DX10 Scenery Fixer

Several people have asked about progress on DX10SceneryFixer, so I thought I would post an update with some sections from the manual.

Please note that this is intended to be a paid for commercial product – the scale of the task was very different to the shader fixes.

The current version is 2.27, and I would like to thank the beta testers particularly Gerard and Paul who have waded through all the variants many of which didn’t fix anything! At the current time I am trying to determine the best Nav Light fix, I think that the rest is finalised.

So to begin what is it?

The aim of the product is to resolve the issues that cause some add on scenery to appear grey in Microsoft Flight Simulator X DX10 Preview mode. It can also deal with add on aircraft that similarly appear grey but support in this case is more limited and has limitations when it comes to night lighting.

As well as this it bundles all the DX10 fixes that I have published to the Avsim Library into a combined easy to install package. This includes the flashing runway fix, disappearing bridges fix, Virtual Cockpit shadow improvements and more.

Here are before and after screenshots. These were taken at the Bill Womack freeware scenery for Reading Regional Airport (KRDG). The aircraft is the freeware Milton Shupe/Scott Thomas/Joao Paz Dash-8.

Here is Aerosoft CDG

Feedback so far is that the fix works with the majority of affected scenery – but I cannot guarantee that there won’t be the odd exception or two.

It includes all the shader fixes (Flashing runways etc etc) with a proper Installer.

It adds to this a new rain shader fix.

You can tweak some of the shader values.

Finally it automates Aircraft Navigation light fixes. This applies to planes built with the FSX and legacy SDKs.

There are two methods included, an automated form of the per aircraft ballast approach and a new (experimental) one off fix which seems to fix issues with flashing street lights and lights that go off with the aircraft lights. The experimental fix also seems to works for planes with embedded lights.

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I don't use FSX that much. But I am very annoyed when it doesn't work properly!
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162 Responses to DX10 Scenery Fixer

  1. Alejandro says:

    How I install DX10Scenery Fixer with FSX SE??? When I install on my pc and I click on install libraries I get an error “Unable to delete Shader Cache. Please rebuild shaders manually..(0)
    Systa error was 0”.

    Please any suggestion?

  2. Daniel Waring says:

    Hey Steve I have lost/deleted my email with the valid download link from fastspring. Can you give me your yahoo email address so I can get in contact with you to download the update?
    Thank you.

  3. I have just bought and downloaded the fix. When installing the programm it says I should update the library. But when I do it the program wants me to remove the bkg.bmp file form the rootfolder. Ok, I have done this but when I want to update the library again this message comes again and again. I can not find any other bkg.bmp file in the root folder. So what to do? Thanks for your help
    Best regards Alfred

    • stevefsx says:

      Can you email me a picture, I am sure that’s just a warning. It checks whether you haveWhat happens if after installing the libraries you press the diagnostics

    • stevefsx says:

      Sorry that reply got sent before I had finished it. I think that the message is just a warning that you don’t have the default Fsx bkg.bmp. It will copy in the dx10 fixer one so there shouldn’t be any issue.

      • Hi Steve, thanks a lot for your immediate reply. First, I don’t know how to insert pix. Actually, I forgot to inform you that at the beginning, when I wanted to start the program, I received the message about the problem I might have with the d3d9.dll. So I took it out, started the program, but could not continue, reinserted it again. In vain. The rest I have written in my message above. So the fix does not work at all with my FSX. After the error messages there is no way to continue and I can not install the library.

      • stevefsx says:

        Can you send me an email on the yahoo support email address in the manual? blog comments do not work very well as a support channel.

        I always recommend that you test dx10 preview mode works on your computer before purchasing the fixer.

        My program carries out its own checks. It has identified that you have a d3d9.dll probably from ENB series which will prevent Fsx working in dx10 mode – it will crash.

        You therefore need to resolve this issue by uninstalling ENB series.

        When you have done this then test that Fsx runs without crashing in dx10 preview , then you can start to work with the fixer.

        I am not sure what error you are seeing about bkg.bmp, it does not tell you to delete it.

  4. Sherman Kaplan says:

    If you have W7 or XP fsx.cfg is here

    C:\Users\Your Name\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\FSX


  5. T says:

    Hi Steve,

    I have purchased the DX10 fixer however I don’t think I have installed it correctly. I followed the instruction manual, however I could not find the fsx.cfg file. In addition when I try to launch the Controller it is asking me to close FSX and then it shuts down, even though I don’t have FSX running at that moment.

