Version 3.1 Released (Sort of)

I have a confession to make! I uploaded a new version 3.1.0 of the shaders to avsim library and made a mistake which weakens the cockpit shadows. I have uploaded a corrected version 3.1.1 but last time I looked it wasn’t ready for download. Apologies to anyone who downloaded the earlier version.

The 3.1.x release fixes the sunlit roof that I previously described

Here is a before and after with the original FSX shaders and version 3.1.1


ORIGINAL – Note the top of the seat belt is sunny and that the top of the far wall is sunlit too.


Version 3.1.1



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I don't use FSX that much. But I am very annoyed when it doesn't work properly!
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6 Responses to Version 3.1 Released (Sort of)

  1. Tomas says:

    HI Steve, any news on the flickering lights please? I’m just curious, not pushy or anything. 🙂

  2. Tomas says:

    Hi Steve,
    I want to thank you for your work in fixing FSX. It makes a hell of a difference in terms of fps and smoothness.
    However, I can’t make the FTX/Orbx 3D lights to stop flickering and disappearing when moving my trackir view.
    They randomly appear and disappear based on the view direction.
    FTX people told me that it is something to do with faulty dx10 fx rendering and transparency. Which basically means there is no fix to it.
    Can you shed a bit more light and/or your opinion on whether there is a chance of fixing it or not? Otherwise this means no DX10 or no night flying which is shame as the progress made in dX10 has been great so far.
    Thank you

    • Mark says:

      I too have posted in the Orbx forums regarding the flickering 3D street lights in FTX scenery. The response from Orbx was simply that DX10 “preview” is just that, a preview. I assume this is Orbx’s way of saying, “we’re not spending any time looking into it”. But as those of us that fly in DX10 know, it runs better and (bugs aside) looks better, so we all continue to fly in DX10 mode, bugs and all. Personally, I decided that the 3D FTX lighting, although nice, wasn’t worth running FSX in DX9 mode for; so I disable the 3D lighting via the ‘FTX Day’ application. A positive to doing this is that FPS increase overall, even during daytime flying.

      I did state in my posts that Steve has made the DX10 version of FSX well worth using and that I’d hope he would continue his great work, maybe even tackle this specific issue. However, what Steve has already achieved is outstanding and basically gives everybody good reason to fly FSX in the best mode, DX10. With possible future work from Steve, the “preview” tag may become dropped for good.

      Thank you for your work, Steve, it’s very much appreciated. If I can help in anyway to address this and other DX10 issues (testing, etc) then please email me.

      God bless you.


    • stevefsx says:

      Hi Tomas, are any of these lights in the free demo of pnw?

      • Tomas says:

        Hi Steve,
        Thank you so much for reply.
        I’ve never used a demo versions but I would be very surprised if the lights were not included in there.
        The flickering is very similar to the other flickering which was fixed by you in the FX files. So I assume there must be a fix for it. I’m not a programmer, I am a mechanical engineer so I have no clue how to investigate and resolve this. It would be awesome if it can be fixed though.
        The lights are flickering/disappearing as you are gaining heigth from the airport or moving your head around. In some angles you can see them, in some you can’t.
        If I can be of any more assistance please let me know.

  3. Gerard says:

    You are simply great, dude. Thanks a lot for this great work!!

    Cheers from Spain

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