Toolbox crawls automatically for the model files of all aircraft? (Maybe as an option if the users wihes that). If then there’s a list, I’d could check or uncheck the planes I want to convert or exclude from converting (and of course select the VC model file).
    And then, if this is set up, the converter could convert it all at once …
    Would be much faster then choosing every single airplane.
    If such a list cold be stored somewhere, the convertion after a reinstall could be done easily also …

  2. Do Kim says:

    I just bought it Steve.
    Did some flight over some scenery. So far so good.

    However, some problems still remains. Belows are current bug reports.

    1. ImagineSim KDEN at night – Runway Light Looks good, but Flashing in VC
    2. ImaginesSm KATL at night – Some Runway Lights still remains black.
    3. Overland RKSI – Some Runway Guide looks grey.

    I think you shoud make bug report post. 🙂

  3. Zicheng Cai says:

    Hi Steve,

    After using both the AVSIM freeware shader and your payware fixer, the Aerosoft LSZH still does not work in DX10. Some of the 3D lights are completely black. Can you check that?


    • stevefsx says:

      Sorry Zicheng I don’t have access to that scenery – are the lights black in the day?

      • Zicheng Cai says:

        Yes sir, they are also black at day time.

      • stevefsx says:

        ok then DX10Scenery Fixer isn’t involved (during the day that is). I imagine you are looking at the Master Bug I described in my last blog post. The most likely scenario is that there is a tile boundary running through the airport (unless we are talking about a PAPI light). The only workaround is for Aerosoft to use a different texture (even the same texture renamed) either side of the boundary.

      • sjed says:

        Steve, Love the scenery fixer but I’m another one that would like you to take a look at Aerosoft LSZH. I’m getting the same as Zicheng and was hoping the fix would take care of it.

      • stevefsx says:

        I can only apologise. If you read my lastest blog post its almost certainly a tile boundary running across the airport and a very simple fix – but it need the BGL file to be changed by Aerosoft.

      • Zicheng Cai says:

        Certainly understand that. Appreciate your effort anyway.

  4. Michael says:

    Just purchased, great stuff…small problem though, water shader is greyed out as I was using the shader fix in the bonus free version of 3.2.2 ! How can I uninstall water 40.fx so can take full advantage of the new water shader in DX10 fixer?

    • stevefsx says:

      The underlying shader is the same, the only benefit is being able to change the water parameters from the GUI.

      The water shader is in \ShadersHLSL\terrain

      The 3.2.2 installer will have created a copy of the original wwater40 shader called Water40.fx.ORIG

      You need to replace the modified Water40.fx with this original version.

      Be careful, you might want to take a backup of the directory before you start.

      I didn’t automate this as part of the installation, in case people had tried my water shader and switched to the striking software version.

      • Skip Ciman says:

        Steve, In anticipation of the payware I uninstalled the patch 2 weeks ago. Upon installing the payware my water shader is greyed out. I checked the terrain folder and I have Water.40 line. I have unistalled and reinstalled but every time I still have water shader greyed out. Any thoughts? Skip

      • stevefsx says:

        Wow – you were confident on me releasing it!
        Can you tell me the size of the Water40.fx?

        In properties the size should be

        9.23 KB (9,461 bytes)

        Is there a Water40.fx.ORIG – if so and that has the correct size then it is the one you should use.

        Drop me an email at and let me know what you found

  5. CaseyFallen says:

    Everything you have listed as a fix here is exactly what I use! Great job. Soon as this goes up for sale, you have a sale. If you put up a Paypal “buy link” for early purchase, I will buy immediately. I know many others would as well. I would do this knowing it is still in a early beta form and promise to not be mad about any glitches. Would report them and patiently await an update. So, I hope you will consider an imminent pay release with said beta expectations accepted and welcome! ; ) One excited customer.

  6. JBL117 says:

    Do you have a feedback with FTX Global and the black squares at day ? didn’t see in the listed scenery… Thanks

  7. Jordan says:

    If the FlyTampa stuff doesn’t work I’ll have to opt out. They make some of the best Scenery…does it at least work during the day? What about FlightBeam?

  8. Michael says:

    hurry up then,as it seams there`s a lot of pistachios coming your way ! 😉

  9. Michael says:

    Steve are you making any progress in finding a suitable distributor and when this product will be released ?

  10. Anders Halstæd says:

    I would consider FlyTampa airports not working properly with this DX10 fix a deal breaker, as I use their Athens, Montreal and Dubai scenery a lot. I can only hope that once the fix is released, FlyTampa will provide a final fix from their side to make all their products fully DX10 compatible.

    • stevefsx says:

      Is their Athens airport currently entirely grey at night – I,e is it all legacy – or are there portions that are coloured?

      • Anders Halstæd says:

        Hi Steve,

        With the current free DX10 fixes you have provided, the buildings are coloured, but the tarmac is grey at night at Dubai for instance. At Athens and Dubai the runway lighting is extremely dim at night and unusable for visual approaches. At Dubai the PAPI lights are large back boxes at daytime and at nightime. I have all FlyTampa sceneries and quite a lot of sceneries not mentioned in the above list. I’d gladly help you trouble shoot these with your latest Beta.

        Kind regards,


  11. Airtrain says:

    *continues to throw money at the screen until the fixer comes out*

  12. nPulse says:

    Hi Steve, really looking forward to your program! Do I need to uninstall your avsim patches? I also use Addin Convertor X, do I need to uninstall that as well?

    • stevefsx says:

      It should install ok as it reverts the avsim patches – that was the last change I was testing. If you have installed the modified water shader you wont be able to tweak it from the GUI but that is hardly any loss.

      I honestly don’t know about AddinCovertor X

  13. Guenter says:

    Sounds great. I simply have the question if AES will now also work with DX10? Currently, vehicles are sometimes white or black.. thank you!

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