Jet Shadows

One thing that I wanted to go back and revisit was the VC shadowing of the big jets.

The following shows the original DX10 preview shadows in the 747



In the Avsim Shader Patches I changed the algorithm to soften the shadow edges which gave us the following – a gentler more dappled effect:



What I have been trying to do (and this is still an incomplete work) is to try and further improve the shadows by increasing the number of texels actually used in the shadowmap. What I found previously was that the cockpits were being viewed from the same distance as the whole aircraft which was leading to a loss of quality. I have made some progress but still have issues with some external cameras e.g those attached to the plane. I am not certain that I can work around this but I thought I would post and show what could have been achieved.

This shows what we get with an 8x increase


Here is the same sequence (default, AVSIM shaders and DX10SceneryFixer) for the 737



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21 Responses to Jet Shadows

  1. ALberto says:

    thanks! The tool worked, but the VC shadows for that modified cockpit are all messed up.
    I tried reverting back the MS orignial interior.mdl and it works like a charm.
    Now, i got another problem, about Lens Flare, but i will ask in your another post.
    thanks again!!!

  2. alberto says:

    Hello Steve!
    I do not see soft shadows in big jets vc (737.747.a320…)
    is there something i can do? thanks a lot

    • stevefsx says:

      Are these the default jets? have you enabled HD shadows in the general dialog?

      • Albertp says:

        Oh my… i am an idiot 🙂 i didn’t enabled it.
        so, i enable it and have the shaders rebuilt. now in the airbus i got shadows, but not in the 737 and 747. may it is because they are the default, but modified by alejandro roja?
        if so, is there a way to use shadows in the roja’s cockpits? i like them very much. but i also do love your shadows fix… if only i could use both.
        thanks for your support and the excellent work you are doing Steve.

      • stevefsx says:

        It’s difficult for me to answer without knowing much about the cockpits you are using. If they don’t have the vc shadow option set then you can set it with the dx10toolbox tool see the later chapters in the manual.

  3. Amol says:

    Hey, This looks really cool. is there a demo of the software so i can check if it works for me before buying this or is there a buy only option ?

  4. James says:

    So, is it possible to make the shadows just a little darker? I have a hard time seeing them sometimes. I understand if you already found the sweet spot. I’ll live with it until you find a better solution. Thank you!

  5. Pe11e says:

    Thanks Steve for explanation.
    I did today a little experiment, set shadow to 0 in Shade, loaded FSX at noon, and saw exactlythe case you explained, surfaces that face away from the sun were almost black, and shadows was still grey, bummer.

  6. Pe11e says:

    Steve, can you make VC shadows a bit darker? I find them always too bright.

    Cheers and thank you for you amazing work!

    • stevefsx says:

      it’s easy to make the shadows darker. The problem is that surfaces that face away from the light will then be lighter than the shadows.
      so yes I can but it looks rubbish!

      • Pe11e says:

        You mean darker that the shadows? 🙂
        Surfaces that face away from the light ARE in the shadow, so I didn’t understood you.

      • stevefsx says:

        You are thinking of the real world… !

        Turn off vc shadows, chose a sunny day at say 5pm and fly in circles. You will see surfaces change lighting according to whether they face away or towards the sun.

        Vc shadows are applied only to surfaces that face the sun. Therefore the vc shadow has to match the lighting of those surfaces that face away or you see a silly boundary.

  7. thecoook says:

    Fantastic work! The 8X looks like it will do the trick!

  8. adi518 says:

    wow, the newest fix looks very realistic.

  9. Phil says:

    Keep up the good work Steve.

    Looking forward to release of your fixes, and will gladly pay for a complete package that revitalizes the sim.

  10. remco says:

    Great work!! But does it work with the PMDG NGX? has no seeing vc shadows in the ngx so far..

  11. charles says:

    Wow. hopte there’s not too much performance drain. Looks great.

  12. CaseyFallen says:

    This is a very dramatic difference! Great work. Thanks for sharing. Hope you can nail it down. Does it give any performance increase/decrease when applied?

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