Progressive Taxi Part 4

I was just making the fix I described in part 3 when I stumbled across something in the shader.

As I explained I had determined that the texture cords were (0,0) and so I wanted to change then to be inside the yellow arrow. The first time I did it I just placed the following adjustment into the vertex shader after

Out.TexBase = In.Tex;


Out.TexBase = float2(0,0);


#if defined(VT_VERTEXCOL) && defined(SHD_BASE) && defined(SHD_PRELIT) && defined(SHD_DOUBLE_SIDED)


Out.TexBase = float2(0.5f, 0.5f + In.vPosition.y/5.0f);


When I came to prepare a release I decided to tidy it all up and merge with the lines above. To my surprise the fix keep failing. I had naturally assumed that since the drawcall had a texture that the shader it used would have been compiled with options that would lead to VS_INPUT_CONTAINS_TEXTURECOORD being TRUE. I eventually realised that it wasn’t true – which meant that the texture coordinates being passed to the pixel shader were being set to (0,0) in the vertex shader.

Now the input parameters for a shader compiled with VT_VERTEXCOL clearly include texture coordinates as input


float4 vPosition : POSITION;

float4 vNormal : NORMAL;

float4 cColor : COLOR;

float2 Tex : TEXCOORD;

Which opened up a new possibility – that the texture coordinates were valid after all but a simple shader bug was setting them to zero… and indeed that is the case

So here is the latest version of DX10 progressive taxi – its now 100% identical to DX9

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14 Responses to Progressive Taxi Part 4

  1. James says:

    Steve – love your product and the updates have been very appreciated. Question about progressive taxi – where can I find the arrow textures in my FSX directory? I’ve been wanting to mod them for a while, but cannot find the image files. Internet searches have not produced an answer, so I thought I’d ask you. Thanks much.

  2. Steve,

    Have you ever thought of pointing this out to Lockheed Martin, as progressive taxi arrows also don’t show up in P3d2? Maybe it’s the same issue in DX11 and maybe not.


  3. CaseyFallen says:

    Hi Steve, I got it all figured out. Some how my Notepad default had changed. So this confused me. Anyways, I got the Aircraft.cfg opened, changed the numbering, and tried it.

    Here is what I found. When only adding the Ballast and changing the numbering in Aircraft.cfg, it appeared that the flashing was reduced to a minimum. But when looking straight down to the ground, the lights are gone altogether. They do blink from time to time still, but seems to be less drastic. Not sure. I decided to go ahead and add the rest of light files. Same result for street lights, but did notice the lights on the Lear jet showed in different views, which is cool. I hope you will investigate the street light blinking some more. Be cool if a total fix exists. Thanks for all you do. Just amazing! Be very cool if you made a installer for this aircraft light fix; so we don’t have to go through every aircraft.cfg to add the change.

    Thanks again. will be watching and reading your blog for more updates. Great website!

    I got your E-mail, but wanted to point out that it appears you have some sort of spam blaster attached. As when I opened the E-mail, it had a link to some selling website. Might want to run your virus protection software to get rid of that.


  4. CaseyFallen says:

    I made a backup file of my Effects folder. Then I added the Ballas file to the effects folder. Is that I all I need to do? Or do I have to change the info in every Default planes Aircraft.cfg file as explained in the directions or is that just for the lights changes on the plane? I was going to try out the light changes, but I cannot open the Aircraft.cfg file. It is not like the FSX one that allows edit. Let me know, I’m excited to try this! If it works, my FSX world will be amaazing!. Thanks

    • stevefsx says:

      You do need to edit the file, to add in the ballast, but if the plane you are concerned with does not have an aircraft.cfg then I am sorry but there is nothing that we can do.

      • CaseyFallen says:

        I went into the default Lear45 folder in simobjects-airplanes. It as a Aircraft.cfg. But it is not editable. Not sure why. When I click it, it says windows does not know which program made this file.

  5. CaseyFallen says:

    I’m sorry. You kind of lost me here. So how do we apply this fix? Or are you going to release a new download with the fix?

    • stevefsx says:

      version 3.2.1 includes the revised progressive taxi, just follow the link at the top of the page to the avsim library

      In the bonus section it includes my lights package, you could try editing a plane and adding the ballast.fx to avoid the Carry over of properties such as flashing

      • CaseyFallen says:

        Awesome! Thanks. I got it downloaded and the new progressive taxi works like a charm. You would not even know I ever had the DX10 issue! : )

        This replacement texture works awesome too. I always have noticed the blue textures when turning my camera quickly left or right. I knew it was the textures just loading. But now with this black one, it almost seems like it does not happen. Thinking it is just that it is not as bright and obvious. But great fix, nonetheless. Thanks!

        As for the lights…do you think that if I change this file for the aircraft, it may transfer the non flashing effect over into the ground street lights from Ground Environment X. As those lights flashing are my biggest concern. I don’t really care that the planes landing light flashes. I just happened to notice that it flashes with the street lights below, so thinking they are connected somehow.

      • stevefsx says:


        As long as you are careful and take a backup of the aircraft.cfg you can always easily swap back.

        I think it will fix your problem, just add the ballast in dont install the other fx files that are included.

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