DX10 Enhanced AA

I wanted to see whether the Quality setting in fsx.cfg worked and/or whether I could enhance the 4x AA to be the 4xEQ AMD EQAA Mode

From the only AMD spec I can find for the 6700 I suspect that the quality setting is 8-15 (but its only a guess)


Default DX 10 4x MSAA

Look along the top of the pink car.


DX 10 4x with MultiSampleQuality =15


Compare the pink car with above – the gradations are finer. Mind you it didn’t look any better to me on my monitor!

DX 10 Default (4x) Enhance Application Settings x2EQ

I claim that the same as above. So it looks like both the quality setting and the enhance option do something over 4x default.


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  1. Mark says:

    I own a GTX 680 and, as most know I’m sure, FSX doesn’t stress the GPU much at all. So, to make my graphics card earn it’s money, I use NV Inspector to force SGSSAA in DX10 mode. I set FSX to enable AA and within NVI I enable 4xMSAA and 4xSGSSAA – the MSAA is enabled purely for SGSSAA to gather it’s sample coordinates. These settings give an outstanding image quality, I’m running FSX @ 2560×1440 (effectively a 5120×2880 render with SGSSAA) and the 680 is definitely working for it’s money. I would think at lower resolutions a GTX 480 / AMD 5870 would run nicely with these settings. Even a setting of 2xMSAA/2xSGSSAA looks a lot better and would require even less GPU grunt.

    With most PC applications (especially modern day AAA PC games) this would result in a slideshow, but because FSX relies motly on the CPU those with mid-high graphics cards can take advantage. I’m sure this is only for Nvidia owners, but I believe AMD cards are capable of similar SSAA settings.

    Bear in mind, a negative LOD bias cannot be set with DX10+, not until Nvidia address the issue in future drivers. This is a bit unfortunate because setting a negative LOD bias increases sharpness, especially distant detail (something FSX would benefit from), but this usually comes with an unwanted shimmering effect. SGSSAA hides this effect well, though. This is somethng to look forward to when Nvidia sort it out. AMD are already enabling DX10+ negative LOD settings with certain SSAA.

    • Rene says:

      I am owning a GTX 680 and i still cannot get AntiAliasing get to work. Can you provide me the Nvidia inspector settings and the FSX-cfg adjustments to get DX10 work nice as you describe

      • Mark says:

        Since typing my previous post I’ve added so many 3rd party add-ons (Orbx, REX, aircraft, MyTrafficX, etc) that running FSX in DX10 is simply not practical to get the best from said add-ons. So I’ve reverted to DX9 and under the ‘Antialiasing’ part in NVI I run:

        Behavior Flags – None
        Mode – Override
        Setting – 8xS [Combined: 1×2 SS + 4x MS]
        Transparency Supersampling – 2x Sparse Grid Supersampling

        I dropped down from 4xSGSSAA / 4xMSAA due to significant frame rate drops whilst flying in and around REX clouds. The above settings are almost as good and a lot smoother.

        For a more consistent flying experience, try running a 1/2 Refresh Rate VSync under ‘Common’, making sure your FSX frame rate is capped at 30fps.

        With a reasonably stock FSX, DX10 is definitely worth using, but with lots of add-ons, DX9 is the only option to be honest.

        Hope this helps!

  2. chris says:

    Hi Steve,

    Can you try this?


    I’m running my Fsx whit your DX10-Fix, Anisotrop, Antialiasing. Setting into Nvidia was FXAA and Clamp.
    It looks now very sharp and the gradations are much more finer!


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