Progressive Taxi Part 3

Well pondering this it occurred to me that since the texture coords were known to be useless why not just shift them to the centre of the existing yellow triangle without changing the texture at all.

So my next attempt did just that – so this is a new general10 shader version . Then it occurred to me that I could use the Y position (height) of the fin of the vertical triangle to move the texture coordinate out of the yellow near the top of the fin.

So here is a soon to be released shader version with no texture change at all. If you look closely the top of the fin is cut off and there is now a red line running along the flattened top. That’s as close as I can get to the DX9 version without getting silly and attempting two shader passes.


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4 Responses to Progressive Taxi Part 3

  1. Pete says:

    Hey Steve – I realize this post is a bit old but if you’re able to do so, could you explain how you modified the Y position (height) of the fin of the vertical triangle?

    I’m playing around with changing the default yellow arrow for progressive taxiing to something less video-gamey while retaining the intention of guiding your aircraft to its location (rwy or gate). I’ve successfully modified the correct dds texture, but I want to completely remove the vertical fin portion (height to zero?) so only the flat part of the dds texture displays on the ground. I can post a screencap if what I have and what I want to achieve if that helps.


    • stevefsx says:

      You might be able to find and change the 3D model, I don’t know where it is. Otherwise you need to work out how the uv coords map onto the texture and change the texture to suit so make the portions associated with the vertical fin be transparent.

      • Pete says:

        Thanks for the reply! The second suggestion worked quite well. I was able to create a texture with four distinct square quadrants and that helped me determine how the texture was placed. From there, I created a unique taxiway light texture in Photoshop, subtle enough to blend with the airport scenery. I had to play around with the transparency settings (alpha) using the dds plugin, but it worked! Next. I’ll refine the texture a bit more with gradients and shading. Cheers!

      • stevefsx says:

        Glad to have helped. Yes at the time I was doing lots of tests to figure out the uv coords myself in a very similar fashion.

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