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Understanding Zurich

  The view above shows how I think the tiles cut up Zurich airport. So if the Aerosoft scenery uses non effect based lights then they will only be drawn correctly in one of those tiles at any one time. … Continue reading

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DX10 Situation Check

I thought it was worth providing my current view on the status of DX10. As I see it the DX10 engine was shipped early with 9 significant bugs/missing features (you could also argue that the VC shadow quality was an … Continue reading

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Beta Tester Feedback

OK I wanted to set some expectations. The product fixes a lot of problems with legacy scenery – but it cannot fix absolutely everything as the core engine loses information that is needed to have 100% success. The following feedback … Continue reading

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Status Update

The good news is that the product is essentially finished, bar any last minute bugs. The current version is 3.11 Now, just trying to figure out how to actually sell it.        

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