Status Update

The good news is that the product is essentially finished, bar any last minute bugs.

The current version is 3.11

Now, just trying to figure out how to actually sell it.





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I don't use FSX that much. But I am very annoyed when it doesn't work properly!
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  1. Christian says:

    A request for a fix for EDDM – Airport veichles is still grey in night time, day and dusk work as it have to..

    TNCM 1.5 seems very strange out when come to after day time..

    Will there soon be a patch for different small bugs etc day/night Smooth. .?

    • stevefsx says:

      No I am sorry its not possible to fix that traffic.

      If you try the slider at position 5 they will work fine but the airport buildings wont. The bug is in the DX10 core which loses the information needed to display things accurately. However the airport (if its the Mega Airport at least) has an DX10 option to disable the vehicles except during the day.

      There has been a release (build 19) to address day night smoothing – you can download from your account at the flight sim store. There will be another release in the week or so to improve shadows and AI lights.

  2. Hi Steve,

    I am not completely sure but I think that after applying the BAT fix for DX10 i started with this issue in purchased airports (MMMX, and Dubai so far):

    Please could you provide me please a copy of the original shaders so I can test “like new”?. Please.

    • stevefsx says:

      I am a bit confused! There are many airports that don’t work with DX10 – they don’t use the FSX SDK and appear grey/purple from dusk to dawn in DX10 mode – Fly Tampa Dubai is one such example. The payware version addresses this and can make many of these airport usable – although there may be minor issues. In the case of Dubai Fly Tampa have produce a patch for the PAPI lights.

  3. Michael says:

    Any update on release Steve? If not will be nice to have a look at the readme file to check on fixes etc. Btw …any fixes for London X in this release?… look forward to hearing! best wishes, Michael

  4. Michael says:

    Anyone testes DX10 with London X ? trees are shimmering bad!

  5. Mattius says:

    Great stuff. Thanks for your hard work! Myself & a lot of other simmers will appreciate what you have been able to do!

  6. dokim00 says:

    Just sell it Steve. Take my money 🙂

    You can patch it later.
    Pretty sure some simmers would complain about minor bugs,
    but you know you can’t make it 100% before release.

    Even fancy PMDG 777 has many issues with initial release.
    They had thounds hours of beta testing, but unexpected bugs remain

    Some bugs can’t be find by developer but users :-3
    Just release it now and let us find bugs & solutions.

  7. Michael says:

    What is the difference between what we have now, v 3.2.2, for free and this “paid for” version?

  8. Mattius says:

    Is ETA Imminent now?????

    • stevefsx says:

      I hope so.

      A problem cropped up installing on win 64 where the read only attribute was set. This has been a long standing issue with the avsim patches – I was totally sure I had a solution but it didn’t work.

      I have also been working on wrapper integration.

      Oh and also looking at Polish airports to look at the issue Tomaz reported.

  9. Marcel Wey says:

    Yeey… cheers!!!! We can’t wait… 🙂 I usually fly in my home country (The Netherlands) with NL2000 scenery and Amsterdam X by Aerosoft… But the night textures are all gray… I just saw that this will fix it… 🙂

  10. Barnabs says:

    Next week, like iOS 7 !!!!

  11. Andrew 737 says:

    Any more news?

  12. Airtrain says:

    Shut up and take my money (via PayPal) !!! 😉

  13. Graham Derreck says:

    I think payment by PayPal is the best method. However, if you want better distribution, you should use publisher/distributors. A third option would be to advertise on major sim sites (AVSIM, FlightSim, etc).

  14. Luis Arias says:

    Like many said the easiest way is with a PayPal account. Just let us know how much it is, my money is ready for this DX10 fix.

  15. neo says:

    Does it fix the black boxes (lights?trees?) after installing FTX Global (Europe Area)?

  16. Bram Stikkel says:

    Hello Steve !
    Really great you figured out so many bugfixes in FSX. Can’t wait ’till your program is in the stores.

  17. adi518 says:

    does it fix the shadows like you showed in one of your last posts?

  18. niggle says:

    use paypal flight sim store and the others are ripoff merchants

  19. yannsolo says:

    Thank you Steve and I look forward to the release!

    For Paypal is great!


  20. NEPTUNE6P2V7 says:

    Flkifht Sim Store also 😉


  21. etien says:

    Launch a kickstarter, you would be surprised how much people are ready to reward you. Etienne

  22. Stratos says:


  23. A simple sugestion, Simmarket, please Steve 🙂

  24. Bob Werab says:

    Steve, IMHO your update is so important to the DX10 FSX community that if you add into your price the percentage an eCommerce option may charge, you very few, if any, will complain. I have purchased from several but Flight1 seems to be the most user friendly and secure option I have used. Thanks again for your help early on with the runway and nav light issues I had.

  25. DannyH73 says:

    Great work Steve – I was onboard early, and very appreciative of all the progress you made. Have you checked with Simmarket, or flightsimstore to see if you could sell through them and use their install wrappers for some piracy protection?

  26. Mike says:

    Excellent … can’t wait to get it … I’m in Alaska and the scenery here looks so much better wit hDX10 enabled …

  27. William says:

    Do you need help in contacting distributors? You’ll sell more, but they will take a pretty big percentage.

    You made a name for yourself in a whole lot of forums. I would consider just setting up your website with a page for it and a PayPal account linked to collect payments. Then links to that page could be spread out all over the flight simple forums on the Internet.

    Speaking of which, if you have a PayPal account, I would buy it immediately!

    If you need help setting things up just let me know. I’m a business man and you’ve done so much for the community so far that I wouldn’t mind helping you at all.


    William M.

  28. Barnabs says:

    And I’m READY to pay Up to 30 $ for this fixer !

  29. Guenter says:

    Would also recommend donationware! You would be surprised how many honest simers are out there which will gratify good work. Just tell us a price you think you want and I’m sure most people will donate. Everthing else is too much trouble … 😉

  30. Carsten says:

    STeve, come on, give it to us….PLEASE !!!

  31. Bob Werab says:

    Steve, anxiously awaiting the release. Thanks, Bob in San Antonio.

  32. Barnabs says:

    Directly via paypal or via simmarket or FSS !

  33. Marcel Wey says:


  34. Mike Collins says:

    That’s simple Steve…..just tell me where to send the money…;-)

  35. remco says:

    Great job! cant wait!

  36. af1121 says:

    The easyiest way : Paypal !!!

  37. af1121 says:

    Release expected before the end of September ?

  38. Alberto says:

    hi Steve, this is new to me O_o is there any page i can read about this application somewhere?

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