    Following all steps in the Nvidia Inspector to set up, but something is wrong if it didn’t translate into results.

    I know its a long shot, but would you be able to help me if we make a team viewer session since me and amending computer files don’t get along too well.

    I would really appreciate if you can help me since it wouldn’t be nice for my dollars going to waste.

    Look forward to your reply.

    My Regards,


  6. Tzachi Kalishek says:

    Hi Steve,

    Thank you for the new DX10 tool, I’ve just got it and installed it on my FSX STEAM,
    I’m sorry to say I have a problrm 😦

    When I update the libraries an error message is generated: “Unable to delete shader cache.
    Please rebuiled shader manually..(0). System error was (0)”
    In game after short time In DX10 mode I start to get staturate with scenery and it’s
    looks like the fix is not working.

    I’ll appreciate your help with the Issue,

    Keep on with the good job,


    • stevefsx says:

      Ok that error is fairly harmless. It means that you installed fsx, later installed steam then uninstalled fsx.

      This means that you are now running a steam edition on its own but using the FSX-SE directories. I suspect that you will have a lot of issues with installers with such a setup.

      Do you have an AMD GPU?

      • Tzachi Kalishek says:

        Yse Sir,

        Regarding the installation it was as you stated, I had FSX then insttaled stram’s FSX
        and afterwards uninsttaled FSX..
        I’ve got Radeon HD 7950, I understand that I need to configure AA no more
        then 4X and water level no more then Low 1.x, It didn’t help..
        and yes, I did had some problems with few of the insttalers,

        Thank you for your time and help,

      • stevefsx says:

        Can you send me a picture of the problem you are seeing? Use the yahoo email address from the manual.

  7. Tekin Silistireli says:


    I’m trying to understand details and as I guess I have too many milestones with DX10. I have a very quality view with higher FPS rate but with small lines I have a problem, seems they aren’t sharpen (by zoom in they are good but by zoom out I can’t understand the entire line’s edges). How can I correct this?

    • stevefsx says:

      Is this a question about AA perhaps? Add more SSGA in Nvidia?

      • Tekin Silistireli says:

        How can I send a screen shot to express the problem correctly?

      • stevefsx says:

        Does your problem have anything to do with dx10scenery fixer or is it a dx10 question. The best thing to do is post on the relevant avsim forum as this is a blog

      • Tekin Silistireli says:

        I know the support forum but currently I can’t open there, seems due to my DNS. Here is the problem basicly: http://i.hizliresim.com/m8k2B1.jpg

        Check the wings, when I zoom in it is being fine but currently not sharpen.

      • stevefsx says:

        Cannot really tell but it’s nothing to do with dx10 sf. try increasing sgssaa if nvidia gpu check texture max load is correct for aircraft textures. It resets to 1024. If you know what you are doing you could mipmap the textures. Make sure all post processing aa e.g Fxaa is off. Make sure that Anistrophic filtering is selected in fsx.

      • Tekin Silistireli says:

        Thank you very much. That’s enough for me and now I will work on it.

  8. Allen Nicoli says:

    Hopefully a simple question… where can I download this from? Thx!

  9. matthew thacker says:

    Where can this DX10 fixer be purchased? I cant find it at the sim pilot shop anywhere. Is there a place to purchase it with all the updates already done to it as I have very limited experience with code other than adding liveries to planes and choppers.

  10. Art says:

    Just wanted to know if the commercial Fixer will make a difference in Aerosoft Mega Helsinki, where there are no taxiway lights at night in DX10. Shader v3.2.2 fixes are installed.

  11. toxicmagilla says:


    I got a question,not sure if this is the right area for it,I was just wondering if this works with Ultimate Traffic 2.



  12. Tomás says:

    Thanks a lot. I deleted the fsx.cfg file and the new one has improved the shimmering effects. However I still don’t know what is the problem.

  13. Tomás says:

    Hello Steve,

    I started to use your fixer several months ago and the results were amazing. The Fsx’s performance and its aspect were increased a lot. However as soon as I updated my monitor and changed it into a 40 inches full hd tv from my previous 3×19″ monitors, the antialiasing doesn’t work properly, specially with the autogen elements (trees, fences, etc) which now appear with shimmer effects and distant jaggies.

