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I am still working on lights, but I thought that I would follow up on the early posts when I was trying to investigate reports of problems with car/trucks headlights. The suggestion was that these were default vehicles used by Orbx. If you recall I couldn’t find any problem with cars at all.

However whilst investigating lights I installed the free Orbx demo which is really very nice indeed. Whilst trying out all the airports to check the runways looked ok.
I came across this vehicle at Stacey’s WA42 (next to the propane tank).

Of course in DX9 it looks fine


So what gives? Well looking at how its drawn it seems to be the a similar issue as the opaque fences – it hasn’t set a Blend State at all. Whether the shader can be safely matched is another question.

And the answer to that seems to be no (unless that is you like see through scenery…)

I have said before that there are no guarantees with these shader changes. The problem is in the code setting the wrong options. If we change a shader we change it behaviour wherever its called, if it’ss used for lots of things in different ways then we will fail (like this).

But then – when matching the shader there are a few other tests I could add in – so here goes…

So some success at this one airstrip, I am far from convinced on this one though.

And quickly confirmed


Sadly transparent autogen really isn’t going to work is it! – I think that there is no fix for those cars…



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