DX9 Antialiasing

The following tests were carried out on a AMD 7750. Before I start I better recap for Nvidia owners what the Catalyst Control Center looks like.

My monitor is 1680x 1050 Dell


For AA there are two areas of settinsg


The first is the mode (Use Application Settings, Enhance, Override)

If you select Override you can then use the slider to select the level (2x 4x 8x). There are also intermediate EQAA modes which are similar to Nvidia CCAA modes.

With Enhance there is just a tick box which says use the EQ mode (so if the application selects 4x it gets 4x EQ)


Anti-Aliasing Mode

At the bottom a second mode which is either

MSAA, Adaptive or SSAA.

Adaptive uses SSAA where the driver things it is a good idea and MSAA elsewhere.

I used the following scene at Bowerman. I set the anisotrophic slider to 16x in all tests.




Test 1. Default    DX9, MSAA, Use Application Settings


Test 2 MSAA 2x Override

This is different from above – it’s a little sharper perhaps – very similar.


Test 3 MSAA 4x Override


Better IQ, not massive


Test 4 MSAA 8x Override

I couldn’t tell the difference! (Sorry)


Test 5 SSAA Override 8x


I am hoping you can see that with SSAA the chain fence appears – although its like crows feet. I was disappointed with the antialiasing of the starboard wing even with 8x SSAA which is the maximum my card can do (There are some extra EQAA suboptions)


I then did some flying tests. I convinced myself that 8x MSAA was slightly better than 4x when flying diagonally across a runway at about 800ft. But I am not totally sure! I also felt that there was a little more shimmer with 8x.




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