    Firstly I though it had something to do with the new screen but other games work properly and even fsx under DX9 also works fine (but slower :-()

    Is there any parameter that I should consider? I have a ATI HD 6970 drivers 13.12 and a Radeon Pro’s profile for FSX.

    Thanks in advance

  14. Florent Martin says:

    Dear Steve,

    I have ordered your software at the FlightSimStore, paid with Paypal, but NEVER received the codes neither the download links…

    I have sent 3 emails to the store, called twice, and nobody answered.

    What do you think I could do to receive the software ?

    Thanks a lot for your assistance,


    • stevefsx says:

      I have passed this on to them. If you go to the store I believe that if you select “my account” at the top and the log in with your email and the password you provided when you purchased then you can download.

    • stevefsx says:

      I have checked and they believe it is all sorted out. Sorry for any inconvenience.

      • Florent Martin says:

        Thank you sooooooo much I received in my mailbox the codes this morning when I woke up 🙂

        Have a great day and thanks again,


  15. Bruce Martin says:

    Hi Steve,
    Happy New year to all…
    My FSX installation runs sweetly for me and I also run the A2a products including Redux lighting. I have just installed
    REX4 after having run REX Essential/Overdrive for some time anf have changed the TEXTURE_MAX_LOAD from 1024 to 4096 which gives nice effects apart from the fact that I have now have grey textures on my EKRK addon scenery for Roskilde airport which is my base airport. This scenery is originally fx2004 and converted to FSX and has been running well previously.

    Would it be an idea to implement your Scenery fix and would this impact my other addons particularly lighting?

    I have screenshots available as well as other info´asd needed.

    Thansk for your feedback.

    best regards


    • stevefsx says:

      If your issue occurs in dx9 then my tool will not help. I would suggest, you experiment within rex setting textures back to default to see where the issue lies.

    • stevefsx says:

      The other thing to try is reinstalling your airport

      • Bruce Martin says:

        Thansk Steve,

        I am now checking my DX10 setup and will keep you updated. You are probably right insomuch that something may need to be tweeked…



  16. daniel M. says:

    Hey Steve, ive buyed the DX 10 fixer, but when i leave “DX10 compatible lights and Effects” on then my AI (Mytraffic) has almost no lights. When ist turned off AI light is sometimes Flickering, an in Aerosofts Addon Erfurt X Runwaysigns are flickering, sometimes i cant even seen it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tte3EZSa91U&feature=youtu.be

    Any Idea what to do?

    • stevefsx says:

      Hi Daniel,

      I am afraid that the reduced visibility of AI lights is a side effect of the nav lights fix. If you note at an airport the AI lights are on – they just fade with distance. I am investigating whether the situation can be improved.

      At that airport is there any difference if effects are enabled or not?


      • daniel M. says:

        Yes, its worser (right word?) than disabled. I see the Lights only in different angles. Also the Lights on the Buildings goes off. But NOT the Runwaylights itself, they stay on.

      • daniel M. says:

        I Even have no Papi Lights in Day.

  17. Richard Meade says:

    Thanks for your help Steve. I no longer have flickering runways and the lights in FTX Global now work correctly. A worthwhile peice of software to enhance FSX for sure.

  18. Richard Meade says:

    Hello Steve, I am genuinely scared of going near the FSS wrapper again so would idealy like another way of doing it if possible. I can send you the registration key they sent me if you require. I know the DX10 problems are still in FSX as when I turn on the autogen in the new FTX Global I can see the black squares people talk of instead of the lights plus the taxi ways flicker. By the way, I did get a splash screen.
    All the best

  19. Richard Meade says:

    Hello, I purchaced the DX10 controller from Flightsim store (if you do this I suggest using the manual validation in the wrapper for the licence validation as the online one did not work for me! nearly drove me mad) and now it has installed, I cannot get past the “DX10 controller validation” window! The registration code from flightsim store does not work, this has been tried. Any ideas?

    • stevefsx says:

      Firstly I am sorry. If you see a second license dialog it means the fss wrapper didn’t set things up properly.

      Did you run the fss wrapper as admin? It ought to do it for you – were there any errors and did you see a splash screen.

