Missing textures

I was asked to look at why some autogen appeared blue in dx10. This threw up another interesting dx9 vs dx10 difference.

The two most common cases in which we see the light blue texture in dx10 are

A) a permanent use when a texture referenced in a bgl scenery file cannot be found
B) a transient use when a texture is not ready.

Dx9 does the same thing except that in the first scenario it uses a black texture. In the second scenario we see white.

Looking at the autogen I found that the blue autogen did not appear at all in dx9. When I turned on texture alerts there were some missing textures. I figured out the type of autogen and copied some other appropriate autogen textures and renamed them as the missing textures. The autogen then appeared normally. Note all autogen textures seem to need to be in the main fsx texture directory.

So there seems a difference in the way dx9 and dx10 handle missing autogen textures. Dx9 doesn’t display anything whereas dx10 uses the default blue texture.

The actual problem is the texture is missing.

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I don't use FSX that much. But I am very annoyed when it doesn't work properly!
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4 Responses to Missing textures

  1. Juan Pablo Betancourt says:

    Hello Steve. Any suggest or comming update of your fix, regarding the grey textures of aerosoft sceneries during the night??? Would be nice!!! Brgds

  2. CaseyFallen says:

    Hi Steve, There is one FSX problem that I have always swished could be fixed and no one to date has been able to fix it. It is a small issue if you do not use night lighting provided by Ultimate Terrain X scenery software. As the only time you notice it, is at night when looking at a planes landing light. You will notice it flashes. I think many think it is suppose to to be a flashing light, but it is not. It is a landing light on the planes and should stay solid. The issue becomes more of a eyesore if you use UTX, as all the city street lights blink or flash in unison with the landing lights on any plane that has it enabled…. it cannot be missed. The company says that they tried to fix this issue, but have come to the conclusion that it is a autogen issue. But that makes no sense to me,since you can see the landing light flashing in unison with the street lights on planes at altitude. I hope you will look into this. If you could solve this one last issue. I would be grateful beyond all belief. It has always ruined my night flying. Thanks so much for all these fixes. they have really made me and a ton of FSX fans so happy. Thank you sincerely!

  3. Stratos says:

    So Steve are you close to fix the blue/grey textures at dawn and dusk?!

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