DX10 8xAA continued

Having not been able to distinguish MSAA 4x and MSAA 8x I was beginning to wonder if my driver was faulty.

However having experimented a bit more – I can distinguish between 4x SSAA and 8x SSAA

So the AA pixel samples is set in fsx.cfg and I have set SSAA in the driver

Dx10 SSAA 4x


Dx10 SSAA 8x


Look on the door of the car.


Also zooming in on the car roof at 800%



You can I hope (even allowing for compression on the web page see that the gradation at 8x is more subtle.

So that con firms to me that the fsx.cfg MultiSamplesPerPixel setting does work for 8x for DX10.

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I don't use FSX that much. But I am very annoyed when it doesn't work properly!
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  1. charles says:

    The 7970 can do 8xSSAA with high frame rates as long as the cloud cover is not heavy. Get into overcast and it is stutter city. I’m still toying around with frame limiters to see if there is a setting to stop this. With radeonpro tool you can combine 4xSSAA with FXAA Ultra to get slightly smoother edges than 4xSSAA alone but the overall scene is a tad softer looking than straight 8xSSAA.


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