      • stevefsx says:

        If you really are stuck I will have to generate the second license key, but you shouldn’t need it if the fss wrapper works properly. Have another go and let me know what happens.

  20. Mattius says:

    Hi Steve, I’m asking for some advice. I purchased the first version of DX10 Scenery Fixer – Version 1.0, Build 1.5. I installed in the following folder D:Games\Flight\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\DX10SceneryFixer. Now I have downloaded the latest version but am puzzled. If I uninstall current version could I delete my FSX folder? Not too sure how to proceed. If you would not mind explaining default procedure for uninstalling and/or installing updated version to new place or should I install over the top? Do I need to uninstall libraries first?
    Sorry to trouble you but I’m probably being a bit thick…….

    • NEPTUNE6P2V7 says:

      YEP YEP if you want to uninstal ve carreful the version don’t never be install in D:Games\Flight\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\DX10SceneryFixer

      only in C:/ programmes files ……

      but at first to install DX10 SF you need SHADER HLSL original in the root folder FSX …you can download here https://mega.co.nz/#!t1YEXDjQ!COknGj3j4MQzBn_SEUijvUCQP_I1UuMCCz3uCzDqkBY

      but wait for précise How to ; from Steve


      • Mattius says:

        Very confused now! How can I uninstall current version without the bug deleting my Fsx directory?

      • NEPTUNE6P2V7 says:

        hello MATTIUS
        that is a problème : I installed in the following folder D:Games\Flight\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\DX10SceneryFixer…

        for uninstall you need to uncheck button Librairies ..and this can delete your librairies FSX ..Why ? because you install into GAME FSX ..

        Wait for replay Steve .. i don’t know the How to ?

        best regards


      • Mattius says:

        Thanks for trying to help. Hopefully Steve can give me a definitive answer. 🙂

    • stevefsx says:

      Hi mattius – you are fine. The problem


      exists if you installed it into the FSX root directory, your installation is in a DX10SceneryFixer subdirectory and so is fine.

      Step 1 run the Controller and Uninstall libraries.

      Step 2 Provided it is installed in a subdirectory called DX10SceneryFixer it is then safe to uninstall from control panel. Please double check.

      Step 3 install the new version

      Step 4 Install the libraries

      Step 5 adjust any settings.

      • Mattius says:

        Thanks very much for your clear explanation & also for making the fixer available for the FSX community. You’ve breathed new life into an increasingly aged Sim! Top Man!

      • Neptune says:

        Hi MATTIUS ..! with Good is better 😉


      • Mattius says:

        Just one more quick question. I do have it in the subdirectory D:Games\Flight\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\DX10SceneryFixer… would it be OK to install the new version over the top after disabling the libraries? Also should any selections also be untiked?

      • stevefsx says:

        Well you can try installing over the top I imagine it will be ok but I haven’t tested it. the safest option is to uninstall and reinstall.

      • Mattius says:

        I uninstalled first as per your guide. All OK now – thanks!

  21. cassis says:

    and now I noticed that Aerosoft LOWI does not show the flashing approach lights….. that is a lot of missing features….. how can you solve them ?

    • cassis says:

      I managed to solve issue of the missing flashing approach lights at LOWI….. I clicked on the DISABLE button of the DX10 compatible Lights that now shows “ENABLE”…… I guess I am now in DISABLE mode… what are the overall consequences of disabling these ?

      For Thai Macau, still have the black cones daytime and nightime…
      thank you

      • stevefsx says:

        The button is a verb – so Enable – means turn on and Disable means turn off. As you have correctly guess you are now in a DISABLED state which means the aircraft nav lights may not be working. You should be able to get the lights working at LOWI by adding a ballast light to your aircraft using DX10Toolbox as described in the manual and then ENABLE effects.

      • Tom Weber says:

        I have rhe same problems in aerosofts EDDS. I added the ballast lights to the pmdg ngx but there are still no lights?
        What can I do? Thnx Tom

      • stevefsx says:

        Assuming that you have a recent version then add a light field to Edds. It’s covered in the manual towards the end of the effects chapter. The latest version is version 1.2 build 28

      • Tom Weber says:

        Hello Steve, thnx for yor answer. Sorry for my ongoing questions. In the DX FIXER folder I found under BGL two xml files xxxxlightfield.xml, xxxxlightfieldtest.xml and a zip file with the lightfiefld bgl of all default airports. The manual say simple fill in the koordinates for the airport and compile. Now I do not know how to compile. By simply cöicking on the xml it does not work. Sorry again. Please help.
        Cheers Tom

      • stevefsx says:

        Hi Tom,

        No need to apologise. I think you are reading it in a different way to that which I intended. There is a prebuilt light field for all the airports that shipped with fsx which includes EDDS. All you need to do is copy the EDDS light field into your airport scenery folder. You don’t need to enter coordinates. The coordinates are only needed for small airfields that were never part of fsx.

      • tom Weber says:

        Hello Steve, yes I did this and I am using a scenery manager to switch the light fields.blg on and off which works pretty good now.
        Thnx for now – surely I will com back with new questions. 🙂
        Kind Regards Tom

  22. cassis says:

    Hi Steve… got a problem with Thai Creation’s Macau airport….. daytime, the center line runway lights are giving black squares…. any idea on how to solve this ?

    thank you

    • stevefsx says:

      All you can do is experiment moving the legacy slider to the left and double check that you have the 8 bit fix unticked – ticking it causes many problems. If that does not fix it then all you can do is contact the scenery vendor for help.

  23. Rene says:

    Where can i download/buy this utility? It is not in the store anymore!

  24. Ben says:

    Works THe Tool with venetubo CFG ?and please can you Post THe right Settings vor NVIDIA inspector ?
    Many thanks

  25. Mark Burgess says:

    Hi, downloaded, installed and looking forward to using it but when I try to install libraries I get another request for a five-part key. Bought it from Flightsim Store so it was installed used their wrapper. According to the manual I should not get this message! Any thoughts?? Regards, Mark

      • Mark Burgess says:

        Thanks for your quick reply Steve, a fourth re-install has fixed it. I’ll try it over the next week and will let you know what I think! Regards, Mark

      • stevefsx says:

        can you email me with some details so I can take it up with FSS or fix something myself!

      • Mark Burgess says:

        I had a problem initially with validating the software automatically through the FSS wrapper, I tried the alternative manual validation with no success, but at their suggestion another attempt worked just fine. Some glitch in the wrapper perhaps? There are notes on their website suggesting manual validation if auto validate doesn’t work for their wrappers, presumably for all software, not just yours. Sorry, didn’t take notes at the time and I am relying on my unreliable memory! Regards, Mark

  26. George says:

    i have tried to remove enb and sweet fx. but i still have a nasty black circle around the screen. This issue is only in dx10 mode, drive me crazy. All enb or sweet fx reference are deleted, but still there… Help pls

  27. NEPTUNE6P2V7 says:

    Show must GO ON

    I am proud of your achievement is exellent for FSX community Simers

    Best regards


    • Douglas says:

      Patrick….when I click on the FSX Desktop icon, the splash screen appears, and my Saitek Multipanel lights up. But within seconds, the screens (I have three, LGHD, 27″ screens) all go black. In a second, the Desktop appears, and FSX is gone. I recently added DirectX 10 to my REX4 HD Texture Direct program. I’ve tried to change those entries, but REX4 HD also has an issue. The cloud appears, then disappears, and a black screen comes up. I have to wait minutes before I am able to enter anything. I get to enter some info, but the program immediately freezes for a few seconds, then reappears, and I can enter some more, just before it again freezes. Right now, I don’t care about the REX program….I just want to be able to fly again! Any ideas? Oh, Win7 64, two internal drives, C and E, C is 1tb and E is 3tb; FSX is on E drive. All sceneries are on external drive F, 3tb. 16gb RAM, two NVIDIA GeForce 660Ti cards.


      • stevefsx says:

        I confess i dont know what your are asking and of whom. Fsx doesnt work in dx10 mode with multiple gpus. Edit your fsx.cfg, find the d3d10=1 line and change it to d3d10=0

  28. Mattius says:

    If I used the free version available from Avsim, do I need to replace the original shader files before installing?

    • stevefsx says:

      It can handle the general10.fx – if the ORIG file is there it uses that.

      it is best to replace rain and water shaders to the original versions before installation

  29. Steve says:

    Looks Good, we know you meant Milt Shupe Dash 7 (image 1 and 2)

  30. JQ says:

    George……..how old are you? You sure are rude.

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